Friday, August 2, 2013

Blinds and stuff

Summer , for me, is almost over. It hasnt been very nice.  So much rain and  many cloudy days. Im over it. Walking the dogs at the park just hasnt been the same this summer. I love going here. Its relaxing. But not this summer. Yes, its hasnt been 100 degrees once this summer but who cares if I cant do other things I like.  The mosquitoes at the park have been the worst ever. If you dont have bug spray on, forget it, you will turn around and go home.  Ive seen people do this too. When you stop for your dogs to go to the bathroom or take a picture,  they swam you. The poor dogs, mosquitoes flying all around their face. Ugh!! Irritating!!  Then I havnt been able to walk the dogs through the river once this summer. Because of all the rain, the river has been very high.  Today was the first day all summer that  I could see the logs that sit low in the water.

Then there is Miley. We start out walking just fine. We go across the bridge to get onto the main path and she starts walking behind me. She is worried about something. So for the next mile, she is lagging behind. Her leash keeps crossing behind my legs, first one side then the other. I have to keep switching the leash behind me. Ugh!!  Im not sure what she is worried about.  This isnt even close to the area where she thought those dogs were chasing her.  Today was the first day in weeks she was slightly better. But lots of people must be off work today because everyone was there riding their bikes. Ack!!!!  Java and Guiness were maniacs.  I didnt get pass one bike without them loosing their minds. Irritating.  I just wants to drop the leash and say "have at it".   But I didnt do that. So the two of them have worked themselves up so much that were over heating.   So I took them to the river and made them get in to cool off. They were not happy with me. To bad, I wasnt happy with them either. LOL.
Next week I got back to work. I have to work registration for 2 days.  Then the next week I go back for real. Ack!! How did this happen????
Also next week Im going to in indoor AKC trial. Its going to be packed because everyone likes going there. Well, everyone but Miley. She hates that place.  So I didnt enter her, just Java.  They are also having a b-match where I hope to work Java's dogwalk and teeter.

Ive been still working through the Daisy Peels blind crosses.  Im doing the week 7 stuff.  All of a sudden Java started cutting behind me when  ever she wanted to . Good thing I video tapped it because I knew it was my dogs fault. She was just doing what ever she wanted. LOL, now we all know thats not true. After watching the video I know why she was doing it.   I really wasnt clear what I wanted and  multiple times my arms were back like I was cuing a rear cross.

I also signed up for Daisy Peels rear crosses class. Its shorter with more time between lessons to get the class work done.  But when I signed up, I put the code in  that she told us to. But for some reason it didnt take it. And I was  charged a 1000.00 for the class. LOL. I didnt even know it until she sent me an email and told me my acct had been refunded. I dont know what I did wrong. So I signed up for the class, not because I need more help with rear crosses. But I figured since the blind cross class showed me lots of holes in my training with Java, this class probably would too.

Sad things keeps happening.  My friend's dog is really injured and will probably need surgery.  So she is out of agility for a while. She is the one I always go to AKC shows with and room with at hotels.  She always makes sure my runs get taped even if I dont ask. Just a nice person and good friend. So now I will being going to the show next week without her. Sad.
A lady at work, her 30 year old son died of a sudden heart attack this week. Just so sad. He had a new born baby at home.
Then a friend of my husband, who he rides bikes with, wife is really sick. About 2 years ago she had recurrence of breast cancer with mets to the bone. She had been doing well. They went to Orlando for vacation. They have 2 small kids. She is now in the hospital down there. They are giving her 2 weeks to live. They cant transfer her back home, here, where all their family and friends are. Their poor family.  How horrible.


Sara said...

Man, that is a lot of bad stuff :( Life sure likes to throw curve balls at us.

ENjoy your last few days of freedom!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that does not sound like a good summer at all - so many sad things happening. Maybe fall will be nicer

Dawn said...

Wow..that's just an overwhelming amount of bad news! I'm hoping your fall is better...and I am sending cyber comfort to the families dealing with such loss, including your friend whose dog needs surgery and can't do agility. If I were closer I'd go and tape you just for the experience even tho Katie doesn't do agility. Would be fun.

Chris and Ricky said...

So sorry to hear all the sad news. Sometimes things just seem to go that way.

Maybe we will have a beautiful fall this year to make up for summer!