Sunday, October 7, 2012

We have Table!!!!

We to a USDAA agility trial on Saturday.  I was going to go down Friday night but was to tried after work. So we got up a 4:30 and and left by 5:30.  The email I got last week from the secretary said that the judges briefing was at 8:00am and the first dog on the line was 8:15.  We got there at 7:45 and they just finished the Masters gamblers briefing. Normally briefings aren that big a deal but with USDAA gamblers they can have different rules depending on what the judge wants. I went to one trial and did three days of gamblers and everyday they had different rules. I cant remember all the rules but for instance back to back contacts are allowed or not.  Stuff like that. In this run if you did the serpentine you got 5 points and you had to start at a specific jump. (someone told me that stuff when I started asking people).  So I was not in the best frame of mind and posted on facebook that I was upset. So I think I ticked off some people at the trial for posting it on facebook. Which got me thinking about something my mom use to say to me when I was a kid. She use to say, "Why do you always have to be the town newspaper?"  My mouth got me in trouble a lot. LOL  Anyway because I didnt have the right attitude, I didnt really walk the course as much as I usually do. And I only timed myself once. So I thought I had a plan that as soon as she finished the weaves, we could do the gamble. When you watch the video, you will see my timing was way off. And they if Miley thinks I dont know what Im doing, she gets the zoomies. So my attitude only hurt me (how old am I??). Ugh.

Speedjumping was last but I didnt want to do to many edit videos so I put it here. It was really hot at the trial. It was 88 degrees and mostly sunny. All the dogs were hot. Lots of dogs dropping lots of bars. For some reason I was feeling really nauseous. Maybe I didnt drink enough.  I just wanted to get into air conditioning. So I decided after this course we would go home. I debated what to do on this course.
I had planned to run to the left of the first 3 jumps to keep Miley off the #18 jump. I felt like if I was to the right, she might take that tunnel under the A-frame. But no dogs in front of me did that, so I changed my plan and ran on the right side. Lots of dogs went off course after #10, and took #2. I managed to get Miley through that but my front cross was badly placed and cued the a-frame after #12, instead of the tunnel. Ugh, then because I stopped moving, she knew that was wrong and got the zoomies. I never got her back. Man, Ive got to  stop, stopping on course. It makes her freak out.  We could have really done well on this course if it werent for me.

Now back on track. Second up was starters standard. I figured she would never get on the table. I told my husband not to video, just take so regular pictures with my camera. This should have been an easy course for us.

I didnt even decided to put her on the table until the last second. And she got on!!  Like she had been doing it her whole life.

I have no idea why she decided it was ok to get on the table. But she just got on and laid down. I wanted to jump up and down and start screaming.  I wanted to run around the ring like she had  just gotten her MACH. When we were done running the course and I left the ring, people were just sitting around talking and reading. I thought to my , "OMG, didnt you just see what happened???  My dog, yes Miley, got on the table.Whats wrong with you people?".  LOL , you know its all about me. 

So I was excited, I didnt know if I should run out and reward or just keep running. I decided to keep running. To bad I did another bad front cross in front of the weaves, and blocked her. So she went in the second pole. We just kept going. I didnt want to cause any zoomines after all her perfection on dogwalks, a-frames and tables!!!!

Next was Grand Prix.

I debated what to do until I got to the line on going from #4 to #5. I was planning on being to her left when she came out of the tunnel. But once again, no one was doing that. So I changed my plan and was to her right when she came out and then RC the weaves.

Hey we Qed and got a bye to run regionals. ( it was a small trial).

I didnt stay for snooker. It was just to hot in the afternoon and I was feeling so sick to my stomach. It took about 40 minutes to feel better once in the car. We went to the beach. Well, first the condo and then the beach.

And look, Java did a down-stay. I had to get back a good bit because I had the telephoto lens on. And she stayed. Whoohoo!!

I have lots more pictures and dolphin pictures. I load in the next couple of days.


Sara said...

That's awesome Diana! I think having the still shot of the table is almost better than the video. Miley looks so proud of herself. If I had been there, I'd have been jumping up and down for you!

loralei913 said...

Hooray again for table! I agree, take that photo and FRAME IT! Look at it every day, you guys can DO THIS! And the PGP run was spectacular, really nice run. Don't kid yourself, even if it wasn't a small trial that would have been one of the top runs I'm sure.

corbinwooten said...

Great trial, Diana! I definitely would have been cheering for you after your standard run :) I wanted to cheer when you posted about it!

Way to go on GP, that looked like a tough course!

Chris and Ricky said...

I love that table photo!! Miley should be very proud of herself! :)

Ludo van Doggy said...

go Miley Go! Well done on the table and the Q!

Loretta Mueller said...


vici whisner said...

A huge congrats on the GP Regional Finals qualifier. Good for you!!

Nicki said...

That's awesome. Sometimes personal victories are the best!!

Kathy said...

Why does Miley look so small in those videos? I guess I'm used to seeing pictures and she is more up close and I forgot she is not a big dog :-). Hahahah, she's so dainty. So cool she got on the table that is fantastic, you guys are looking great!