Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Here we go again!

I drove to Perry Ga for an AKC trial. I only went for 2 of the 4 days.   Its was on and off stormy.

All those pictures were taken the day we got there, Wednesday evening.  My friend was already there , she ran her dogs on Wednesday. (They did only excellent dogs Wednesday).  While I was outside, she it texting me asking me what Im doing out there and didnt I see the storm. LOL , I told her I was trying to get my dogs to go to the bathroom so I dont have to get up at 2am when they decided they need to go.

Thursday I only ran Java.  Miley seem off to me.  She didnt want to play with Java outside.  They usually play chase but she didnt want to. Hmm. She stayed in the crate without barking. She usually barks when I come to the crates wanting it to be her turn. She didnt want a turn all day. Hmmmm.

First up was T2B. The teeter was the third obstacle. It was double sided just like the one she wouldnt get on a couple of weeks ago.  Well she flew off have way up the teeter and then took the wrong tunnel entrance.
She had a nice jumpers run but I did a call to heel over a jump out of the tunnel ( which Ive been practicing) and made her drop the bar.

Then the standard run. She cut in front of me after the weaves. I have no idea why. Then she cut in front of me again  after #6 and went to the dogwalk. She missed the dogwalk contact. Then we went to the table and got back on course. The she flew off the teeter and we left the ring.
When I was leaving the building they were having some type of cow show in the next building. There were signs that no dogs allowed on the grass on that side. There was a sidwalk between our grass and there grass. They brought the cow onto the sidewalk between the two building. They started walking them between our cars to another area. The first building they were grooming the cows and I guess they were taking them to the show building.  Cow pies every where.
At one point a cow got loose and a bunch of people were waving their arms up in the air trying to stop the cow. They finally caught it. You should have seen me trying to get into my car with cow pies all on the ground in front of my doors and not let my dogs or me step in it. My friend's dog took a big mouth full of a cow pie. Yuck!!! The next day, I parked on the other side.

I show up to the trial the next day and a lady has smooshed me out of my set up area.  She pushed my two crates right up again the person next to me and then pushed her stuff right up against the other side of my crates. I dont leave extra stuff at the site but I need more room then just my crates. She had 3 xpens and two crates  her chair and cooler. She had 10 dogs with here. No she wasnt running 10 dogs, I think 2.  OMG, she didnt even say sorry when I moved my stuff across the hall. WTF!! I was so pissed. Did she think I should climb over stuff to get to my dogs. Its just put me in such a bad mood. What is wrong with people???  I would never have done that to someone.

 Miley seem like herself again. Barking in the crate and played chase with Java. So I thought I would run her in jumpers and if she dropped a bar, leave the ring.
She was freaking awesome. Whoohooo. We Qed and took 3rd place.

I wasnt sure if I should run her in standard but at the last minute I decided to.

This course ate up the big dogs. So many dogs took the wrong tunnel entrance after 13. I think because if you were on the inside and the dog was turning that direction, so when they took the panel jump they saw the wrong entrance.  Anyway Miley did great until after the tire. I have no idea why she didnt turn into the weaves. She went off course. I told her right and called her  but she still went off course. Darn it, we were soooooo close!!!

Java had a nice jumper run but I called her over #11 because a lot off dogs went off course over 6 so she dropped a bar. I didnt need to call her. Ugh. No video because the girl taping forgot I was in 16 inches.  So she didnt get it. Well she got the last part.

In standard  she missed the dogwalk, again.  I even did a lead out thinking it would cause extension. But you can see in the video she isnt extending enough. I could tell by the third hit she wasnt going to make it. I wonder if she thought it might be the teeter? I put my arm up too soon over #4 and pulled her off. The she didnt get on the teeter at all.

It was really hard for me to write up this trial post. Way to depressing. The teeter issue has taken me over the edge and makes me want to quit agility.   I just cant handle it.  Something must have happened in the ring on the teeter 2 weeks ago that spooked her.   When I was at the practice jump, they had the teeter and a-frame sitting again the wall. The practice jump was maybe 2 feet from it. When I practiced a rear cross, she took the jump and went on the teeter without a problem.  I did take her off the teeter.  But makes me think she isnt scared of it, it has to do with the ring.  So how to fix it since you cant train in the ring? There are some b-matches but few and far between.  There is a b-match in August but its a day that Im suppose to work registration for school. Ugh!


Dawn said...

Ahhh...this all sounds so fun and so stressful all at the same time. I'm sort of glad Katie isn't into agility that much. But I think Java is still so young that you can fix it. And your dogs both love it so much...I hope you keep going!

Sara said...

Java seems happy I'm the ring. Hopefully this teeter thing is just a phase. I'm sure it'll work itself out. Dogs! Why can't they just tell us what the problem is :-)

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

so long as you look back and think it is fun - that is the main thing

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

ew that's gross about all the cow pies.

Congratulations on Miley's great jumpers run! I love how well you execute front crosses. I still can't do them well.

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry too much about Java's teeter. I'm sure it's just a small phase and she'll get over it. Along with B matches, are there any other training facilities you can drop into a class at?

Lian said...

Java is only a baby and is allow to make baby mistake. I think sometimes we think we train our dog well and expect them to perform exactly what we want. Just give her a bit of time and I am sure she will do well for you.

Bailey said...

Sounds like a pretty wild adventure.

Diane said...

Diana, every dog I have had has gone thru an obstacle issue. Hannah went thru so many I lost count. Java is a great dog and she will get over it! Just make the teeter an awesome place for her to be and she will forget about her hang-up.
I know why Miley took the off course jump. Your handling is spot on except for look at your shoulders and feet when she is going thru the tire. You were saying "right" but your body said "go to the jump". Miley is almost too responsive to your cues. So close to a QQ! You will get it next time. - Diane

loralei913 said...

Lovely JWW run with Miley. And I've said it before, Java will come around. One day she is just going to hop on the teeter like nothing ever happened.