Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rain, Rain go away

It just keeps raining. Twice Ive started driving to the park  this week and it started raining. I think Im jinx. I went outside today, it was sunny. I thought great. Started practicing running contacts with Java, it started raining. Ugh!!  My dogs are bored, bored ,bored!!
I thought this bird was a snake when I first saw it.  LOL.

Not much going on. Stephanie came home this week. She ran in a 4 mile race with my husband on the 4th of July.
You cant see it but she has a tiny nose piercing in her nose. (Not a ring).  Its hardly noticeable.  Kids, what can you do. 

Ive had to go to the club building a couple of times. Im in charge of our fall agility trial because the person who usually does it cant.  We bought the new break away tires that the AKC is requiring. They are suppose to break open with 16-20 lbs of pressure.  The first tire didnt want to break until 25 lbs of pressure. They give you this little piece of felt to put between the magnets to help it break. It still wasnt breaking until 22 lbs of pressure. So I bought more felt and I had to put a second piece in between the magnets. So its breaking at 18 lbs. The next day I brought the second tire with me, I forgot it the first time.  This tire is breaking at 19 lbs of pressure. If I put the felt in there, it broke at 14 lbs, so I had to remove it.  Not sure why the first tire is so much harder to break then the second one.
We have a shed in the back of our clubs training building. It holds all the agility equipment for trials. Someone had gone in there and pulled out the broad jump. Then just kinda threw it back it there. It made me so mad. I think if people in the club all had to work for the club and knew how much work goes into making money to buy the equipment, they wouldnt treat it that way.  They probably think Im a big "B" but I put the broad jump on our closet which is locked. Then  I put a sign across the front of the shed that says they are not allowed to remove anything form the shed. Training equipment is at the field. There is a tunnel, weave poles and an old tire they can practice with that are sitting outside the shed.  There are also 6 plastic jumps that we made for the building. The building has some areas that are padded but the areas are to small to really run agility. I dont know why, but the matting is slippery. So I dont like to run my dogs on it. I will do some weave poles on there but not much else.  Anyway, I get to the building and someone had taken the jumps apart. Most of the jumps were glued but a couple werent. I guess it kept falling over because the fitting werent tight. But did they fix it, or tell anyone they were broken?s Nope.  So I get there and find a mess. I wanted to use the jump but they keep falling down. So I went back the next day and I fixed them. I glued them all together. Hopefully no one tries to pull them apart and breaks them.  But I dont know why other people cant fix them. The club belongs to everyone and if you are using something that isnt working, you should try to fix it.
I ran Java through the weave poles and when I put pressure on her for me to pass her , she would leave the weave poles. So we working on that. Also with me acting crazy at the end , so she learns to stay in the poles. I also put together the teeter and ran her over that. I thought maybe the teeter from last weekend was noisy and thats why she bailed but she went on this  one just fine.

My husband said I look like Pheobe from "Friends". Remember when she was running in the park kinda like a little kid because it was fun. And Rachel was embarrassed. LOL

I havent been about to practice my Daisy Peel blind cross stuff, so now I will be two weeks behind. Ack!!  Oh well, it is self paced.

Ive been thinking a lot on Java's dogwalks and why she keeps missing at trials. Its driving me crazy. I thought she was over excited but after watching trial video after video, I dont think that is it. I think she is shortening up her second stride on the up ramp which is causing her not to be far enough along the board to do it in 6 strides. She always does six strides. Im not sure how to fix this.

So when she isnt far enough along the board after 6 strides, she leaps off.

Here she is at home.


Chris and Ricky said...

Raining a lot here too. It's always too much rain or no rain.

Java's DW is so pretty at home! Hope she starts doing the same at trials soon!

Sara said...

Rain here too.... blech.

I'm sure you're going to figure out Java's dogwalk!

Helen said...

We're getting a lot of rain too. When it isn't raining, it's stinking hot. I'm not sure I'll get the deck stained this summer.

Natasha said...

It's been raining like crazy here too!

Java looks great! Have you trained her contacts at fun matches? Training them in the trial atmosphere might help. Her running contact looks beautiful at home, I'm sure you'll get the same results at trials soon.