Saturday, January 25, 2014

Got turning cues?

I have turning cues but my dog is not reading them.  She also can turn tight, but isn't. See video below.

This is part of my Daisy P homework.  The last sequence  was so frustrating.  Daisy said that Java is just seeing jumps in front of her and taking them instead of checking in with me. (Remember when she wouldnt take jumps in front of her??  Ugh)   Also she is running on her front  and not engaging her rear end.  So she wants me to play the freeze game. Run, stop, if she stops with me, reward and then keep going.   Then add it to courses. The reward is to get to go on. Also to go into the jump more so I can show more motion when going away from the jump.  We'll see if I can fix this.
Not much going on. Its freezing and I haven't been doing much. I HATE winter.


Sara said...

I play red light/green light with my dogs every day, but I never thought about adding it to agility. What a great idea! That game really engages both of my dogs.

It's freezing here too. Hasn't hit 20 in over a week. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I think Novice and Open courses tend to set up baby dogs to learn to read lines and take the bit to go on because they don't need to turn very much. I have found that after each trial we have done, I have to reteach Kraft to TURN. What started happening was I needed so many turning cues before each turn that I was actually starting to give too many, but he was still being rewarded for taking the jump. My instructor warned me not to be overusing things like outside arm because eventually he will be so rewarded for going past it to take things that I won't be able to recall past anything. Do you think something similar could have happened to Java? You started having to give too many turning cues for turns without noticing that you were being inconsistent?

Chris and Ricky said...

Daisy's online course sounds fun. I think it is really cool that you are doing another one. So cold here - we haven't walked in several days now. I hate winter too.

Diana said...

Lara, I think that I have used my arms to much. That I need to show motion and shoulders more. Also my cues are way late. I also need to work more on call to heel stuff. Many times ,she just drives past.