Monday, April 27, 2015

USDAA trial weekend

Went to a USDAA trail this weekend.  It was my first weekend with the RV by myself.   It started out kinda scary.  I was getting on the highway at home and as Im speediing up on the on-ramp, I come around the corner and there is a car backing up the ramp. WTH???    I cant slow down very fast and I wasnt getting off the road. The person probably had to go home and change thier underwear after seeing me coming. They pulled off the road.  I dont know what they were thinking backing up the ramp. Just go to the next exit and turn around.  People just dont think sometimes.     Everything else on the drive was ok.  After getting off the highway, there are kind of narrow roads to the site but I did ok and didnt hit anyones mailbox. LOL   I even manage to back into a spot at the site ok.  It was  hard to get the RV level. I tried and even got the front wheels on blocks but it wasnt right.  I needed to pull forward and try again. But I needed to get to the rings. So I  just plugged in the RV so the air conditioning would cool the RV down for when we get back. It was a warm sunny day.

I went to the site. We were only entered in Steeplechase and Java was also entered in Master Challenge jumping.   Well she broke her stay in MCJ , so we left the ring.  Its hard to do but we will just be off course if she wont give me a lead out.  The rest of the weekend,she didnt break again.   Next was Steeplechase.

Miley  popped the weave poles. Not sure why and I didnt go back and fix it. She also dropped the last bar.   So many dogs , after taking #7 took the #15 tunnel.   This one dog, even though  the handler was driving toward #8, the dog ducked behind her and took the tunnel. Ack!!     Java and I managed to stay on course. Yay!!!  We were the only 16 inch dog. 

So back to the RV to try to fix being level. I had to diconnect the electric and then move the blocks and drive off them. Then move the RV forward on our space, so we were move level to begin with. Then put the blocks back under the front wheels.  Getting in and out of the RV multiple times with the blocks. Then this lady next door came out to help me so I didnt have to keep getting out to look where I was on the blocks. LOL   Then put the lifts down and make yourself level with the levelers.   Then connect the water.   Then put out the expens around the door area, in case the dogs run out, they cant get far. Finally everything was done.   

See finally done. Now time to put your feet up and relax.   It is a lot of work but the best part is, my dogs not barking at night because people are talking in the hallways of the hotel or doors slamming all the time.  We slept all night. Yes, Miley didnt even get up to go to the bathroom. 

The next day Miley was only in PIII standard and PIII gambles. We didnt get the gamble, but nice run. 

She stuggled with this course. She broke the tire. It could have been the approch I gave her. I did a sling shot startline and then front crossed #2.  She popped out of the weave poles again and dropped the last bar.   Very unusual for her to pop out of weave poles. She might miss the entry but she hardly ever pops out .

Java had a nice run but missed the weave pole entry in the gamble. Ugh!!  She had nice dogwalks alll weekend.

In starndard , we only needed one starters standard Q to move up and we dropped a bar. Ugh! ( we got the starters Standard Q on Sunday but I didnt have video of it) 

Master Challenge Jumpers.

Man we had a nice run except she jumped off the teeter and I pulled to hard at the a-frame and she jumped off  the side and missed the contact. Ack!!  But beautiful dw to the weave poles. 
 Last up was  round 2 of Steeplechase.   Beautiful run!!  Yea, we won $14.00!!!

Even though we didnt have a lot of Q's it still felt like a good day. No off courses. Yay Me!!!

The video isnt to good because it was undercover and cloudy.  It rained during the night and in the morning but the rest of the day was ok. We were suppose to get thunderstorms but they never came. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  Sunday it was very foggy, so I didnt tape any runs in the beginnig of the day. Miley got the gamble in PIII gamblers. Yay!!

And it was even weave poles!!! 

Java's next run was Advance gamblers with the easiest gambler ever and we missed it.  I think because I had Grand Prix and Gamblers at the same time and then Miley was close to Java's run too. I was worrying about all the conflicts. Java was in both rings in 5 dogs and Miley was 4 dogs after Java in the Grand Prix ring. I took Java's crate ringside so I could switch dogs easily and When I put Java in her crate to run Miley, Java ripped the soft crate door open.  I lookd down and there is Java walking with us to the ring.  Ugh and I knew it was  locked too. So now I didnt have a crate to put Java in. I asked around and no one had an extra crate.   I finally was  able to pull the zipper door down and get the zippers to realign.  Then put stuff in front of the crate so she wouldnt bust out again. 

 You  just had to be outside the line when you sent to dog to number 1 in the gamble.   Her teeters were beautiful. Of course I changed my comand to "You Wait", since she doesnt seem to understand "touch"  or "scratch" in the ring. LOL

Grand Prix was awesome with Java. Just missed the weave poles, which was a common theme for everyone. It didnt seem to matter if you started the dog on the left or the right. I really didnt think Java would miss but she did. 

Miley had a lot of trouble and then stressed in the ring.  Ugh!!.   So then we were done for  the day.   Time to pack up. 

Everything was good until I got home and tried to back up into the fenced in spot that I keep the RV in. There isnt much room on either side of the gate opening, so needless to say, I hit the corner with the RV. Ugh. 

Sad, but at least it isnt brand new and already had to dings in it to start with. LOL

I did buy some wireless head phones to use with my phone.  I have hands free stuff in my car but the RV is old, so no hands free stuff.  I do not feel comfortable answering my phone and  Im really not comfortable with calling  someone while driving the RV. I tried using the ear plugs that came with my phone but they were just regular ear plugs.  So I saw on QVC and ad for  samsung Circle gear head phones. ( I didnt buy them from QVC, they were cheaper at BestBuy) .They have an app that comes with it so you can talk and it was call or text what you want.  Your phone just has to be somewhere near you. I used it at the field while waiting for a phone call from the vet and I was across the field from the phone and it still worked.    Worked great. If someone calles me, I just put one ear piece in my ear and talk while driving . If I want to call, just press the button on the ear piece and say "call Lou Husband"  and it says to me "calling Louisiana husband".    Im not sure why it says that but it calls Lou.   LOL    Other things  that is handy for, it if Im walking the dogs and picking up poop, I dont have to hang up or call the person back because I need both hands.  I can also keep doing things when talking to  Lou on the phone and dont have to hand up because Im trying to get ready to go to work.   (So Im making lunch and giving the dogs medicine ect... ).

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