Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photos and all

Well the "I Shot It" dog photo competition is over. I didnt win.   Can you imagine? LOL, just kidding. But I did make it into the top 70 photos that she first narrowed it down to. She started with 1421 photos, so thats kinda neat. Here is my photo that she liked.

You can read her comments below the photo. I like some of my other photos that I entered  better but what do I know. LOL   The winning photo wasnt what I thought would  win. But again she talked about photography concepts that I really dont understand, like negative space ect.

Im still working on Java's running contacts. We are still struggling with getting her to run the carpet and be leapy. Several of you have asked what Java is running on.  Its a 12 foot piece of carpet.

Miley had a follow up ultrasound on her shoulder to see how the tears and tendinitis  are doing. She is healing nicely. We still have a ways to go.  So still no off leash walking or running. We did get to decrease the theraputic ultrasound to every 5-7 days instead of twice a week.

Today was such a better day then the weather man said it was going to be. It was suppose to rain and be in the 50s or low 60s. I took Miley up to NC for her theraputic Ultrasound. About 1/2 way there it started raining and when we got there it was 47 degrees. Ugh. But when we go home. 70 and sunny. Wow.  That was a nice surprise. We went to the park. There were tons of people there. Bikes, dogs , people ect...  So we walked through the woods instead of on the sidewalk. And there it was. Sitting on a branch about head level.

I took the dog down to the water since it was so warm.

I was in the water too.  Man, my feet really hurt now. Those rocks are killers. How do the dogs take it??

What is it with people and flexi-leads.  First Guiness gets bit by a dog whos owner couldnt control her dogs that where on flexi-leads. Then this week at the park, this man is talking to another man in the parking lot. His little Boston Terrier is on a flexi-lead. He drops it by accident or the dog pulled it out of his hand and the dog comes ruuning at us. Lucky this time the dog was friendly. Then today at the vet., this man has two huge labs. Both on flexi-leads.  In the vets office, really????  So Miley is under the bench Im sitting on and behind  my legs.  Does anything in that picture say my dog wants to greet your dogs?  NO!  But of couse he lets them come on over, on their long flexi-leads.  Me blocking them, he still doesnt get it. I know I should have said something, but nothing but rudness wanted to come out of my mouth. So I didnt say anything.   Then the dogs comes again and Miley starts growling. So I put my hand in front of her face to block the two dogs. He finally gets it.  But Im sure if Miley would have bit his dog, I would have been at fault. Ugh!!!


Sara said...

Oh I love that last photo of Java! She's really strutting her stuff.

What great feedback that you got from the judge.

corbinwooten said...

I agree with Sara. That last photo of Java is so cute!

I am with you on the photo that won the contest. I understand the concept of negative space, and still don't get it. It was a great photo, but I think there could have been ANYTHING in that corner. It didn't have to be a dog. Because of that I don't think it should win a dog photo competition. But I digress :)

Glad to hear that Miley's shoulder is healing well. Hope the progress continues.

Chris and Ricky said...

Congratulations on making the top 70! I think that photo is very cool!

Glad Miley is getting better but sorry it is such a long process.

I don't understand why people use flexis in the manner that they do or why people think it's ok for their dogs to approach another dog. I think I would've said something even if rudeness was the only thing that would come out! :)

zeeFM said...

That blue eye stare is gorgeous !

zeeFM said...

Loving that 1blue eye stare ~

Ludo van Doggy said...

TNP is very impressed with your bird of prey, do you know what it is?
you always take beautiful photos and getting into the top 70 with that many entries was well done.
other dog owners can be such a pain, cant they.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

I love the photo of Java in the water and how it makes her feet look fuzzy - the red hark is just gorgeous !

Dawn said...

No dog school I have ever been to, and I think that's 3 have ever had anything positive to say about flex leads. None. We don't own one. You have no control over your dog when they're on that kind of leash.

OK. off my soap box now.

Your photos are stunning, love the bird, love the one that got through the first the one with the water drops too. You always have such great shots!

Kathy said...

I HATE FLEXI LEADS, the people least likely to be able to control their dogs are the most likely to be using them in my observation, LOL. Not a good combo. LOVE those pictures, you are such a fantastic photographer!!!

tervnmal said...

Great shots, always love your sheltie pics, especially the dog-in-the-water ones.

Believe me sister, you're preachin' to the choir about idiots with flexis. My friends and I joke about needing to have a license to operate a flexi.