Saturday, February 18, 2012


We finally got a "looks great" from Silvia and we can start raising the plank. WhooHoo!!  Today I realized my carpet was 6 inches to long( not the contact end). So I cut it and put her over it again. She seems ok . Thanks goodness.
Java is in heat and doesnt seem to want to play with toys. She also isnt running when walking the fields at the park. She just stays with me. Hmmm. I hope its just cause she is in heat. Guiness's nose is up her butt all the time too. Yuck!! Not fun, Ill be glad when this is over.
We took a long walk at the park. It was a beautiful day. First we tried the hiking park but they were having a race and it was packed. So we went to the other park. Also lots of people, bikes and dogs. They were having something there too but we were leaving just as all the people were getting started. There was also horses getting ready to go through the trails under the power lines. So we left  just in time.

I walked through the river with the dogs. It was really low today. Guiness was very happy to be free. I usually dont let him off leash unless we cross the river.

He was so happy spit was coming from his mouth.

Doesnt his front leg look really weird?

Then it was time to go home!
I was trying to get a picture of all three dogs , so you could see there size difference but you really can't tell anything from this picture.


Berts Blog said...

it has been awhile since we have left a comment, but couldn't pass up mentioning how much we love your blog, especially the great photo's you get of the pups

They are so beautiful with the fluidity of movement, and I love the water pictures especially.


Priscilla said...


Java is so fast, I just saw a little dot zoomed across all the time. She is doing so well.

I remember Eva did the same thing like Java when she was in heat.

Guiness looks so happy in the pictures! He loves to have his freedom!

Sophie said...

Way to go on the comment! Love the photos, as always. I'm glad I never had to cope with Lola or Jess being in heat.

lifewithmydogs said...

I find it cool how Java is just a few weeks older than my Dusty. Awesome photos, too!

Sara said...

I think you named Java well! She's looks like she had three shots of espresso in that video, she's so fast! Great job.

Chris and Ricky said...

Congrats on the praise from Silvia!! Java looks amazing in the video!

corbinwooten said...

Hooray on running the carpet! :) I loved how you guys posed at the end, very cute.

I bet Guinness was quite excited to get out and play. How tall is he? He looks like he's the biggest by at least an inch or two.

Dawn said...

Oh my! How do you manage to run, click, and throw all at the same time! She's supper cute!!!

Sophie said...

There's a Pawsome Blogger Award up for you guys at my blog!

Diana said...

Guiness is 16 5/8 inches. Miley is 13 1/2 and I measured Java again today. She is holding at 15 3/4. Im really hoping she doesnt go over 16 inches. If she goes over 16 inches then for USDAA she would have to jump 22 inches and Im not doing that.

47 said...

*gasp* Another Agility Lover!!! I never thought to introduce the teeter this way. What a great idea!