Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend trial

I went to an AKC trial this weekend at the beach.  It started out chilly but warmed up quickly. Sunday it was 85 and the dogs weren't to happy. 

First up Excellent standard.

Ill let the video speak for itself.

I dont know why but when I load the videos to youtube, it looks like Miley is running slow but she wasnt. Weird.  Doesnt the a-frame look high?
 Anyway whoohooo Miley!!!  She got right on that table. I praised her the whole time she was on there. I told my friend, the only sad thing is I dont know why she suddenly got on the table. So I cant reinforce it.  This was a very small trial. Only 28 dogs in excellent standard. Only three 12 inch dogs. So I was thinking maybe she thought it was just practice.

Next excellent jumpers.
Sorry , no video. The camera card was full and I didnt know it.   She dropped the bar on #8. My friend said she took the jump really weird. She said the back end of her body torqued funny.  I did notice she was taking the jumps very cautiously after the tunnel. Then I was worried she hurt herself.  I couldnt decided if I should run T2B or not. I put her over the practice jump and she looked fine. I figured we would run and if I saw anything, I would stop.

 How we got the right end of the tunnel, Ill never know. She went flying through. LOL ( again, weird that when I loaded the video to youtube she doesnt look as fast. ) Her jumping looked fine.

So two Q's at an AKC trial for Miley. I dont think we have ever done that. LOL

Next was Java in the B-match. I didnt put Miley in because I knew we would go run the beach and I didnt want her to over do it.

Java did well but I didnt handle her correctly. I didnt support the jumps enough and pulled her off a lot of jumps. So the video is really edited. I took out all the parts were she missed a lot of jumps.


Sunday was a beautiful morning and I didnt want to go back to the trial. I could have just kept walking on the beach.

This is my favorite picture of the weekend. Just to cute!!

So I went back to the trial even thought I just was ready to drive home. LOL.  But my friend was there and so was my stuff.

First up was Ex. standard.
So that line going to the chute(7-10), Im not sure but I think I got to far behind and she was unsure if she should take the chute or not.

Table stress. Ugh!!  I left the ring. Im not sure if it was the right thing or not.  Maybe the mistake at  the  chute caused her to stress at the table.  Did I cause more stress by leaving the ring?  Did she really think yesterday was practice and then when we went back today, she knew it was the real deal? Maybe I should have put her in the b-match.   Oh well, I had already pulled her so it is what it is. Will see what happens next time.

(Now I really wanted to go home)

This looked like a good course. Then seeing all the big dogs go off course, I was worried.  Lots of dogs took #2 after #14. There, I layered the #3 jump because it was kinda in the way running the ending anyway.  And then some took #13 after #7, that was us.  The #8 jump was off set so I knew I needed to be careful and make sure she took that. I was probably pushing in to much for her and caused her to take the #13 jump. And when I posted this on facebook, everyone said there is no way she saw my off arm cue. Oops.


Sara said...

I was cheering in that first video when she did the table! Yay Miley! That must have felt so awesome, and yes that aframe looks really steep.

Congratulations on a good weekend!

Priscilla said...

Well done, Miley. Your table was so beautiful. I don't think Eva dares to go up to the A-frame though. LOL!

Beautiful beach pictures of Miley and Java who seems to have rabbit front tooth in the cute picture.

Lian said...

Awesome! Miley just awesome! The Excellent Standard was amazing to watch, all the contacts and the table! What can you ask for more? She did it all perfectly! WooHoo! She definitely don't look slow at all. Great job Diana!

Even Java did well. Congratulations for a great weekend!

corbinwooten said...

Congratulations! That first video was terrific! Does make you wonder what she's thinking, though.

Sounds like you learned a lot with Java--you guys are a great team :)