Friday, January 10, 2014


Well, Im pretty sure Im changing Java to a 20/20.  Im over spending so much time on running contacts. First they are good, then they fall apart, then they are good again.  I want to spend more time on handling.  I went to the field on Wednesday.  She didn't hit one running contact and that was the AKC contact zone. Ugh!.  So we started our 20/20.  I have more back chaining to do.  She gets it solid if she is just on the down ramp.  When she runs the whole thing, and I say "touch", you see a big change in her running. Sometimes she even stops.  When she does run all the way across, she looks very hoppy. 

 Im taking another Daisy Peel on-line handling class.  When I sent my first video in, I asked her not to tell me every thing that is wrong with each run. I asked if she would just tell me one or two of my biggest problems and how to fix them. I told her it was over whelming to me when she tells me everything that is wrong and I cant seem to fix anything. 

I got some good feed back this time.  Also, my dog didn't seem to understand a call the heel to be able to by pass the first tunnel entrance. We've been working on that a lot over the pass week. I think she gets it now.   On the video I sent Daisy, Java kept going off course into the tunnel at the end of the sequence.  So she told me I needed to do something before she takes that #10 jump. That I was trying to handle it after she takes the jump and its to late by then.  So I need to decelerate and call her name or shape the turn so she isn't looking at the tunnel .  (Meagan, I think this was also the problem when I ran the course with you last week. Where it was weave poles, jump, to the back side of the jump. She couldn't make the turn and barked at me.  If I had shaped it more, it probably would have given her more info that she needed).  So anyway, worked like a charm.

Sorry I haven't blogged much.  Its winter, everything is so dead looking.  I hate winter. 


Dawn said...

This all seems so hard and technical. There is so much more to running agility than those of us who are just watchers know. I guess Katie and I are lucky to just goof off in the back yard once in awhile!

Chris and Ricky said...

Susan retrained her youngest dog to 2o2o last fall and she did not let her do the actual DW with it for a long time. She did millions of hit its on a hit it board. Finally only rewarding for driving to the end of the board into position. Java will get it - it would be cool for you to have a running and a stopped DW!

Sara said...

Java will get it, no doubt! Bummer to have tor retrain though, especially since you spent so much time teaching her the running contact.