Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AKC trial

Went to an AKC trial up near Clemson.  I started up Saturday morning on my way I  took 85 north  and I was suppose to take 85 south. It took me 10 miles to realize I was going the wrong way. I remember thinking nothing looked familiar. Then I noticed the mile marker signs were going up instead of down. So I turned around. I wasnt late or anything, just annoyed. Then after walking my first course, I stopped at the bathroom. I thought I looked at the signed. I walked in and thought, why are there urinals in the bathroom. Ooops, Im in the men's room. LOL, good thing no men were in there.  I was telling someone about these two things. She said, "well lets hope those were your off courses for the day".  That's funny.
The only bad thing about the trial was that people were very emotional. Coming out of the ring crying. I thought maybe they fell or their dog got hurt. Nope.  People mad, kicking doors.   Then someone told me. It was the last weekend to get your double Q's for nationals.  So when someone did Q, people were cheering and screaming.  And then there is me. Just happy my dog got on the table. Or happy we stayed on course even though we dropped bars. LOL

First up was FAST.
This was our best run of the weekend and I didnt get it on tape. We ran the course exactly as I planned it. We Qed and took 1st place.  Even a couple of people came up to me and said that was the best they have ever seen Miley run.

I messed this run up. I front crossed (late) after the chute and then front crossed the teeter. So It think this blocked her from seeing the weaves. And then with the panel jump right before the weaves, she missed the weave pole entry.  Then 11 to 12. I took her to the right side of the jump (outside aspect). I fronted and then was going to rear when she got on the DW.  She just didnt read it and cut into the tunnel. Funny because we have done that a million times and she has always gotten it. I think you were suppose to wrap the jump to the left, but I was worried if I wasnt in the right position, she would take the tunnel. I guess it didnt matter because it didnt work. LOL

Next was jumpers.

Nice run. She dropped the triple. You cant see it in the video but I felt like I had pushed to far into her and  I pulled to the side right when she was on top of the triple.  You also cant see how many times she took off early for the jumps. She may just have been excited. I didnt know it until I went and looked at the photos that were taken. Man, I dont even know how she cleared as many jumps as she did. So took off way to early on  so many of the jumps.

I think I finally look more confident walking out after leaving Miley at the start line.  Miley's table was awesome.  I praised her the whole time she was on the table.  No stress in the ring after my mistakes.  I need to learn to run. 

My dogs had a good time playing chase out in the horse rings.

I finish day 2 later.


Sara said...

Good job you two :) Who needs double q's when you have a stress free table?

We're cheering for you here!

Priscilla Phang said...

I think both of you were awesome!

Chris and Ricky said...

Yes Sara said it all!!

corbinwooten said...

Really, really nice weekend for you guys! Awesome job.

I noticed the jumping early in your video and wondered why she was doing that.

Lian said...

Fantastic for the Q'ed! Miley is always good to watch. Love the pictures of the girls!

Helen said...

In the jumpers course, you had a really nice rear cross on the jump before the weaves. Beckett would have been spinning if I was that close to his butt, rear cross boot camp for him this winter. Good lateral distance in that run too.

Nicki said...

Sometimes getting on the table is way better than any QQ!

Kathy said...

love seeing your dogs playing and cool you are able to feel so much more confident at the start line, whooohoooo sorry its might not be nice but, ....Im glad I am not the only one that sometimes goes the wrong way. I had a distressing vet appointment a few weeks ago in an area I was not familiar in, and on the way home I wanted nothing more then to get home, instead of taking 2 hours to get home it took almost four because I was not sure how to get straightened out by the time I figured it out I had done the same thing just got going on the right freeway but wrong way, ughghghg