Friday, February 24, 2012

Ground Hog Day

I feel like Ive been stuck in Ground Hog Day.  Every day feels exactly the same. Im not sure how to break the rut.
Yesterday I was running Java over the contact board. We are suppose to slowly raise the board. This was going to be the last time I ran it like this before I had an up ramp. I had practiced with her before running it, to let her know the board was a little higher. She was doing fine. She had already run the board about 12 times with no problems.  I was just going to do a couple of more runs and then all of a sudden she wouldnt run the board.  I had not given her a direct shot to the board but she got it the first time. So then I went back to straight shot to the board. She still wouldnt get on. So after three times of not getting on the board we stopped. I went inside and looked at the video. I slowed down the time before she stopped getting on the board.

It looks like her back foot hit the edge of the board. I think that is way she wasnt getting on. I feel terrible. I should have added an up ramp this time. Ugh. So we wont run this for a couple of days. Ill add the up ramp and  hopefully she will get back on.

So after that depressing practice, because you know I only see things as "the glass is half empty". All I could think of is she will never get on again, just like Miley with the table. Ive screwed up something else. Well anyway , we went to the park. It was a beautiful , warm , sunny 80 degree day. 
We had a great time down by the river. I set no shots and had nothing in mind to shoot. So you know what, I didnt get much. LOL, that will teach me not to have an action plan for photos. Although it was freeing. But then you get home and look at the shots. You see some shots that could have been awesome if you would have been paying attention. oh well. I did get a few that I like. But I wont tell you how many pictures were taken except it was a lot.

I like this picture even though it isnt a great shot of a dog. It just look interesting to me. Java had fallen off a log, and this was her after she got back on the log and is running off.

Walking in the river with the dogs helped get rid of that Ground Hog Day feeling. Nothing better then walking through the water, peace and quit. Dogs having a good time. Taking pictures. Very relaxing.
Java has been in heat for two weeks.  She hasnt wanted to play at all. Ive been worried but I know being in heat can effect them. Well last night she played with toys agian. WhooHoo, I was so happy.  I dont think her heat cycle is completely over but its on the tail end. She didnt mark last night when I took her to the park and Guinees isnt in her butt all the time. And she isnt cleaning herself all the time.
Last week we started Guiness on Thyroid medication. His Thyroid levels have dropped every year. This last time it was 1.0  , their range is 0.8-3.6 (I think) .  So they said they didnt have a problem trying  him on it. I really havent seen any changes yet. But will see.  Maybe he will have more energy and his hair will stop breaking off of his chest which is why it always looks chopped.
I bought the new Kathy Keats book, "Success from the inside".  Its deep. LOL  You have to write your life story and what has effected you.  A lot of my life story is depressing and I really dont want to think about all that garbage. And this isnt a good time to delve into that part of my life.Then you have to list 15 people who have influenced you. I cant think of 15 people who have influenced me.  Im me because of me and not anyone else. Uh yea, maybe thats my whole problem. LOL So I may read through the book and then come back and do the exercises later when thinings have gotten back on track at home.


Sara said...

Love that photo of Java coming out of the water! The water droplets are super cool.

Glad to hear Java is coming out of heat. Hormones do crazy things to me, I assume it is the same for dogs!

Bailey said...

They look so happy playing outside.

Chris and Ricky said...

I am absolutely positive that you did not mess up Java's dogwalk! Don't think like that!

Wait a minute - haven't I influenced you! LOL!!

I just saw your comment back to me on your WW - I am glad you thought about area 51 too because that is the first thing I thought of!

Dawn said...

And is Miley still not able to run? Love your photos, especially that one with the tree roots... Hope everything settles down at home...and I'm pretty sure Java is too rambunctious to skip that dog walk for long!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'm also certain you didn't mess up her dogwalk. Don't worry about it! (I know it's easier said than done, but still).

Brianne said...

You've received the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out on my blog.

Kathy said...

Great pictures and glad you were able to work through the ground hog time ;-)