Monday, August 26, 2013

Our first UKI trial

I went to a small UKI trial up in North Carolina.  It started at 2pm on Saturday. Usually its hotter then heck this time of year but the weather was great, low 80s, no humidity and NO RAIN. Whoohoo!!!   The people who hosted the trial at their farm were great. There place is wonderful. I can't imagine getting to walk your dogs every day, through the rolling paths, and not have to deal with other peoples dogs or bikes. LoL.

The trial was small, only about 25 people. Cant get better than that.   5 runs in 4 hours , both days.  Man, I like that!!.  Plus if you want your run to be a training run, you just announce it when you step to the line. Love that!! 

Java's first run.
I felt like I was falling behind and had to push into her to get her, to get out and take 7. I guess I pushed to much and she turned left after taking 7, but then came the right way. Then, for some reason, she turned the wrong way after my rc on #10 but it was ok, we were still on course.  She ran fast and we actually Qed on this course even with my mess ups.

My next run with Java was  Novice agility.

I used this as  my training run. I worked dogwalks and teeters. She was awesome.  The field looks flat but it wasnt. It kinda peaked in the middle so you were running up hill both ways. LOL. You dont realized how lazy your legs get running on flat agility courses until you run on one like this.  After 3 running dogwalks with Java my legs were toast. Sad but true, so I moved on to the teeter.  She got on the teeter the first time. Whoohoo!! ( I didnt put this on the video tape Im going to post below).

The next day started at 10am. Some new people came and some left from Saturday so about the same amount of handlers. 
Java's Gamblers run.

Java was great.  The dogwalk and weaves were the highest point obstacles . You could do them twice for points. We did and she hit all her dogwalks. Whoohoo!!  And got the gamble. The square numbers are the harder gamble which then requires less opening points. The round numbers was the easier gamble but then required that you had more opening points to Q.  Java was awesome and Qed.

Next Novice Agility round 1
They didnt have a chute , so that obstacle is a tunnel in the video. Java was awesome. Hit her dogwalk again. Yay!!  But popped out of the 10th weave pole. So no Q but nice run anyway.
Novice agility round 2
I bit the dust on this one. I was so tired and just wanted to go home.  The opening was the same for the first 3 obstacles as the Senior course I had just finished running with Miley. Miley was the second to last dog. It didnt take long to change the course and then Java was second. I kinda got the coruses confused.  I went to front cross after 3 but that was Miley's course. Oops, so she missed the weave pole entry and then things just started to fall apart. LOl Oh well. 

I know I look like Im running weird  on that gamblers run. The grass was damp, maybe thats why. LOL.

  My dogs had a good time playing chase throught the mowed paths. Ill post Mileys stuff tomorrow.


Sara said...

Small trials are the best! It looks like an amazing trial location too, kinda like the farm where we trial. Doggie heaven :)

Java's runs all looked amazing. What a fun weekend.

Elayne said...

Lucky! I wish we had UKI. We had one trial several years ago and it was really fun but that was the only one.

Congrats on the dogwalks and some nice runs. I know what a victory it feels like when the dogwalks are good.

Helen said...

Small trials are much more fun than the big ones where you wait for hours for one or two runs. I find that really tiring. Love the picture of the girls running on the path.

Dawn said...

So glad you guys had fun! :)

Chris and Ricky said...

I would love trials if they went that quickly! Glad you had a good time!