Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trial update and Dogwalks

Im still working on Java's running dogwalk.  She did get one rear foot in this weekend.  So Ive been working some more on it. The distressing part is when I watch the video, she had hits that I didnt reward at all. Ugh!!  Why cant I see it????  I will post a little video. She  has a huge leap on the third time, runs it again and has a beautiful hit. I thought she missed and didnt reward. How much am I confusing my dog? She jumps and doesnt get rewarded and then hits an doesnt get reward. Poor Java.

Im not going to post all the video from the trial. We, or rather I had a tough time. LOL  I think I might have myself psychic out.  I was thinking, every time Ive run ISC AKC courses, which are  harder,Ive Qed. (Except that one time when Miley left the start line right after I took off her leash, she went around the first jump, came back to me. I set her up and lead out. And the judged NQed us for training in the ring.But the run was perfect)  Im starting to think its in my head. I go to the line not expecting to Q just so I dont get disappointed.  Probably not the right frame of mind. And then since Java was running second, I front crossed twice and cut her off making sure we stayed on course. Then when I watched the video, I felt bad about cutting her off. She barked at me both times and was really slow and took half the course to speed back up. I didnt work this hard to get speed, to now slow her down. She is faster than Miley and my timing is off.  So the next day I decided to blind cross her. I messed them both up. She was just faster than I expected. So more work to do.

I made this video with most of the mistakes removed. Funny, I still watch it thinking about the mistakes.  I left the last video in where I cut Java off twice.

I listen to a bunch of Post Cast from Bad Dog Agility, they are free, on the way to the trial. One talked about 2o/2o and how we mess up our dogs contacts.  So even though I was aware of it, I still released Miley before she hit the dirt, or she released herself. The second day, I tried to do better but she still self released the teeter. So I will need to be stricter about that. I watched dog after dog, not do a 2o/2o, which it looks like they are suppose to, and the owner released them. No wonder our dogs get to a trial and are confused. We confuse them. Do this at home, but at a trial its ok to do it this way.  Then the dog doesnt know what to do and  you get leaps over the contact.

Masters JWW
Miley went off course.I feel like I cued this correctly. I was at #6 when she was taking jump 5. She just kept on going. Not sure why. I guess I should have called her but it didnt occur to me. I think I tend to be really quit on course and my friend said I need to talk to Miley more.

 Open JWW
This was the course where  I forced the front crosses.

Master Standard
The judge forgot to put weave poles in the course and I guess no one caught it. So we had course changes at the last minute. Worked well.  Miley just didnt read anything I was doing.
Open jww
I tried to lead out from the chute, but she came with me and didnt take the chute. I to send her again. Missed the dogwalk contact, wrong tunnel entrance. Dropped bar on triple. But she stayed in her weave poles all weekend!!!

They usually only removed one obstacle between Masters and open. Made such easy course changes and kept everything moving.

Master Standard

The beginning was tough and we got through it. Then she stressed at the table. I could feel it as we were approaching the table. Not sure why but I knew she wasnt going to stay on. She ran around the ring, I just stood there trying to decided if I should leave the ring. When she came around, I told her, "get on the table" and she got right on.  LOL  Afterwards someone came up to me and said, "man she got through all the hard stuff and then left the table. Then came around got right on and said, ok Im ready."   I wonder if it had to do with her self releasing the teeter right before the table.

Open Standard.
Beautiful turn over 8 to the teeter. I was worried, she tends not to read the RC to the left as good as to the right. Dogs were going wide and trying to take the a-frame but she read it beautiful!!  Beautiful turn at 12 too!!
Master JWW
I couldnt decided what to do.  After her wide turns out of the tunnel yesterday I felt like I needed to be right by the tunnel to get her going the right way. But that would put me behind going down the line and she could go off course. I decided to stay by the tunnel and she went off course down the line. I again should have called her. Ugh!!
Open JWW
I was planning two blind crosses. One between 2 and 3. I never made it and had to RC which she turned to tight. Then I was late on my RC between 7 and 8, so she missed 8.


Chris and Ricky said...

I like to psychic myself out too. With orchestra auditions, I would go and assume I would not make it to the second round. Of course I never did get the job. It's incredibly tough to change one's thinking. But you can do it!

Sara said...

Its so hard to be consistent in training and trialing. You're right, or put dogs must be do confused!

I'm sure java will figure it out!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Her running dog walks look awesome :) I wouldn't worry about confusing her.

I've done the same thing, as soon as I think "no chance of getting this" we do well. If you're interested I HIGHLY recommend the Lanny Bassham book on mental management that Clean Run always promotes, "With winning in mind." It really puts things in great perspective and its an easy read.

I can't believe the judge forgot weave poles AND nobody noticed! Oops!