Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blind Cross Class

I think I told you I was taking Daisy Peel's on line class on blind crosses.   Im really behind but its ok because its a self study, go at your own pace.   Am I getting better at blind crosses, probably not.(Not due to the class)  But I am seeing holes in my handling,so thats a good thing.

Set up A.  She just kept pulling off Jump #1. Ugh. I feel she has a good send but she just didnt want to do it. Something to work on.

Set up B.  She needed to really collect coming over jump #7. Many times she wouldnt and either landed behind me or dropped the bar.  We've been working on this. This has shown up at trials too.

Set up C.  This set up you push your dog through the threadle (between 10 and 11) then you picked your dog up with a blind cross between 11 and 12 , so your dog is on your right. Man I was so late, my dog would come over 11 and I would have to rear on the flat to get 12. Ack. I tried it with Miley, same thing. Man, Im really hanging out between 11 and 12.  I finally managed to get it. Although Java, not reading the blind well.  

Im attaching a video.   Mostly to show you the app Coachs Eye.  Its very cool.  You can slow everything down, pull the video in close and do side by side comparison.  Im still working on Java's running contacts.  She had one miss this week at home. The rest have been good.


Sara said...

CHewy is having a tough time reading blind crosses, especially when I do them on purpose. If I do them because I ran out of time to front or forgot how to do a rear, then he seems to be ok! My poor dog.

Java's running contact looks amazing. That is some really cool software too.

loralei913 said...

That seems like a difficult place to blind. And the bigger the jump, the harder it is because they are jumping diagonally across the bar and are naturally going to land closer to that right (from the point of view of the camera) stanchion. I don't know how folks with 26" dogs do it! But I think that's why Java had a bit of a harder time than Miley. I am finding it difficult to remember to give Kraft a bit more landing room than I am used to giving the girls. I wonder if you gave just a tad more motion towards the camera as you were doing your blind if it would help give her a little more landing room. I'm curious what Daisy says about it.

Do you know if Coach's Eye is available as a program downloadable for a PC rather than an app just for an iPad or other Mac device? I've been looking for something that I can use to analyze my RDW work besides the software I am using to edit it. Great hits with Java by the way. I'll bet her next trial her DW will be much better!

Diana said...

Lorelei , I think it only comes as an app. You could put it on your iPhone , then use it to film.

You should see some of the places she is having us do blind crosses. Way over my head. Lol

Chris and Ricky said...

Blind crosses are the rage now. It seems funny to me. Nice running DW and coach's eye is very cool!