Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dog trials, chest pain and Senior art projets.

Yesterday Stephanie had her exhibition for her senior art project.  I drove down to see it, then we went to dinner and shopping.  All the projects had to mean something.  Her project is about the way school are cutting the arts out of schools.   The decreasing density of the pencils represents the way elementary and middle schools are getting rid of  art programs. Then each different colored pencil also has  a specific meaning.    I think it turned out pretty cool. She is very happy it is done. It been pretty stressful trying to come up with the project and then putting it all together. Next week the go in front of a board of professors and have to "defend" their project.
Last week was our clubs agility trial. We were having a 4 day trial with another club.  On Wednesday , I was driving to the site to help with set up, and started having chest pains. Ive had chest pains before but nothing like this.  It really hurt and then the pain was in  my shoulder blades. I kept thinking it was going to go away. Then my right jaw started hurting. Ack.  I decided to stop at the ER. I figured I would go in, they would do an EKG and say you are fine.   But they didn't. They said they saw ST depression in several leads and I needed to stay and have more testing done.  Ugh. So more EKG's, blood work every 6 hours, shots in your stomach to prevent blood clots , nuclear stress test and Echo.   So Friday afternoon, they decided I was fine. They couldn't find any reason for the chest pain or the ST depression, which was  now gone.   So I could go  and resume my regular activities.   I wonder how much this is going to cost us. LOL.  
It was stressful being at the hospital because first my dogs were in my car. I had parked in the shade at the hospital but called my neighbor and she came and took my dogs home. Then I had hired a chief course builder and  I allowed her to use my RV so she wouldnt have to pay for a hotel room.  But I was planning on bring the RV their on Wednesday.   Ugh. So a friend of mine went and got the RV and  drove it to the site. She also helped set it up.  Boy do I owe her. How many friends would do that??? And poor Lou was very worried.  He left work but it took an 1 1/2 to get to the hospital. And I forgot that his mom had a massive heart attack when she was 50 years old. She died. And Im 50. So I think that really freaked Lou out.
They trial didn't go to well.  Miley did take 1st place in Standard on Friday. But then Saturday and Sunday , she jumped on and off the table and stressed. So she did a big out run around the ring. Ugh, why is this back. I thought she was over this.  So a few days later I remembered  we had stopped all her medications for her bladder problems. The vet felt it wasn't helping since she was still waking up once a night to use the restroom.  But since stopping the medications she was now getting up 2 and 3 times a night. So yesterday I called the vet, or the day before, and told her about the increase in getting up at night when stopping all the medications. So she put her back on the oxybutynin and  ordered Prozac. I will start the Prozac tonight.   She is already back to only getting up once after 24 hours on the oxybutynin.  Will see if the Prozac can get her to not get up at all. (She doesn't have a bladder infection, they have checked multiple times).
I didn't run Java well at all. They first run, she was crazy and jumped all the contacts.  Then I messed up all the jumpers runs.  She did get on Q in T2B.  I ran a friends dog on Sunday in T2B. She was having leg pain.  Her dog is a lab and jumps 20 inches. I actually Qed with her dog.  Then I felt stressed because I thought if I Qed with someone else's dog and cant with my own, that will be embarrassing.  But that was the one run I Qed .  I tried to run the Lab again in Standard. We were doing well and then  her dog left and went looking for her mom.   O'well, I tried.  Miley had a beautiful run in standard except the table thing.   Java also had  a beautiful run but got called on the teeter. Im never going to get that darn teeter fixed.
I love dead tress. They are so cool. I just couldn't capture the picture.


Sara said...

I'm so glad that you are ok.

Stephanie's art project is amazing. She is very talented.

Hope the prozac does the trick for Miley. I'm sure you're terribly sleep deprived with having to get up in the night like that.

Kim said...

Wow, glad you are okay!