Sunday, March 29, 2015


My sisiter invited me to go on a trip to Cancun with her.  It was an all inclusive trip, so once you got to the hotel, it was all the food and drinks that you could stuff in yourself.  It was great!  The only thing had I had to worry about is getting up to use the restroom. LOL  

This was the hotel we stayed in. Its called Aqua Live.   Its only adults.   It has  5 resturants to choose from  and several bars.  And multiple pools. 

We never went into any of the pools. We meant to but it just never happened. 
I spent most of the time sitting out on the beach and reading a book. 

We never got any good sun rise shots because it was always cloudy on the horizon. 

The first day there my sister had meetings all day long, so I spent the whole day sitting on the beach with people bringing me drinks. LOL, what a  life.   I did walk down the beach several times. 

There was lots of seaweed.  Every morning the staff would dig huge holes and drag  bags filled with seaweed and dump them into the holes.   What an endless job. The next day it was all back again. 

And even though I tried to be really careful and put lots of suntan lotion on, I burned the crap out of my feet. Ugh!!  It must have been from walking through the clear water, when I took my walks.  The rest of the time I was under the umbrella.  My poor feet, they were happy to go home and not see the sun. 

This was the first day when my feet were normal. (I didnt take any after pictures)  

This was the view from our hotel room. Which we were allowed to eat and drink as much out of the  mini bar , as we wanted. 

 I think the best meals were at lunch time. There was an outside grill that they cooked different things on in the afternoon. 

This guy decided he wanted to come eat lunch with us.   He didnt seem aggressive but we just didnt like sitting that close to him, so we moved. 

One eveing there was a Catamaran boat ride in the bay.  Good thing my sister thought about taking dramamine before we went.  Even though it was in the bay, the swells were big and several people were sea sick. 

The water was so blue/green even way out and you could still see the bottom. 

This was the sunset from the boat.  I never took my good camera with me. I was worried sometime would happen to it so all the pictures are from my phone. 

The next day my sister and I went on an excursion.   We took a "jungle tour".  It was really a jungle.  You took thses speed boats across the bay and then through the mango groves.

Going out there , the water was pretty rough.  I was thinking it would be worse coming back it but it wasnt.   Remember the seaweed?  Well, it kept getting stuck in the propeller.  So we would have to stop,  put the boat in reverese real fast and then forward. That would get the seaweed off and we could then keep going.   There was this one guy in the group, I dont know if he had never driven a boat before or what but he drove sooooo slow.   We kept have to stop and wait for him, or we would all make a big circle a couple of times, so he could catch up.     Anyway , when we go to our destination , we went snorkling on a protected reef.  It was pretty cool.  It was kind of cloudy on and off, so the reef wasnt as pretty as it could have been. Plus I kept feeling cold.  But still fun. Some of these really big fish would swim right up under us and scared me a couple of times. 

This was our last day there. So in the afternoon , we spent time on the beach. 

Then we walked down the beach and went to the Mayan Ruins that were right on the beach. We could just walk to them.  There are more extensive ones in Cancum but we didnt want to take the whole day doing that. 

This guy was on the path to the ruins. 

This is my selfie on top of the ruins.  

Did you know they dont have diet coke in Mexico??  Whats up with that?  They only have Coke Light.

Yuck!   But I made it through.  And you would think with all the tourist they would have English TV shows on the TV.  There were a couple of channels but most were American TV shows but with Spanish dubbed  over.   
It was a great trip and Im so glad my sister asked me to go. How lucky am I !!


Helen said...

That looks like an amazing trip. Looks like the weather was great too. I'd love to do some snorkeling in warm waters.

Sara said...

Looks amazing!