Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seminar and stuff

The Loretta Mueller seminar was awesome. If you have a chance to work with her I highly recommend it.   On Saturday we did the drive seminar and the foundations seminar. I just took Java to that.  Lots of it was just information because its stuff you need to work on at home with your dog.  The biggest thing, run with your dog. So I took Java to the field before the co-op class on Monday, she was awesome. We only practiced running. Sending to tunnels and running to me. I wish I had it on video. She was flying.  I only used a toy and she was very excited. Weird. Ive used toys before.  I bought a toy at the seminar that someone was selling. It was  a bite bar  ( not sure thats what its really called) with a handle. It was one of the softer ones.  Man, she love that thing. We have run at the field before but Ive had different agendas of what I was trying to teach. This time just run!!  LOL
Sunday was about tight turns and  a  Masters seminar.  I took Miley to that one.  We worked on a jump  grid type thing. Loretta asked me why I wasnt pushing her, really running. I told her if I get to far ahead, she drop bars and start taking off early. So she had me just send to the tunnel and run. Miley didnt drop any bars. Figures huh.  So I set that up last night and she took of early and crashed a jump. I have it on video but  Im to tired to look at it yet. Still she said you should race your dog. So your dog is use to it and doesnt drop bars.  Funny, Ive been told not to race my dog. ( I cant remember by who) So something to work on.  Then the masters seminar , very fun!!!  We worked a lot on Miley's circling.  Now I actually have a really good plan. So everytime a mistake is made that triggers her into circling mode, Im going to throw a bait bag to break the circling. Then she gets rewarded.  So lots of bait bag throwing at the seminar.  Im so excited to have something to actually work on to try to fix this problem.  Do worry, I realize I have a long was to go.   I want to write more but life is busy. So I figured I better write something soon or it may  not get written at all.

Monday went back to work. I got a migraine and left early. But not before I had already seen 50 kids and given out 35 medications. I think they are trying to kill me. Kids are just coming that dont want to be in class.  Yesterday a kid came to me because at recess he jumped up to get a ball and kicked himself in the butt. Now his butt hurts.  Really????   He wanted ice for it.  I asked him "You're going to hold ice on your butt in class?"  He said yes.  Ugh!!  Then Tuesday I was just beat. I  manganged to walk the dogs at the park.  I was working on Java walking pass a couple with their dog without barking. Every time she looks and doesnt react, I said yes and gave her a treat. You could tell I was working my dog.  We get pass the people with no problem. And what do you think happened?  They had their dog on a flexilead but it was short. But as soon as we passed them, they let it out and the dog came up behind Java. Of course Java lost it and started barking.   Why would they do that????  People irritate me sometimes.
Wednesday went to the field and taught the beginner class and worked my dogs.
Stephanie has been sick at college for several days.  Really sick. Calling me a  lot. Crying she feels really bad. She has been to the school clinic twice. They are thinking its mono and tested here but the test had to be sent out. The worse part is exams start Friday. Poor kid. I think Im going to have to go down and check on her soon.


Sara said...

What great seminars!

Poor Stephanie. Mono is the worst. Hope she's feeling better soon.

Chris and Ricky said...

I have been wondering what you thought of Loretta's seminar. Sounds really good!!

Sorry about you being sick, the school kids being sick, and most of all, Stephanie being sick. I sure hope she feels better - maybe seeing her mom will help!

Loretta Mueller said...

OK this is funny...I JUST wrote a bit about this! LOL Then came to your blog. I'd love to see the video of what she did in regards to the jump crashing. Did you put her back over the same situation (aka racing) and did she keep the bar up and jump correctly?

Glad to hear the running is going well :) Sorry about the stupid people though ;-/

Diana said...

Yep, I raced her again, and she kept it up. I rewarded both times with throwing the bait bag. Ill try to post the video later today.

corbinwooten said...

I'm a little behind in my reading, but wanted to add a few comments. Firstly, I have definitely been told before not to race my dog. I can't remember who said it, either!

Secondly, I like the idea of throwing the bait bag for Miley when she starts to circle.

I didn't think about it until today, but a friend of mine at our training club is starting to have an issue with her sheltie at the weave poles that is a bit like Miley. If her dog misses the entrance, he gets really, really worried and just circles really wide around the ring. It takes her forever to get him back on track. Right now, it only happens to him at the weaves.

Anyways, she was doing a private seminar with our trainer before my class the other day and I sat in and watched. What she had her work on was to ask for a down every time he wanted to circle. But, before that she would work the dog to think that down was awesome. So in between runs it was "down" and a million cookies. Down, then chase a toy. So then when he missed a weave entrance, she would down him, and give him a treat when he relaxed, and then try again. He started offering downs constantly.

The crazy thing was by the end of the seminar he missed an entry and she turned to get ready to put him in a down and he ran back to the beginning of the weaves and got in correctly.

I'm sure you've tried a bunch of things with Miley, but thought I'd share what I saw because it was interesting.

I'd also be happy to give you this girl's name (she's on FB) if you're interested in contacting her. She's really, really nice and is a great handler.

Lian said...

I am really jealous that you got to go to some awesome seminars. all sound very good to me! Thanks for sharing ideas.

I have heard that some trainers suggested to race your dogs to get the speed out of them and also some suggested not to. So very confused but I think depending on the dogs motivation really. If you already have a hyper dog, I don't know if racing the dog is a good idea? But definitely race a dog that needs a lot of motivation though.

Sorry to hear about Stephanie. Hope she is ok soon.

Dawn said...

WOw. What a week you have had! Good and bad. I really hope Stephanie feels better today. I know I'd want my Mom to visit me if I felt that sick!