Saturday, October 27, 2012

Front crosses , ugh!!

I took the dogs to the field to work on handling. I also ran Java over the dogwalk a few times.

Ive been using the Sourcebook 2 from clean run. Its has three different ways to run the course. One is novice,  then intermediate and maters. I can always run the novice with Miley.I can usually can run the intermediate. But I have yet to run one of the Masters once clean on the first try. But this time the master course kicked my butt. I took me forever to finally get it right. It was all m fault , not Miley.

First I ran Miley through the novice course. No problem. Then Java. I dont think we ran it right once. I couldnt get my front cross in soon enough after #6. I tried front cross after #5 but that just didnt work.   Then she kept going around #12. So we worked on that. Then a she kept going over #14, I rear cross and she wasnt reading. And  would go off course over #6 and into the tunnel. LOL.  So we worked all those little things and never got to run the whole thing right.

The masters course with Miley, getting her to go between #8 and 9, I had to be right there to manage it. Then I was behind the whole time and cutting her off with front crosses. We finally got it right in the end but it still didnt look pretty.

I like this book of courses. Espeically since I can work both dogs on the same course. Now, how to I fix my crappy front crosses???????


corbinwooten said...

I think you and Miley looked awesome. That's a really tough course.

I watched the video of you and Java, and it looks like she didn't know the FC was coming. One thing that took me awhile to learn was to make sure the dog know the FC is coming. I think that if you put that outside arm up (it's at your side) as your executing the cross, she'll know it's coming. It's something that Jenn gets on me about a lot and it makes a huge difference for Lexi.

Sara said...

Wow! That is a tough course. I don't know how you remembered where to go. You make it look easy.

Chris and Ricky said...

That is such a nice place to practice! Love seeing Miley and Java do their thing!

Helen said...

That's great shot on the dog walk!

Priscilla said...

Sorry, I don't understand the course but I love to see your videos and the training pictures.