Monday, October 5, 2015

The big flood

Sorry I havent been posting.  I never even finished the post on Java's 2 double Qs. LOL  Then there was our clubs trial. Ugh. What a lot of work.  So I was trial chair again, because no one would do it and I had already hired the judges. I was in charge of the judges and the equipment. I think all of this took me over the edge.  Because by the next Tuesday, I had quit the agility committee.  I told them I would help for the Spring trials but then Im done. Why??  Because I always have to find people to fill the position and every time someone quits, I have to find someone else. And if I dont find someone, I have to do their job. Im so over it.
It started raining on Sept 24th, the day of set-up for the trial.

 It poured that day.  Blowing into the covered arena.

Then the water started flooding into the dirt arena.  Ack!!.  So we sandbagged and created dirt damns.  It worked pretty well.
On the positive, the dirt surface was the best its ever been. Im not sure , but it looks like they added new dirt to the surface. I also told them I need them to turn the dirt down 6 inches. They kept telling me they usually only go down an inch. I told them that was a big problem for the dogs.  The top dries and the dirt underneath is rock hard and dogs start slipping and get injured.  So they went down 6 inches. It was great !!  The only problem was the rain. It continued to rain all weekend.  It was blowing in on the one side, so that edge was getting soppy. We had to have the judge move the table because it couldn't stand up straight.  The next day, we moved the ring  out 5 feet, at the center. So no more deep mud.
I only got a few Qs.  Java and Miley both got jumpers Qs. Java got a FAST Q and and T2B Q.  Miley would have had a couple of more Qs but always dropped one bar.

This was my favorite run. I cant believe I made that blind cross at the dogwalk.  To bad I mess up at the tunnel. Ugh.

The freaking teeter is still a problem, although she did have a few good ones. But then some really bad fly offs too.

So the rain started on Sept 24 and its still raining today. The rain over the weekend turned into a massive flood here in Columbia , South Carolina and the surrounding areas.  It was suppose to start Friday and then Saturday.  We had rain on and off but no 10 inches. I kept thinking they didnt know what they were talking about. But Saturday night and into Sunday morning, I kept walking up to the pounding rain on the roof. I knew the rains had come.  And they just kept coming. In a very short time we had 8 inches of rain. Small damns just kept breaking and peoples homes and businesses flooded.

Our yard flooded a little. I usually have the dogwalk where that water is. So my husband and I went out and moved it because the yellow contacts were underwater.  The guy behind me has an in-ground pool.  He must not have emptied it  and it was running off into our yard.

The rest of these pictures were not taken by me.
This was taken by the Irmo Chapin Rec Commission.  This is Saluda Shouls park, that I walk the dogs at almost every day.  It has flooded before but not like this.  This is the entrance  to the park. That's a lot of flooding.

This is a house in Coldstream subdivision, not to far from me.

This is one of the two roads that leads to the Clubs agility field.  We are pretty sure the agility field was under water during this event.  It has a pond right next to it that is also controlled by damns. But not the same damn that caused this road to wash out.

This is a club member's house. They had just refinished doing the floors in their house.

This picture was taken by Shanon Huffman. This is ext 5 off I-77. You cant even see its a huge intersection. This is the exit to go to our club's building. Its also one exit after Amazon.  My son has been called off work the last two days. There are curfews at night here. Im not sure if Amazon had flooding or not, but workers have been told to stay home and that NEVER happens.
This lady checked our clubs building. Its flooded before but this time its really bad. The whole building flooded.  We had rolled up all the new mats in the back room and stacked them up. Not sure it helped. We sandbagged the doors but I guess that didnt help either. I had left the agility electronic equipment in the closet there. Usually its on the floor but I had put it all on the 3rd and 4th shelf. I hope its ok. Now I feel like I should have taken it home.

This picture I took off the television.  It shows the flooding across I-77. Just crazy.  People kept driving through flooded roads and there were so many rescues.

This was Shady Grove rd, not to far from my house.

This is why some of the highways are closed over the bridges. The water is all the way up to the top.  So trees and trash are hitting the bridges and causing problems. One tree hit the bridge and came over the top. So if cars had been going over when the tree hit, it would have been bad.

 This is Kings Grant, from WIS new, I cant believe this place is underwater.

This is also not far from my house. It all depends on where you live if you were flooded.

Here we are trying to fix the leaking roof again The tarp blew off.

In good news, its suppose to be sunny tomorrow. In bad news we had a trip to the beach , in the rv, planned.  We were going to see  Stephanie too. All that had to be canceled.  I know , based on everything that is going on, this is minor. But I was really looking forward to Lou and I having some time together.  Ugh.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The nicest comment ever!!!!

Im taking an online class at Agility University.  Here was a comment made, by the instructor, about my vidoe.

"5th & 6th reps - I said DANG so loud (and twice) on the 5th rep that I woke up my dogs and then came to check on me haha!!!! I REALLY liked the blinds here - really nice turn at 3 on the blind and also you did a blind to the outside of 5... (that is called a Japanese turn if you like names haha) - gorgeous and fast and in control of the run!"

How freaking aweseome is that!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

2 Double Q's

Last weekend we went to an agility trial in Ga.  Of course my RV had been in the shop for 3 weeks. I had a long list of things I wanted them to work on. I picked it up the Friday , a week before the trial. I parked it at my RV storage site.  The next day I went to put some stuff back in it and there was a couple of inches of water in the shower. (the rv sits on a slight grade, so  the water was away from the drain or I would have never noticed it)  So I cleaned it all up and it rained again the next night. I checked the RV and water was in the shower again. Ugh, there is a leak.  When I had brought it to the shop, I asked them to check the roof. Nothing was leaking but you should have your roof inspected once a year.  They had to change out a vent topper that had 2 screws broken off. That vent wasnt near the shower. Now I had a leak, a big leak.  Lou went on the roof but we couldnt find it. So I took it back in to the RV shop Monday night. I called Wednesday and they said it took them a while but they found the leak. The skylight , that is over the shower so you can see in the shower, was cracked.  Hmmmm wonder how that happened?  Anyway they said they had to order the skylight and they didnt know when it would be ready. Ugh, I needed it Thursday because I was leaving for a trial and had paid for a spot.  I was kind of getting mad, so I called Thursday morning and said I would be there at 11:30am to get my RV whether is was done or not. The lady was kind upset and said I cant take it if its leaking. I told her it was just leaking into the shower, so it isnt hurting anything and I will bring it back Monday. So I get there at 11:30 and its all done. They replaced the skylight and it was good to go.   I drove to Ga and as soon as I parked it poured down rain. No leaks!!  Yea.

The trial was very very small. It was suppose to be a 2 ring trial but they had to change to a one ring trial and cancel a judge.  So because of the way they set the schudule it was 5-6 hours between Master standard and Master jumpers.  Even though they set up two rings, the judge went back and forth between the rings. They did Master standard, then open jww, then open standard, then novice jumpers then novice standard and then Masters jww.  It wasnt that big of a deal, its not like I would go anywhere anyway but still that was a long wait for the dog to run. It was so small of a trial that 4, 8, 12 and 16 walked together.

After the rain storm Thursday, there was a rainbow.
There was lots of grass to walk the dogs and horse rings to let dogs run around.

Master standard Friday
 Java had a beautiful run until I  messed up and she went wide at 17 and then got a refusal at 18. Ugh, so close. And what a nice teeter!!
Miley dropped the  bar at 17 . Both errors at 17, so it must be me.

Next up was JWW

Miley ran so nice all weekend.  Just little things went wrong but no stress in the ring and no weird jumping.  This was probably the nicest weekend of running Miley has ever had. She only Qed in T2B on Friday and Saturday but it was still a really nice weekend.
After T2b on Friday, I signed Java up for a practice class of Premier standard. Java had a beautiful run. It would have been Q, if it had counted.

Ok, Im not going to finish this tonight because its taking to long to upload the video's to YouTube. Ugh

This weekend I went to Aiken and gave some private lesson for beginner agility students.  It was awesome.  I felt like I really helped them with there problems and learning new things.
I also gave a group lesson to people who are in Masters. I told them I really didnt feel like I helped them, plus it was hot has heck by the time their lesson came about. It was sunny and 91 degrees.  But it was a very cheap group lesson. It was at this lady's field. She owns 7 acres.  She is so lucky.

It use to be a church's baseball field. So it has real bathrooms and water and electricity.  Her agility field is fenced in and its a huge field.  Its big enough for 2 agility set ups!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trialing again

It was up in Morrisville NC.  Ive been there before, a couple of years ago.  I did remember the cool park they have, that is close to the trial site.  Its called Crabtree park. Its a very nice and huge park. Lots of trails and grass and water.

I wish I had gotten there sooner, so I could have spent more time there. I stayed for 1 1/2 hours, until they closed.  It just wasnt long enough.

So we started out Friday with FAST.   Miley was crazy  and flew off the teeter. WTH??  I had to put her on 3 times to get her to stop.  So we didnt  even have time to do the send.  Java didnt get the send.

She took the backside of the second jump. I couldnt have gotten that if I really needed it. LOL  I think I stepped away from the line to soon, so I could push into her. It it caused her to pull into me and then when I pushed her back out, she got the back side. LOL

Friday Just wasnt our day. Both my dogs had trouble. Plus I wasnt feeling to well. My feet and lower legs just ached so bad. I have not idea why. It hurt to walk. So I finally took some medication and then I was so tired, I just wanted to go back to the hotel. My friend convinced me to stay for T2B.  I had only entered Java in that. And she did great and Qed and took 1st place.

It was easy but sometimes you need easy to get yourself together.

Saturday was a new day.  Started with FAST again.  Miley was close but dropped a bar in the send.  Java Qed and had some nice teeters too. (Not the first one but after that).

My friend and I had a hard time taping each other. It seemed like she was in one ring while I was in the other.

Next up was standard. Im not sure why but the Q rate on the course was horrible.

Lots of dogs went wide from 11 and took 15 instead of the a-frame. There was something else but I cant remember what it was.
Miley had lots of trouble. She was just weird all weekend.  Im not sure what it was. She did vomited in her crate once on Friday. Saturday she seemed ok.

Java's run was awesome.  She lost to a really fast sheltie by 1.5 seconds. Ugh!

I really wanted  a double Q.

I had planned to front cross between 6 and 7 but I didnt make it. I hadnt planned to bc after 9 but I just decided to since I had time. But I think this messed me up because I turned my shoulders the wrong way put her into the wrong end of the tunnel. Ugh!! So close!!

It was a tough drive home. Not sure why, I was just so tired.  Not sure why because I had fallen asleep the night before at 9pm and slept all night.  I did get a good book on tape called "Nemesis" by Catherine Coulter.  Ive read her FBI books before. They are pretty good. She also writes romance novels but Ive never read those.

Friday, August 21, 2015

New Hampshire, post #2

This was my favorite picture from Lake Winnipesaukee.  It was taken the morning we left at 5am.  We never saw the sun rise because my sister's house faces west.  So we had to stop and take pictures.

This is my second favorite picture.

The water is very clear at the lake.   Can you see the fish? 

They still have muscles in the lake. When we were kids , we would snorkel and collect tones of these in a little rubber boat. Then we would dump them all back into the late.

An this was my favorite food.  Hot butter lobster sandwich. I could have eaten that every day. Yum!!!
We road the boat over to Weirs beach. When we were kids , we loved to go to Weirs beach. There was this big arcade there and we would play duck pin bowling.   We didn't walk over to the pier to see if it was still there.
Here is the big boat, The Mount Washington.  We loved to see it come by and jump in the water for the 4 big waves to come. LOL

These wooden boats use to be all over the lake when we were kids.  Now they are special and you don't see to many anymore. This one was beautiful!

Bottoms up!!!  LOL

I loved the baby ducks the would come around to all the docks several times a day.  I guess people feed them. I know we use to when I was a kid.  Now they remind me of my grandma. She live to feed the ducks too.  (we didn't feed them. Now I know bread isn't good for the ducks).

I liked to watch the baby ducks dive into the water. To bad I couldn't get underwater pictures. That would have been cool.

These are loons. If you saw the movie " On Golden Pond", you know about the loons. The dive underwater too. But they stay under for a while.

These must be another type of loon. They are brown.

Sorry, more duck pictures because they are so cute.

I was sitting on the dock ,early in the morning. I didn't see these ducks come up , but the did. Then they went to sleep on the grass.

This is my sisters dog. She is very cute.

Look how he grabs on with his back leg.

We don't have these red squirrels here in South Carolina.

We saw a bald eagle while we were out on the boat. It was hard to get a good picture. First off he was high up in the tree. And then the boat was rocking a lot.

You cant build houses on these little islands anymore but if you already had one, you can renovate it.  How do you think the toilets get emptied?  Im pretty sure they cant dump it in the lake.  Maybe they have a tank, and then a boat comes along and has to empty it.
Im surprised these peoples dock and boat house dosent get ripped apart in the winter when the lake freezes.  Most people have docks that they lift up in the winter.

This is my sisters back lawn. Nice!!

This humming bird was every cool. The first time I saw it , I was sitting on the dock. Ididnt have my camera. I heard this buzzing noise, and looked up and it was just starting at me. Like 2 feet from my face. It stayed a couple of minutes.  Darn, I didn't have my camera. But it came back a couple of days later and I got these cool pictures.

We also don't have chipmunks in Columbia SC.

This wasn't anyone I knew. I just took some pictures, hoping for something cool to happen. LOL

We went to Wolfeboro by boat one day. I very nice little town.  It look like a storm was coming , so we only stayed long enough to get ice cream.

You can drive you boat under there and there is place to park you boat back there. Looks kinda tight to me.

The end.