Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Trial

Ok, Im going to try to blog on my ipad but not sure its going to work. I cant even get this picture to be at the top of the page. 

The trial was up in North Carolina. Lets just say it was freezing cold.  Its been freezing cold the last few days so I expected it to be cold.  First I left my on bag on the table. It has all my agility stuff in it, like my ipad holder for my tripod ,my hand warmers, balls, and my notebook for keeping records of trials. Ugh.  So in case I ever do this again, Ive ordered this tripod holder for my phone. That way I can still tape myself without having to ask anyone. I feel like every time I ask someone to film me, I screw up my  run. Im going to keep it in my car, that way I wont forget it.  They delayed the trial an hour every morning.  When I went to my car Saturday morning it was snowing. It didnt know we were getting snow. 

It was really snowing at my hotel but  the closer I got to the trial, the better things got. My windshield wiper fluid froze and I couldnt clean the windshields. Ugh. Irritating.  Anyway, it was freezing cold inside the barn. Ack!!  I had multiple layers on  and unlike other people, I wasnt taking them off just to run. LOL I did find a spot close to the two heaters they had in the crating area. I really didnt want my dog to be cold. The poor pony that lives in this barn, had to big buckets of frozen water. 

(Oh good, I finally got my curser to go below the picture. )
First up was Master FAST

I felt and so did other people, that this was a hard send. I was happy there was a dogwalk because usually   there isnt in FAST.  First off, Java hasnt been stellar about finishing her weaves  and then with her being 25 feet away, I wasnt sure how that was going to go. So I did all my practice things first , like the teeter and 2 dogwalks.  Then I went in for the send. She got into the weaves and I step around the line. She stayed in the poles.  Then when she was in pole #10, I started saying tunnel, tunnel and she finished   the poles and went into the tunnel. Lots of dogs pulled into the handler at this point.  Then I ran down the line, toward the a-frame and told her to Climb, and she did it!!!.  Whoohoo!!  Only 3 dogs in all of FAST Qed and we were one!!.   I was freezing cold but happy!!

Next up was JWW.

I dont know how I screwed this up but I did. LOL  I watched the little dogs run. I ring crewed the class, it was freezing in the ring. Poor little dogs with no hair. They couldnt even run right. This one girl finally picked her dog up and told the judge she didnt know what was wrong but they were leaving. The judge turned  and looked at me and we both said at the same time,  "The dogs freezing".   So  anyway, I had seen the dogs almost go off course after #6. So I knew it would be a problem. This map makes the course look like its spread out but it wasnt. It was all squished up in the middle of the ring. There spacing between #6 and #18 was tight. I figured if I got my front cross after 7  soon enough, she would read it. NOT!!  Afterwards, I wish I had pushed into the pocket between 5 -6 more, then I  would have shaped her jumping effort to 6, so she wouldnt have been headed directly to 18. Then just RC 8. Oh well, live and learn.  

Next was Master standard.  I knew she was not going to do a 2o/2o on the dogwalk, based on what happened in FASt. So I was just going to run and pull hard to the left and telling her "Left, left, left".  Guess what, she did it and hit the contact!!!   I even left her at the weaves and did a blind cross between 14 and 15.  How confident was that???   And we Qed and took 2nd place to the fasted little border collie that I know. We always seem to be 2 seconds behind him in course time.  But who cares, it was awesome. 

Last up as T2B. 

We Qed in this class too!!   I even did a few more blind crosses.  I had to really be in front of Java to get those blinds in, in time for her to know where to go. It was awesome!!  It was a good day besides being freezing cold and I kept thinking about going home. LOL  

Then next day was a little warmer in the morning. But for some reason I was really tired. I kept thinking about driving home right after I left the hotel that morning.  But I forced myself to go to the trial.  Beside some of my stuff was there. Most of it was in my car but I left the crate and a pad on the ground, so I figured I better go back to the trial.  Our first run was ISC jumpers.

This was a tough little course.  She broke her start line, so even though she still managed to get the #2, a backside , correctly , I was late going down the line to the weaves. So she went to the tunnel and had her front 2 feet in the tunnel before I called her off. Ugh.  The rest was absolutely beautiful!!  We even got the other backside, #8.   I did an pull after 9. to shape her approach to 10, so she would get the correct tunnel entrance. (Lots of dogs went off course here).  The whole thing felt pretty great. Several people even came up to me and told me how great it was, (even with that mistake).  LOL 

Then it was ISC standard.

I screwed it up. The beginning was nice but then I was on the inside of#8 and trying to pull her into me over the jump, I guess I didnt slow down enough and she ran by  the jump and then when I tired to fix it she jumped it the wrong way and then it fell apart. We got back together at #13. Then she flew off the teeter.  I said "Oh No!!"  But it came out harsher than I meant it to.  I was surprised she stayed in the weaves after that. 

But the was T2B. An freaking easy course. 

And I messed it all up. I pulled her off #2, #8 and #14, but she did both her teeters  correctly.  Im not sure if  my harsh correction caused her to be very clingy or if I was lazy or what. Someone came up to me and said , "Wow Java was really naughty in T2B".  So I talked to her a little more about it, trying to figure out if it was here or me.  

 So I decided I was going to run  this next course hard ,and make sure she was confident about taking everything. This was Master standard.  That little part at 15-17 was tricky.  We managed to stay on course but we dropped the panel jump.  I was happy that she was back on track. 

Because they started the trial day 1 hour later, my jumpers run would now be another 3 hour wait. I wouldnt run until 4:30pm.  That means I wouldnt get home until late and I wanted to see my husband. So I decided to go home and end on a good note.  Besides we had already done 4 runs that day, I was good. 
 No Video, sorry. I left my ipad holder at home. 

Just some info for me,  A couple of days after getting  home after the Perry trial, Miley started waking up at  night again.  She had been doing so well for 2 months. I have not idea what happened.  She has now even started waking up twice a night to go outside to pee. 
Mickey, his  skin culture came back with no pathogens.  Hmmmm. So we decided to do nothing and see what happens. We did up his Thyroid medication  a few week ago, since his level was still way low. So far , so good.  His skin is still continuing to get better.  So hopefully it was just his thyroid causing all the skin issues. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Greatest Agility Weekend Ever!!

 This was taken at the B-match that they had on Saturday.   (Im sorry I dont blog to much. My laptop is so slow and irritating that it takes me forever to get anything done)

Anyway, I went to the trial on Thursday.   It was pretty cold every morning. I dont know if they didnt have the heat on in the building but it was pretty cold in there. At least to me.   Friday I started with Java running Fast, so I could work on her 2o/2o tetter.  We didnt get the send, even though it was hard.  But she did really good on the teeter.  She ate least paused before leaving.  LOL.   Standard was a neat course.
Poor Miley tried to clothes line herself on  jump 13. She took off way to early.  Im still trying decided if I should drop her down to 8 inches.   After she jumped badly, I went to check her to make sure she was ok. But as soon as I did that, her ears went down, like she thought she did something wrong. Then she started stress circling. So I decided we had to get happy Miley back in the ring. So I just started clapping and using a happy cheerful voice. I got her back and we finished the  run.   Java had a nice run, except  she made the weave entry but I had no forward motion (thinking she wasnt going to make it) so she pulled out of the weaves. Ugh.  Lots of dogs had trouble turning tight enough to  get into the weaves. What work best was to front cross after jump 14. So you would front cross after 13 and after 14.  That seemed to be the only thing  that worked.
( these are several video's from the weekend. Its Friday Standard run and Jww run (she took 2nd or 3rd) ,  Saturdays Jww run .)

I stayed in my friends RV for the weekend. She lives close by and didnt come to the trial because her dog had puppies.  My husband came down and stayed with me Friday night.

For the first time, my dogs didnt bark at night when at a dog trial. I didnt wake up multiple  times because people talking in the hallways or people slamming their hotel room doors.  It was awesome!!
So Im going to buy this RV.  She has had it for sale for a while and Ive been thinking about it for a long time.  Plus, it already had crates built into it , you can see it on the left side there.   Im worried about driving it but I figure if a bunch of my friends can do it, so can I. LOL

Saturday my ipad started acting weird. First it taped a run but when you tried to get it to play, it gave you an error message.  Then the next run, it showed it was taping, with the numbers going up, but then there was nothing there at the end.  Then it just  stopped taping at all. Ugh!!.  Then it just went dead and wouldnt open at all.   I tried charging it. I used two different  cords and plugs. I used different sockets to try charging it. My friend tried charging it. Nothing.   Then I took it to  BestBuy , that's  where I bought it.  They tried to get it to work, nothing.  So they said they had to send it off and it would be at least 2 weeks. Ack!! (I just bought this ipad Dec 30th)   Then I called Apple, just to see if it would be faster for me to drive to Charlotte and take it to the Apple store.  Well after I gave him the id number on the ipad and a couple of other things, it started working. WTH???   Anyway, its still having trouble with the video portion of the ipad but it is working. As soon as I get everything transferred  Im going to re-install the ISO 8 program, to see if I can fix what is wrong.

So  Sunday morning big dogs ran first. I walked into the arena and I saw the dogs running the standard course.

A friend comes up to me and I said,  "That looks fun".  OMG, the person just looked at me an rolled their eyes.  I guess they had already run and didnt Q.  They  were mad and complained about the judge's call. They told me what happened.  So I told them to go ask the judge. She is very nice and Im sure she will explain why she made the call.  The person came back to me, they forgot to tell me their dog spun  before taking the jump.  So thats why the judge called a refusal.   SO first I ran with Java and we freaking Qed.  Whoohoo!!  (no video, that figures huh?)   I sent her to the tunnel without going pass the triple, so I could make it to the end of the dogwalk and show decelerating.  Well I didnt go a great job because she almost went to the table but I saved it.  She was also wide after taking 11. But we Qed!!

Miley ran it and Qed too!! ( a friend taped me and sent me the videos)

 So after this I sat with a group of friends. Another person complained on and on about how hard this judges courses were . OMG,   I finally got up and left. I just could take it anymore.   What is wrong with people. Im mean, I hardly ever Q and I dont sit there an complain all the time about the judges courses because I didnt Q.  I like this judge and her courses. Thats why I hired her for our trial. So if you are plainning to come to our trial, you better practice back sides and wraps, serps and pull throughs.

Then the most amazing thing a happened. Java Qed in Jumpers. Her first double Q.

I decided not to do a lead out with a front cross in case she broke her start line. And it worked out.

Then Miley Qed too!!  I cant believe she didnt drop a bar. Yesterday we missed a double Q by a dropped bar in standard.(its getting hard to run Miley. You are praying , before going in the ring, that she doesnt hurt herself).

So this weekend we got a total of 7 Qs'  . That has never ever happened to me. Whoohoo!.  My  husband asked me , "So what was different about this weekend vs all the other weekends you've done agility?"    When I thought about it, this weekend I didnt have any pain. None.  That has never happened to me either.  And I cant explain it.  All my meds have been the same for the last 9months.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Change and what ever.

 So since November Ive been trying to change Java from a running DW to a 20/20.  She isn't getting it yet. Well at home she is getting it but once we get to a trial, she doesn't even thing about stopping yet.
I went to a trial the weekend before last.  Some how she won Time to Beat. Im not sure how since it took 3 times to get into the weaves correctly.  But with even that, she had the fastest time.
We were so close on Master JWW.  I pulled her off a jump. I really thought she was committed and so I pulled away to get down the line and she came with me. Ugh!

I also pulled her and pushed her off jumps in Master Standard.  Ugh. Although it looks like she was thinking of stopping on the dogwalk.

The next day was worse. It was weird that I had ring nerves , which I haven't had in a long , long time.  Because of the ring nerves, I didn't trust my dog and I released her early , and we went off course. It felt horrible. I felt like a failure. I know its just dog agility but geez, how long is it going to take to figure this crap out???  In standard we went off course because I didn't stick with my plan to do an ass pass at jump #3, to make the turn tight. I change it to a post turn and she went wide and took the aframe.  Ugh!! ( it doesn't look like the a-frame was close to that jump but it was)

Oh yea, and I tried to run ISC JWW. This was intense because it was an official ISC tryout for people trying to win a spot for AKC world team tryouts.  If you won both JWW and Standard, you get an automatic spot. We werent trying for that. But they had a Rep there making sure the course was set up right.
One thing she, the Rep,  did  say was  the committee was meeting in February  and they were going to try to come up with a plan for the new class, I think its call Premier. (It will not replace ISC)  But what they are going to look at, is if you get 25 Premier Q's ( and that's just a number she pulled out of her hat. Its not an official number , so don't anyone freak out), that it will be another way to earn going to Agility Nationals.  You would have to pick either the Premier path or the regular 500 points and 5 double Q's and what ever else (I cant remember what it is).  You can do both, it you want and then which ever one you hit your qualifications on first, that's the one you send in.
Anyway here is the course map of the ISC jumpers run. (we made a mess of it.) I tried to FC after 3. I was late and that's all she wrote.  When I set it up at home, I had to blind between 3-4 or I never made it no matter how big of a lead out I took.

This pass weekend I went to Charleston for some run thurs that a club was putting on. Wow, did a lot of people show up. So that was good. Made it feel like a real trial.  Of course Java didn't stop on the dogwalk or the teeter the first time thur. Then once I put her back on, to show her what I wanted. The next time thru , she got it. I don't know how long its going to take for her to get this. Im beginning to wonder why Im doing this. The teeter, she needs to learn to stop. I just don't get what Im doing wrong.
Afterwards we went to the beach. It was a nice sunny day. Which we seem to have few of these days.

Look how big this crab leg was. Man it would take your toe off.

And this is Miley being embarrassed by her mom because the beach patrol guy came and told us we couldn't be on this end of the beach. The dogs can only be 1000 feet pass the entrance.  Well try putting up a bigger sign that people can actually see.   (He was nice about it).

So here is some video from today of me working Java's contacts. I was thinking if I had her do both running and 20/20, that maybe she would start to understand..

I hate to talk about club stuff but Im at the end of my rope.  They ordered new matting for the back of the building. Right now we only had thick matting in the front two rooms. But those rooms are small and you really cant do agility in them. You can set up maybe 2 or three jumps and a tunnel. My biggest problem with it, is the matting is slippery.  My dogs always slip on it and not just a little bit.  The club is spending a lot of money on new matting and they are putting in the same matting that they put in the front two rooms.  Why or why didn't they ask the club members what they thought of the matting we have already.  So now there will be a big room with matting in it  but still useless to the agility people like me, who's dogs run fast. If you dog isn't running, they wont slip but that isn't the case for my dogs. I just don't understand why they just made the decision. Apparently the board got together an made the decision.   Im over working so  hard for a club that doesn't even include its members on decisions that have a big impact on the clubs money and dogs.
  Then this lady that asked to be on the agility committee last time around and we put her on.  At the trial, on the last day, her dog kept going to the edge of the ring, during her run, and staring down a dog at the practice jump. He did it several times. Im not sure if she pulled her dog or the judge whistle her out. But she was upset. Which I get. She went and put her dog in the car and left. I figured she was just going to take her dog home and then come back. I mean, she is on the committee.   Well come to find out, she didn't come back and she was in charge of getting the judges their meals. She never told anyone she was leaving and could they take over her job and that she wasn't coming back. So no one knew the judges lunches were covered until a judge asked a handler if they would mind getting her lunch. Ugh!!.  The lady never came back , never told the trial chair she was leaving. Not even after the trial did she say she was sorry she left. And didn't help with clean up at the end of Sunday either.  This was very upsetting to me. Then I get an email today, saying thank you to her for providing and severing lunch all weekend for our club's obedience trial.  WTH???  See, Im just so over everything.
And last but not least, Mickey's skin infection still isn't cleared up after 6 straight weeks of Abx.  I had his Thyroid checked too.  Its still low after being on Thyroid medication for 6 weeks. It went from .5 to .6 .   So the double his Thyroid medication. We will do a skin culture  next week after he has been of abx for a week.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Start the year with a trial

I went to an AKC trial in Raleigh , NC the first weekend in January.  They were running  special events. They were having a top dog competition and Team competitions.  It was a fun raiser  and your team picked what ever charity you wanted to donate to.  You got pledges from people based on how many points you earned during the weekend. Then the pledges said the would give you 25cent a point you earned.  I didn't do team. I tried to get my friends to do a team but I think they just didn't understand team. At the end, they said to me, "We should have done team" .  LOL 
They were also running ISC jumpers and Standard during the weekend, along with FAST and T2B. 

Friday Miley was on fire and got 3 Q's.  Whoohoo. I was so excited. I thought we might have a chance to make it to the Top Dog Finals.  But then Saturday morning, in  jumpers, she dropped so many bars , it was scary.  I pulled her for the rest of the day.  I was so worried about her but also sad that we wouldn't be able to try for the top dog run.  On Sunday morning they posted the dogs that made the finals and Miley was so close. We only missed by a couple of points. I think they picked 4 dogs for 12 inch and she was the 5th dog. Ugh!!   When I got to the site that morning, the trial chair came to me and said there had been a mistake with the points and Miley made it in to the finals. Whoohoo!!  Now, how would she do with jumping. Would she crash a bunch of bars????  I was very nervous about the run because I wasn't sure she was up to it. 

I just went for it in the run. No baby sitting anything.  She dropped only one bar and it was my fault.  She did get called on the a-frame contact and the teeter. ( both unusual for her).  Makes me think she is sore.  I had already planned for her to take a 2month break after this trial, and this just confirms that it is the right decision.  It would have been nice to win but I wasn't really expecting that.  I was just happy to be running and that she didn't crash any jumps.  4leggedflix was there filming all weekend. There was also live feed for anyone who wanted to watch. Well they were nice enough to give you a free copy of  your run , for any dog that made it in the Top Dog finals. That was so nice of them.  They also plan to match the donations made to their site to watch the live feed and give it to a dog charity ( I cant remember how they chose the charity. It had to do with the winners and who tge winners picked). You could watch the live feed free but they asked that you donated money based on how much feed you watched.  So if you watched but didn't donate , you might want to consider it.

Java didn't do well this weekend.  She couldn't finish weave poles and for some weird reason, she just kept taking the wrong tunnel entrance. Even if it didn't seem like the other end was a choice. ( did see that I kept turning my shoulders away from her, which makes your dog fling  the other way. You should turn your shoulders into your dog)  So we hardly  had any points to make it into Top Dog Finals. I had entered her in T2B on Sunday morning. They were using T2B like a challenger run. If you won, you earned a spot into the finals.  Java had a freaking awesome run. Did all the weaves and got the correct tunnel entrance.   The only thing that happened was  after putting her into the tunnel, I needed to run and start cueing the turn off the a-frame before she hit the down ramp of the a-frame. But the judge was in my path to cue the jump after the aframe. So now I couldn't see the jump and I couldnt pull my dog with a running a-frame. I had to go around the judge on the inside.  I think the judge was just use to everyone staying close to the a-frame to make sure their dog hit the contact. But if I did that Java would have taken the jump straight in front of the a-frame.
So we missed jump #10.  I could have fix it but I just wanted to  keep the flow and she was running so nice.   She had the fastest time but she missed the jump. I still think she would have made the finals even with the extra time to get that jump.

  We stayed with a friend her in new, to her, RV.  I don't think my dogs liked being so close to her dogs. We shared hotel rooms lots of times but this seemed different. My dogs didn't even want to go in the RV at times. (Poor dogs).

This is Miley , the first night. She is on the dash board, I guess to stay away from everyone. (My friend has little dogs. She had 4 there  to show and then 3 puppies. I guess that was a lot for my dogs to have to deal with)

 I cant remember which night this was. I think my dogs were to tired to care if there were a lot of little dogs in the RV.

Sunday my dogs did well at the trial.  Like I said, Java couldn't get correct tunnel entrances or finish weave poles all weekend. So frustrating.

I guess I better watch myself with bringing my hands up with frustration. Otherwise that will become a stress signal to my dog.

So after all that, Sunday, she had a beautiful Standard run. (And the T2B run which I already posted).

That was so exciting and we took 2nd place.  Of course I had to go see if I got called on anything first. LOL  Sometimes its hard to know when you are running.

I missed most of Sunday's walk thur for 12 inch JWW. I was out walking the dogs and Java had to poop.  When we trail, she can never just go.  Its a process. Walk back and forth and back and forth. The start to go, then decided that's not the right spot and start walking back and forth through the same area. Ugh!!   Its not something you can get done fast. I knew I had to be missing the walk-thru.  When I got in the door, by friend just took my leashes and I went down to the ring. I had 35 seconds. I walked it twice , real fast.  It was a twisty course, easy to get turned around. I didn't run it the fastest way for my dog, I wouldn't have rear crossed so much but we got it done , without going off course. Yay!!

I messed up with Java.  She didn't have stellar start lines this weekend. Ugh. I knew she was over things on Sunday.  I should have done the beginning the same way I did Miley. But then I thought, "She'll stay".  Nope, she didn't, so we were off course in the beginning. Ugh!! So much for a double Q.   LOL

The big negative for the weekend was dogs barking. It was unbelievable. I had already moved my creating area twice , to try to get away from it. These dogs just barked and barked.  Even with the cages covered.  It was a loud, ear piercing bark. So many times, my friend and I had to go to the other end of the building so we could hear what we were saying to each other.  One time, the people were are just standing next to the dogs, just barking away. They didn't do anything to stop it. How were they hearing each other to talk???  I did put my dogs in the car a couple of times to give them a break from all the barking.  ( I was able to park behind the building. There were only 4 car spots there. I don't think to many people knew about the spots. I could see my car from my crating area, so I didn't feel like it was unsafe. Plus it was enclosed by fencing. ) The other negative was it rained all weekend.  It didn't get really bad until Sunday.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas and trials

For Christmas, well the weekend before Christmas, we drove to Savannah.  Everyone in our family had things they wanted to do for Christmas, so they wanted to meet the weekend before. That didn't quit work for me but we made it work. I had to cancel my seminar on Saturday with Loretta Mueller. Than to beat all, I woke up vomiting on Friday, and had to cancel the one day of the seminar that I could do. Ugh!!! 
The drive to Savannah was rough. It usually takes us 3 hours and it took us 5 with traffic.  We had a good time. We played a  game called "Heads Up" with Stephanie's cell phone. It was fun.  We didn't really buy gifts. But we did do a white elephant exchange.   We left that night to drive home. My son had to work and I left the dogs at home.  (both my  nieces brought their cats, so its a good thing I didn't bring my dogs).   It was a rough drive home. We kept having to switch drivers, but we made it.

Then actual Christmas , we spent at home.  Our neighbors invited us over for Christmas dinner. It was very nice.

Then  on Friday, I went to Perry Ga for a USDAA trial.  Last year the trial was freezing and windy. So windy , it almost blew Miley's feet out from under her. I remember thinking, "What am I doing here?".  But this year is was warm. It felt so nice outside.

 I entered Miley in Team. On Friday we started at 7:30am. We walked team standard and Team gamblers and then ran both.

Miley was awesome and took 1st place.   She took 2nd in gambles.   Of course I some how deleted my videos for Saturday. So no video's of any Q's.  That figures.  Java had a pretty Advance jumpers run with 1st place. I cant remember what happened in Miley's PIII Standard run but we didn't Q.   Java missed the DW contact in standard. (Ive  been changing Java to a 20/20 , but she didn't stop on any contacts at the trial. She didn't even think about it).   We had Steeplechase, I just entered Java.
We were awesome on this run.  So many dogs went into the tunnel after 5 but Java read it perfectly.  Then I messed up. I was so worried I was going to push to hard after 8 and send her off course to 2, that I didn't push hard enough and she missed 8 and then took the backside of it. Ack!  the rest was perfect.  She probably would have taken first place if I hadn't screwed that up. Ugh!!  (Im so mad that I deleted this video. )    I actually think we ran Grand Prix first and then steeplechase. 

Here is the grand Prix course map.

Lots of people ran the outside of the tunnel. But I figured I could never beat Java to the end of that. So I  FC between 2 and 3 and it worked fine.  Our only mistake was she missed the dogwalk contact. ACK!!

We left at 8:30 pm and some people we still running. what a tiring day. But they put a lot of classes into the day. So if you didn't enter all that , it wouldn't be bad.

Then next day started again at 7:30am again.
First up was Team Snooker and Team jumpers.

 Miley was doing great and then for some weird reason, after she finished 6B and I was sending her to 6A and she flew off to the tunnel. Tweet. Silly Miley.

Then was Team jumpers.

The hard part was 10 to 11. many dogs went off course into the tunnel, including Miley. I was planning to front cross after the broad jump. I started to drive in for the FC and then chickened out. so my rear was late and she took the tunnel. After watching the video, I could have made it. I wimped out.  And then E'ed.  You never want to E in Team. It kills your score. Better to drop bars, miss contacts and get refusals, that only adds time to you score.

Talk about dropped bars....   Miley DID NOT drop one bar all weekend. Whoohoo!!!!!  I have no idea why sometimes she drops bars and other times doesn't.  But she was on fire this weekend.

PIII standard, no Q. Ugh!!  I have not idea why she freaked out and ran a loop around the ring. Once she came back, she was perfect. Ugh!! So he called a refusal on me but  he wasn't calling a lot of refusal. I saw some sheltie spin and not take the jump in front of her 3 times (the same jump) and he didn't call a refusal. I thought maybe you don't get refusal in team . My friend sitting next to me said the same  thing. Then we saw the next dog get a refusal, so who knows. 

Java ran  starters standard on Sunday.  She gets to the table and just stands there.  She has been trained to do an automatic down on the table. She wouldn't down. Then you see my arms go up and I said "really" to her. LOL, after that she went into a down.  I really thought she hit the dogwalk contact but he called it . ugh.  Well never get out of starters. LOL

Next was Biathlon jumpers.

Oh yes and Java's big accomplishment  was no broken start lines. Whoohoo.  It was 30 feet from jump #1 to jump #2. I even asked someone else how far they thought it was and they said about 30 feet.  I went almost to the second jump before I released her.  That's the biggest lead out that Ive done with her. Yay Java!!! I thought I had her coming over Jump #2 and I turned my head and she cut behind me. Ack, so off course. Bummer.

This was a tough little course.   missed the weave pole entry and the dogwalk contact.  Then off course after 18. I wanted to front cross after 16 but didn't make it.

Last up was team Relay.  My partner E'd but Miley rocked her side. Whoohoo!!  It was the  hardest Team course Ive seen so far.  Sorry, I cant find the map.
We finished at 7:30 at night. I really wanted to go home. It was a rough drive. There is one part of the drive, about 1 hour, that is back roads.  It had rained and there was fog. A trucker passed me on a two lane road, double yellow line, up hill. I was doing the speed limit of 55. I thought we might get killed. You couldn't see if someone was coming because we were going up a  hill and then into a valley. Dumb trucker.  I slowed way down and no one came in the opposite direction, thank god.   I had to stop at a rest area around 10:30 and slept for 15 minutes. That still didn't help. Then I stopped at an all night McDonalds.  Thank goodness, that helped. I got home a MN. Safe and sound.

Lots of good things happening with my dogs as far as agility.  Im going to another trial this weekend. What was I thinking???  I feel like Im still not recovered from this pass weekend. Oh, well. Off we go!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ground hog day

I love that movie, "Ground Hog Day".   That's how I feel right now. Same day over and over again. Ugh!! 
Ive been thinking of backing off all the stuff I do with the club. I don't want to teach classes anymore. Most of our group, the co-op class, has fallen apart. 3 people have moved and there are really just two other people that come all the time. Others only come if its warm.   Its a fun class. I set up a standard course and we all try to run it. Then we help each other on the places were things go wrong. Not sure why more people don't come.   If we have time, we change the course and run it again.  You can run more than one dog.  Anyway, who knows why people don't come.
I was at the field for a class last Wednesday and no one showed up. Some of the people I knew they weren't coming. But the one lady, who always comes, didn't show up. Usually she text me and lets me know.   It was ok, I ran my dogs and worked on areas that I needed to improve.  I finished early and these people start showing up. So I told them that we usually have a class at the field  on Wednesday but it just so happens , no one showed up. They were kind mean about the whole thing. Telling me that  "so and so" at the club told them they could use the field. They are having a class. I tried to tell them that Ive had this class here for the past year, every Wednesday night. But they were just kinda rude about the whole thing.  So I contacted everyone in the class and we decided not to have class again until January. So I sent the one girl a  message that we canceled our class on Wednesdays , so they can have the field. She never answered me. Geeez! You're welcome!

Ive been thinking about dropping Miley down to 8 inches. Here is a video of her running 8 inches. I just don't want her to get hurt crashing bars at 12 inches. Do you think she looks better jumping 8 inches?

Here are some pictures I took last month. Im not sure if I posted them on Facebook or not.

Mickey has had a skin infection since the beginning of October.  It has gotten better. He started with sores all over his body.  I think I washed him every day in October with this special shampoo. And I think it went into November.  Now its the middle of December, and it never completely went away, but now its getting worse again.  The places that didn't heal, were under is arms,  his abdomen and groin area.  So I took him back to the vet. Back to washing him everyday. This time we are doing oral antibiotics. (Last time he got two shots , two weeks apart).   Now his has to take 1 cc of antibiotic three times a day. ( for the next 6 weeks).   They decided to check his thyroid since he cant get over this skin problem. His Thyroid level came back low. It was .5.  They had to order his dose, I guess because he is so little. It suppose  to come tomorrow.   All I do is give medications. Here is the schedule.
5am: Mickey 1 cc of antibiotic
         Miley  eye drops
7am : Mickey 1/2 a cc of phenobarbital
          Miley eye ointment
          Miley  1/2 of tablet of Oxybutin
          Guiness 1/2 tablet of synthroid
4pm: Mickey 1 cc of antibiotic
8pm : Mickey 1/2 cc of phenobarbital
           Miley 1/2 tablet of oxybutin
          Miley 1/2 tablet of Amitriptyline
          Miley eye ointment
         Guiness 1/2 tablet of synthroid.
10pm: Mickey 1 cc of antibiotic

Wow, its a lot. Plus give Mickey a bath. Ack!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not sure

We had a nice hike today. It was freezing outside but I went anyway.  My fitbit has been acting crazy for some weird reason. It says I walked thousands of step when Im in my house doing nothing. And then after hiking for 2 hours, it said I didn't do anything.  Ugh.  But that was on the Fitbit Dashboard on my phone.  When I took the fitbit out and looked at it, it said I walked 10,000 steps.  The Dashboard said I was 15,000 steps before I even hiked. SO I think I got it fixed. At least I hope so.

I know I haven't been blogging  much. I keep meaning to and then I just don't seem to. So over the last month I've made some jumps.

I also rubberized my dogwalk. Ugh, what a pain that was. Removing all the paint and then sanding it down. The slats on the dogwalk are imbedded in the plank.  Which makes it hard to get the rubber to stick to the slats. Ugh. I did the ramps one at a time.  The first one, I didn't do a good job on. So there are gaps around the slats, between the rubber and the plank. So the next one I did a better job on. I cut 1/2 pvc poles up and put them on each side of the slats. And then tied them down with bungee cords and put weights on top.

If you look to the ramp behind this one. And look to the right, you can see the gap that formed around the slat.  It didn't happen with this new method. LOL

Its finally finished and out of the garage. Just in time for it to be freezing cold outside. And now my car is back in the garage.
See that dark, depressing sky. Yea, we've had a lot of those days. Ugh.  Im struggling to stay happy or at least not depressed.  I think Im spending to much time alone.  My husband works all the time. I havnt talked to him in several days.  My son is here but he isnt much of a talker so it feels like you live alone. And I work a job where Im in a office all by myself.  Its down the hall and inside another office. So I don't see anyone or hear anyone.  Don't get me wrong, my job is much better than it was last year but  its still lonely.  The girl that took over my old job has a second nurse with her almost always. I hardly ever had a second nurse when I worked there.. Even when I was seeing 50-70 kids a day. Ugh!!
Then we were going to go to my mom's house for Christmas.  My sister sent me an email saying could we go the weekend before Christmas and that my brother is going to go that weekend.   Well I cant go because I signed up for a Loretta Mueller seminar. So I guess I wont see them for Christmas. If they had told me sooner. Ack!! 
Then, Im already feeling really bad about my handling of  my dogs. I just feel like Im not getting any better. Plus I started working on some foundation stuff and not around agility equipment. Ive been doing it in my house. Some how it effected how my dogs did at the show I just went to.  Java, who only has ever done a down on the table, did a sit and wouldn't go down (on Saturday). And Miley did the same thing. WTH??  And Java was very unsure of herself. You will see in the video, she keeps head checking.   Someone who is an agility teacher in the area, came to the show on Sunday. She was there to get her dogs a message.  Well this guy says to  me, "Is Meagan here to run you dogs?" and was kind of smiling and small laughter. I felt like he was saying, Because you suck, you had to ask Meagan to run you dogs.  Im sure he didn't mean it that way but it was so hard not to take it personally. I know I need thicker skin. Then this person came to the field last night. I was suppose to have a class that Im in charge of. I set up a standard course and then we all help each other with problem areas.  Well no one showed up. I worked my dogs on some things. Then this person shows up and said they are having a class. (they aren't suppose to be holding a class because my class is suppose to have the field. but that's another story).  We start talking and she has a really good dog she wants to start training for agility but there is no way she would take a class from anyone at our club because they all are horrible. Gee thanks.  I think Im good enough to train foundation stuff and the beginning of handling.  So that hurt my feelings. She mush of realized what she said and tried to back pedal.  She said the only person she would take a class from is A. C.  I did tell her that that person is thinking of teaching so maybe she will get to work with her.
I went to an agility trial about 3 hours from home.  Its an indoor trial but its in a barn and kinda cold.  They have heaters but they are only one side of the barn. Its the opposite side of where you crate your dogs.  Saturday was cold and rainy.  I put Java in FAST and ISC jumpers.  So I could pull her if she broke her stay. She didn't break. Yay!!   ISC jumpers was fun with Java. (I should have set up my video camera but I didn't. Shoot. I will do it next time).
Miley's run was horrible. She dropped 3 bars and crashed  jump #8. So I stopped the run. Its kind of a dark arena. If you look at the video, its really grainy. Which makes me think there isn't enough light for Miley.  (On Java's video, her ISC standard run was filmed using a tri-pod. It looks much better. Not grainy). 
Java's run was much better. The only thing that happened was I stayed to the right of 1-3. I thought she wasn't reading coming into me over Jump 3. So I really decelerated to a stop and then I was late going to 4. I think she either went around the jump and then back jumped. I cant remember. But after that , she was perfect. Well, she was perfect , I wasn't. I was able to send to the tunnel and really get ahead of her coming out of the tunnel. I should have  FC or Blinded. But I didn't. And I was so far ahead, that my RC was late and she turned to the left and had  turn around and go right.
So after Miley did terrible in ISC jumpers, I was worried she was hurt.  But she ran Master Jumpers perfected and Qed.  It made me think, either there wasn't enough light in the morning or I didn't warm her up enough. Her and Java's runs were really close together. Plus it was really cold.  And I know I didn't give her enough of a warm up.
 Miley Qed in JWW. Then we ran standard. It was weave poles, chute and jump. Up to that, she had been perfect. And she is almost done with the poles and I thoght, "Hey we might double".  Bam!!  she pulled out of the poles. LOL, that's what I get for loosing concentration.
Java's jumpers run was weird. She just head checked so much. I wasnt sure how to handle the line of jumps to the tunnel. So I was late after sending her to the tunnel and how she knew to go to the weaves with me running at her, Ill never know. She should have turned left with what my motion was telling her. It was a weird run and she missed a jump.

ISC standard

I ran Miley first.  She went off course into the wrong tunnel entrance. Most of the dogs did. There were only 2 q'S out of everyone who ran.   So with Java, I had to plan to shape her turn over #5. They blast out of the chute and are heading away from the jump. So when they turn to come back to you, it sets a perfect line to the wrong tunnel entrance. (I don't know why I cant see this stuff before I run). So with Java I was going to shape the turn so that she it going to the correct tunnel entrance. And I shaped it to much and she took the a-frame. LOL

The next day ,when I came in early, it seemed kinda dark to me in the barn. I noticed the lights over the bleachers aren't on. I wonder if they weren't on yesterday morning when Miley had so much trouble keeping the bars up. What was the difference  that caused the problems. She ran ISC jumpers and dropped lots of bars and crashed. Then in the same ring, ran Master jumpers and she didn't have any trouble. I went and talked to the person in charge. I asked a bunch of questions. Are the lights on timers (no), were the lights over the bleachers off yesterday morning when we first started running (he didn't know. but he manually turns the lights on). Maybe they were off and someone turned them on during the day????  He did go turn the rest of the lights on before we started running. Did it make a difference?  I don't know. She dropped one bar in Master JWW and one in T2b.  So  Im not sure.  Someone elses dog to a bad crash in ISC jumpers too. Could it had been the light. You see how grainy the video is.

Im putting in this run with Miley because I liked how when I took the leash off and she is just looking up a me waiting. (No trying to break a start line , like she usually does).

Being on facebook can also sometimes be depressing. Just some of the post and stuff. Then did you see where AKC put out their possible agility changes?  Its going to cost the club money if it goes through. We will have to buy two new 20 inch tunnels, since dark tunnels will be out.  (I don't get this change at all. They say because dogs have trouble with dark tunnels. Well what about the chute?  Its really dark and they cant see at all????)  Then changing the broad jump to 8 inch boards. Well of course we have 6 inch boards.  Then this one is just recommended. Jumps with out the wings attached. Whats up with that. If they make that one, not just a recommended change, that will cost us a fortune. After reading all this, it gets me all upset. I know it silly but it does. The club doesn't make a lot of money off trials. We use to but now with lots of clubs having shows and upping the amount of shows clubs can have, we just don't make much.

P.S My husbands ears must have been burning because he just called.