Thursday, August 29, 2013

UKI trial - 2nd post

I cant remember what happened with Miley. LOL, I guess I should have posted on Monday when I did Java's post. Oops.

So I watched the video to try and remember.  We had some nice runs but none were perfect. Lots of dogs dropped bars the first day. I think the slant of the field took some getting use to. Because the next day, hardly any dogs dropped bars.  I know it looks flat but it was kinda high in the middle and low on both ends. 
She dropped the first bar but it was on the up hill part and I think she wasnt aware of the lift she needed to get over the bar.  Then my front cross was a little off and I presented the back side of #6 so we were off course. Other wise nice run.

Because I think I know everything, LOl, I messed up this run.  Taking Daisy Peels rear cross class, and finding out my rear cross on the flat with my inside  arm isnt correct. That I should be using my outside arm/hand to draw my dog across my body. But I thought, this works for me so whats the big deal. Well, I used a rear cross on the flat from #6 to #7 (Both tunnels because they had no chute), and  I flipped her back into the tunnel she just came out of by using my inside hand. Ack!!  So we were off course. She self released on the dogwalk and jumped the a-frame contact and I marked that.  So she stopped on the teeter.  Silly Miley.

I didnt get this on video because I was taping myself on a tripod and the person in front of me pulled their dog for dropping a bar and I wasnt ready with my ipad. But I do remember that I messed up the beginning. I think she went around 4. I think she might have missed 12 too. Ugh, I have to write this stuff down.

We did really well on this course.  I held her to long going from 16 to 17, trying to keep her out of the tunnel. I should have just said "tire" but finally she said, "screw it, she isnt telling me where to go, Im taking the tunnel".  LOL  Oh so close.

We did well on this course too but got a refusal at the tunnel under the dogwalk.


Sara said...

Great runs! And those courses look tough! Lots of twists and turns.

Anonymous said...

Nice runs!

Just noticed, no fence of any kind? WTF? I mean, I get that in Europe they think it's no big deal. At the barn we train at, on nice nights, we set up outside on the grass with no fence, but all the dogs are well contained and we all know each other and each other's dogs. At trials, I don't trust other competitors, and I just like the dog to know that the agility ring is a defined space. They are safe in that space. With no fence at all, I see way too much potential for a loose dog (always seems to happen at least once in a while that they have to announce, "loose dog found in crating area") to go chasing down another dog on course, or for my sensitive terrier to have her eyes bug out of her head with a screaming, tugging BC 10' from the ring with a completely oblivious handler chatting with her back turned. While physical injury isn't highly likely (though possible of course), even in lucky cases, the psychological damage would be high for the dog that got chased or had to face the pressure of an intimidating dog head on. Even a big, but maybe sensitive BC, I could see them making a negative connection VERY quickly and getting worried in the ring after an experience like that. I like my fences thanks! Will not support UKI if they do that around here, as I won't support USDAA clubs that think a rope is an acceptable barrier either.

Diana said...

I didn't have a problem with no fencing. Really any dog that wants to leave or enter a ring at an agility trial can.those little fences don't stop dogs. No dogs were off leash around the ring except the dog running. Only one dog left the ring to go sniff and it was a terrier. Most dogs were crated in there cars and there were only about 30 competitors. So small trial. I think the fencing gives people a false sense of security. I don't remember anyone playing with there dog near the ring. Now that I think of it, I think people were very aware of no fence and must have been very respectful of it.

Dawn said...

Seems so hard to Q in agility!