Saturday, March 14, 2015

First test RVing adventure.


Last weekend , after coming home from a trial, we took the RV to Dreher Island state park. Sorry to say,that Ive never been there before.  Its about 20 miles from my house and Im not sure why I never went there. Its beautiful!!

Our spot had a great view. It was spot 51.  The only negative was the waves hitting the shore made Guieness very excited and he kept barking.  There werent to many people camping so it was nice. We got a chance to check out other RV spots.
I really like this spot 47.
This spot was more in the cove, so no waves to cause Guiness to bark. And it had its only little beach , so if it was closer to summer , you could go into the water.
This park had a wonderful hiking path. I have no idea how long it was. We turned around after a while because my feet were hurting. (remember I had been at a trial earlier) 

 Stephanie was home for Spring break. She only stayed a few days and then had to go back to work on her  end of the year art project.
 The only bad thing that happened , was the last day, when I went to put the slide it, it would respond. Lou was alraedy at work.  I had tried everything. The only thing I didnt check was the fuse.  I still havent gone back to check that.  You can hand crank the slide back in.  I had no choice. I needed to move the RV and it cant be moved until the slide it is. So hand cranking it in was the only choice. 

When it got this close to being in, my arms were now killing me. It took my whole body of pushing and pulling to work the crank.  I got to the point and sent my husband this picture. I told him I didnt think I coulc do any more.  But of  course I did.   That night I had a deep ache in both shoulders.  Not muscle pain,like you get when you exercise a lot. This was different. I was to the point of crying.  I wont ever do that again. I have road side assitance, I should have just called them. Believe me, I will call next time.   
This weekend I plan to bring the RV to my house, to work on some thing.  We'll see if the slide is working. It it isnt, Ill check the fuse. 

The trial.   
I went to an out door trial last weekend.   It was freezing the first morning.  So when I got there they decided to delay the trial for a little while. There was frost all over everything. 

First up was T2B.  This should have been an easy course to run. Big circles.  Nope, not for me. LOL

I just got to far behind, running down that line. She was already 2 jumps in front of me and by the time I said, "tunnel" , she was  was pass the first entracne  and had to decided which entrance it was. She chose the wrong one. Oops. 

The really nice thing about this trail is they had all the excellent classes first.  So once you ran, you were done and could go home. I may see if I can work that out for you next trial. Now this was a one ring trial , so it was easier to do. ( They had two rings set up, but one judge). 

This course ate up dogs.  There were hardly any Q's in all jump hights. Im not sure why.  For me, I didnt want to push to far pass the weave poles, so I stayed back. (Miley) I front crossed  poorly and must have blocked the teeter and Miley ran passed it. Ugh!  Java, I got behind running the a-frame line and she thought she was suppose to take the chute. She didnt but he called a refusal.  We had some other trouble to, farther down the course.  (Many dogs had weave pole problems. Not sure what that was about). 

Then came jumpers.

It had that same line that T2B had.  Hey I get a do over. LOL  this time I was ready. I started yelling when I was far back, 'tunnel, tunnel, tunnel".  It worked. Java Qed and took 2nd place.

My friend didnt start the video on time, so I didnt get the begining.   Then Miley had the best run ever!!  Perfect jumping and took 3rd place.  But the person filming hit photo and not video, so I didnt get it on tape. I was so disappointed.  I feel like each and every run with Miley should be charished. I really feel she doesnt have to many more running days left and we rarely get through a course without dropping a bar. I know the person was trying to tape my run but I cant say that I wasnt upset. Not at the person, just because it happened.   

We were done by 12noon. I did stay to watch a friend run but it was so nice to be done. 

I put all Java's videos together.

Sunday, went up early and then found out I didnt sign up for T2B. Ugh. Then next  was Standard. Once again not to many people Qed on this course.

Miley dropped a couple of bars. Java was doing awesome and then I took it for granted that she would take the tunnel after the table. Ugh. Didnt happened. She took the dogwalk twice before I got her in.  This trial was on an uphill grade. I was trying to put her in the tunnel and try to get uphill to make sure she knew to go to the #13 jump.  It was tough running up hill from a stand still .  I think the rest went ok. Bummer!!!  

Next was jumpers.  

I just didnt see that #4 was not that obvious. I didnt look at the course map before hand. And when you walked the course, it seemed like a straight shot into the tunnel.  Anyway, I didnt support the jumps and she ran pass them. Ugh! I was so upset with myself.
Miley dorpped at least 3 bars. Again, her run didnt get taped because  my friends, each thought the other one was taping.  Ugh!!


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that is one of my dreams - to have an rv and travel around the USA visiting all our blog buddies - that would be so much fun

Sara said...

What a nice camping spot! How cool to be right on the water. Chewy barks at waves too :)

Priscilla Phang said...

Wow! That's so cool! Love your pictures and the camp site is so beautiful!

Dawn said...

That's my dream too Reilly! This park looks wonderful!

Dawn said...

PS: Katie's never SEEN waves!