Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bad, Worse, Better

So I drove down to see Stephanie  at college on Thursday. There was no nurse to cover my school , so even though I had to put in for a sick day, I went in and worked 1 1/2 hours. I have medications in the morning and the diabetics need to be taken care of.  Then they called me several times to make sure their blood sugars were ok before PE and before going to lunch.  Another nurse did  the insulin after lunch.  So I get to CCU and Stephanie looks bad. She hadnt gotten up except to use the bathroom for 24 hours. I decide to take her home.  She seems better  toward the end of the  drive and Im thinking I made a mistake. Then we get in the house , she gets a fever and just feels terrible.  I get up at 4am , she has another fever. I go to work on Friday and call the doctor as soon as they open. They will work us in at 12noon.   I go home, get Stephanie and go to the doctor. Stephanie's throat looks bad , lots of swelling. They ran the mono test and redid the throat culture.  The doctor said even though her strep was negative she could have some other bacteria growing in there. The mono test was negative. She gave Stephanie a shot of steroids and gave me her cell phone number. She told me if Stephanie was better Saturday to call her.  We get home and Stephanie has another fever.  She is just miserable.  Crying and she kept saying she was going to flunk out of college.  So since Tuesday she has done nothing but sleep and drink fluids.  Nothing else. Her friends were calling and she didnt even answer.   The dogs got no attention on Thursday since I was gone all day.  My husband was out of town. So I asked Stephanie , after we got her fever under control, if she felt well enough for me to go walk the dogs. She said yes.  So Im driving to the park,its maybe 5 miles, and the air conditioner stops working. Great. I pull into the park and my engine light comes on and their is smoke coming from the engine. I decide to walk the dogs to let the engine cool off. The river was really low and thought it would be fun to walk some new places that I cant get to.  But ran into this guy. Ugh , I hate snakes. So I turned around and walked in areas I felt better about.

 Then came back to the car and called the car dealer. He said it was ok for me to drive home. I made an appt. for the next morning.  While driving home, the temperature gauge starts climbing. Then goes above the "H".  So I stop at a gas station. Let it cool and try to go on. Stephanie is at home, no car. My husband isnt home, I just wanted to make it home. But the gauge immediately goes above the "H" again. I call my friend and ask her to meet me at the next gas station.  While Im on the phone with her the gauge drops to below the "c".  Now I think I just blew my engine. Why else would the temperature drop like that. I make it home and its making a weird noise  now too.  I was suppose to go to a USDAA trial this weekend but thats just a bust now.  Im really worried about Stephanie.  None of us have even been this sick. Ive never seen Stephanie down and out like this. She's had the flu and pneumonia on top of that and wasnt this bad.  She's had kidney stones and wasnt this bad.
But guess what, Saturday came and she was better.  I was shocked.  Her throat still hurts but no more fevers and her nasal passages were starting to drain.  Then in the afternoon she felt well enough that she wanted to get back to college. We took my car in  to the dealer and  the water pump needed to be changed  because it was leaking but I didnt damaged the engine. I was sooo happy. Im so glad Stephanie is feeling better, I was really getting worried.  She had called me Wednesday night crying saying she felt so bad she thought she needed to go to the hospital. Wow, and she isnt a drama queen or anything.  So hopefully she is on the road to recovery.


Sara said...

Glad to hear that Stephanie is feeling better. How scary.

Next week will have to be better!

Helen said...

Why is all the bad stuff seems to come at once. :-( Hope everything will be all right.

Chris and Ricky said...

Man, what a rough few days! Glad Stephanie is lots better and your car will be ok. Miley and Java look like they are yelling "Yipee!" in the photos!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Wow! Glad Stephanie is feeling better and the mono test came back negative. A LOT of people (including myself) have had car problems lately. It's ridiculous. My old car would overheat sometimes and I was told it's okay to drive 15 miles (or 15 minutes, whichever is less), then turn it off and let it cool down for 15 minutes. Don't know where the mechanic got it from but it worked, I haven't broken an engine. Yet lol.

Hope your bad luck streak has ended!

Priscilla said...

Oh dear, so sorry that you had those bad days! Glad to hear that Stephanie is feeling better and everything seems to be back to better shapes.

The pictures of the two girls are gorgeous! They look so happy!

Dawn said...

I think the dogs were jumping for joy too. Glad Stephanie is feeling better. Good luck with her exams! Glad the car is fixed too. What a week!