Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AKC day #2

So Saturday night was a big football game between University of South Carolina and Clemson University. Its a big rivalry game.  We didnt stay near the trial site, which is near Clemson because the hotels were to much money. We stayed 30 minutes away. At 2:30am people are yelling, singing , honking horns and just being noisy. We cant sleep and my dogs keep barking. So finally my friend calls the front desk and complains.  They call us back a little while later saying the people just came back from a bar. And that if they start being noisy again, call them back and they will have the police come remove them. They were noisy once more and then it was quite. But of course now we are wide awake.  So I never really went back to sleep.  I was feeling miserable and achy.  I kept thinking, Im just going to go home in the morning, except all my stuff was at the trial site.  So I thought Ill just run my first run then go home.   Anyway, I stayed the whole day. LOL.

First up was Time 2 Beat.

You will see that I hand my leash to the leash runner. Ive always wanted to be able to do that, but never trusted Miley. Whoohoo, go me!! I didnt realized that she didnt stop on the a-frame the second time. I didnt watch the video until I got home. I dont like to watch the videos at the trial because if I feel like I had a good run and then watch the tape and it wasnt as good as it was in my  head, then it makes me feel bad. Anyway I did an almost two jump lead out. Normally I wouldnt go that far, she might drop a bar by taking off early to get to me but I needed  it  so she knew not to take the a-frame.  My next goal was to get a tight turn over 11.It wasnt as tight as I wanted it.  It was a really nice run. We took first place by a second.

Next was standard.
My goal on this run was to get forward sends on #5 and #8 . Hey look, Im actually getting to set goals for my runs. Ive never been able to do that because of the contacts and table issues. She blows her aframe contact. Ugh. I didnt want to pull her. She hadnt stressed all weekend yet and wouldnt be able to catch her anyway so I let it go. I wanted to make sure she stopped on the dogwalk and make sure she knew not to go into the tunnel. She stopped. AND she got on the table 2 days in a row. WhooHoo Miley. I was so excited!!!  Once again, I need to learn to run. Get the lead out, what the heck is with me????
I really wanted to go home after this run. I had and really bad headache. I think from not getting enough sleep but I stayed.
I did a two jump lead out because I wanted to make sure she knew she was going to #4 and not have to guess and take #17. My front cross wasnt right and she missed #6.  Then I think I got behind on going to the weaves and tried to over handle it.  I dont see it in the tape but I remember her taking #14 and starting to turn the wrong way. She has distance skills , I should have used them instead of thinking I had to be right there to get her into the weaves. So I messed her up. Then I didnt finish the way I walked it. I was going to lateral send her to 17 and then front cross but I didnt do it.  So not a great run. 

In good news ,I won  one of the prices for the worker raffle. I didnt even know it. I was leaving and someone yelled up to me and told me I won something. That was a nice ending.


Sara said...

Congratulations! Great table AND a raffle winner. What could be better?

Chris and Ricky said...

Great trial weekend! You guys look really good!

Helen said...

The T2B and the Std were both really nice runs. I love that she lets you rear cross right behind her. I wish that was the case with Beckett.

Nice to end up with a raffle prize too.

Nicki said...

Cool prize!

Kathy said...

Miley is such a good girl love to see her running so well. BUMMER about those noisy people and not feeling well the next day ;-(

Loretta Mueller said...

LOVED THE SENDS!!! You two are making leaps and bounds!!!!!AWESOME!!!

Lian said...

Miley did some lovely work there and hey that startline wait, AWESOME!