Monday, October 13, 2014

Seminar weekend!

I went this weekend to a Daisy Peel seminar.  I only did half a day on Saturday and then the whole day Sunday.  I left my house with plenty of time to get there. I was even planning on stopping to get lunch. Well there was an accident on the highway and we only moved 2 miles in 30 minutes. Ack!! Now I was going to be late because I did stop to go to the restroom. I got there about 5 minutes late. I felt bad but there was nothing I could do.
Saturday was on blind crosses.  Very fun!!.  I wish there had been a whole day on this.  Ok, I know most of you probably know this and Im the only person who didn't but here is goes.  Its what you do before you blind cross that cues the turn. OMG!!  LOL, I didn't know this.   So your lateral motion, or your deceleration ect. cues the turn. Good to know!!  LOL

Only 5 dogs were there, so we got a lot of running time and it was great!!!  After the day ended I drove down to my parents and spent the night. It was only an hour from the seminar so a lot closer than my house.
The next morning I made sure I had plenty of time to get there. I wasn't going to be late again!  I got there with no problem.  This day was on cueing combinations.  We aren't allowed to post any video from Sunday.  You would think I would  have been perfect since I had seen these before went I went out to Oregon  to the DP camp. But I wasn't. Ugh!!   One of Java's relatives was there too.  And then several other people I knew.  That was nice, to know people at the seminar.   Today was full with I think with 11 participants so not as much working time as yesterday but still nice.  It was nice out, until you were running. Then the sweating came on. LOL    I think Java has definitely improved since the last time I saw Daisy in person.  She is no longer driving all on her front and not stopping when asked.  Before if I stopped on course, she would just fly on by but now she engages here rear end and can stop.   (although still needs to be reminded sometimes). Several dogs had this problem at the seminar and they had to do the stopping on course thing and reward the dog if they actually stopped. We did one more very short easy set up at the end of the day. I was tired and just wanted to stop. So I didn't do well on an easy course. Ugh.  So Daisy suggested I listed to this book on tape called, "The Sports Gene".  (its not an agility book).  But she thought it would be insightful for me to read.  She said I have good foot work,  and motion and training on my dogs. I lack figuring out timing. When to do the footwork and the motion. (its true and Im not offended by this at all).  Ive never been good at any sport.  My timing was horrible. Always. Ugh.    Oh well, all I can do it keep working at it. I think I am getting better.  Miley finally got a double Q a couple of weeks ago and Java Qed all three runs on that last Saturday. So I hope Im going in the right direction.

I had new carpet put in my bedroom. Holy crap, what an ordeal that was.  I had no idea how much junk was in my bedroom. Then in the closet, they thought they could just remove this bar that was attached to the floor and the clothes would be ok. Nope, everything fell to the ground. Ugh!!  So now all the clothes had to be removed from the closet too.  What a lot of freaking work.

Its does look nice!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beach trial

I went down to Charleston for a USDAA trial.  I decided to go to the beach before the trial. They were running team first and then at the end of the day was Steeplechase and Grand Prix. I was only entered in Grand Prix and Steeplechase. It was suppose to thunderstorm all day but the weather held and didn't start raining until after I ran my last run. How lucky is that??

Anyway, we went to Beachwalker park.  Its a public beach on Kiawah island. They allow dogs. It was great to be at the beach but felt sad too. I really miss going to Seabrook island.  Its so peaceful and quiet.  This beach doesn't open until 9am. I like to be out on the beach at 6:30am -7am.   There were lots of people and dogs for the middle of the day.   Lots of off leash dogs who don't come when called. Ugh.   My dogs didn't really want to play they way the would at Seabrook. They just walked right next to me.  I finally  had to throw a pinecone to get them to start running.

No dolphins were out today.   After spending a few hours at the beach we drove to the trial site.

I just put all the video's of each dog together on one video. It was just easier that way.  Miley Qed in Speedjumping with one dropped bar. In Grand Prix I pushed her off the jump before the tunnel when I rear crossed.  Then next day , we got into the second round of Speedjumping.  I didn't get the front cross in before the A-frame and decided to blind after the a-frame. I pushed in and decided I didn't have enough time to blind. She read the blind, blinded and I didn't, so we went off course.  I didn't put the jumpers video in there. She was just kinda crazy, running her own course and we left the ring.
Gamblers was tough, at least I thought so.  But actually lots of dogs got it.  It was tough because of that tunnel being right there.

It was also hard because you had no momentum going into the gamble (the number 1 jump).  We were so close. We got all the way  through #3 but didn't take number 4.  Then in standard, it was a wrap to the DW from a tunnel. She came out of the tunnel and I thought she had the DW, I started running and she pulled away and came with me. Oops.

Java , in Grand Prix, she went around the first jump. Oops. Then I put a RC in the wrong place (at the tire), so it pulled her off a jump. But otherwise very nice run.  In Steeplechase, there was a 90 degree turn after the a-frame.  She didn't turn, I called her , she stopped right before taking the jump. I thought I had saved it. I turned to put her over the correct jump and she went back over the a-frame. Oops. LOL.  The next day she had a beautiful jumpers run with a dropped bar.  She got the gamble in Advance gamblers. Then the biggest surprise  was we Qed in standard.  I figured the judge called her teeter.  The judge was very tough on teeters  all weekend and it wasnt a perfect one. So after that I figured run like heck and see what happens.  When I watched the video the next morning, the judge didn't call the teeter and we Qed. WhoooHooo. We might get out of starters standard yet. LOL

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Im so mad at myself.  I took Miley out to the field last night to work.  I had been there earlier in the day. But after killing all the ants, moving the a-frame, dogwalk and teeter, then setting up the course I wanted to run, I was to hot.  So I went home and then drove back after 7pm, when the sun wasn't on the field.   Anyway, our club  has really old jumps at the field. I don't even know how old they are.  Probably from when agility first started.   Java had gotten hurt on one of these jumps in May. I thought maybe it was something I did, like a really late cue, and she got hurt. Which is what is still going on with her now. Hopefully we will get good news tomorrow on that.  Anyway, last night I ran Miley and she got hurt.  Her foot got stuck on the wingless jump stanchion feet.  I saw it happen. My husband felt like it was her trying to avoid the dropped bar. (I had forgotten to reset the bar).  Well, we were video taping and you can see her foot gets stuck. Ack!!

We stopped right then and there. I walked her around a little bit and no limping. I didn't let her do anything today. Hopefully she is ok.   I went back out to the field to bring the wagon and the a-frame mover back to the field. (the tires were flat, so I took them home to fix it).  I also took my 3 wingless jumps from home to the field. Im not using those stupid wooden  jumps ever again.  I took a picture of the bases of my wingless jump, and the clubs.  I was shocked to see the difference in the size of the base feet. I knew the clubs feet were bigger, I just didn't realize how much bigger. No  wonder my dogs are getting hurt.  Im going to have to talk to the club about getting new jumps.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rain, Rain go away!

    Yup, its been raining a lot!!  For 3 days.  Im over it.  And today is my last day off. Tomorrow its back to work. Ugh!!  Would have been nice to have one last nice day. Oh well, what can you do.
Java is still on rest. Well , no running or jumping. She is allowed leash walks.  She goes back next Monday to get an ultrasound. Im really hoping she is healed.
     Ive been doing a couple of on line classes. One is with Denise Fenzi, "Sensational Stays".  I really want Java to stay at the startline and on the table and teeter.  I hope this helps. I already found a hole in my training with this program. Now Im trying to fix it.  The other class is a learn on your own, with Kathy Keats, "Perfect Timing". Which well all know I don't have. Im trying to fix this. I think my biggest problem is not being able to watch my dog while I run.  I cant catch the mistake happening before its to late. Then we go off course. 

This is Miley running a course on last Wednesday.

She looks ok.

Yesterday I drove up to a UKI trial that was 2 hours away. They had posted on FB that if it was raining, it would be moved down the street to under cover. The whole time Im driving, its raining. I keep praying they are going to move it. Everyone is different in what they think is acceptable surface to run on. I wont run my dogs in the rain. Dogs slip all the time. One slip, they pull a muscle or something happens, and your dog can be out for 6 months to a year. Its just not worth it to me. But Im not saying anything against anyone who wants to run their dog in the rain or on wet surfaces. You know you dog best.  I got up there around 7am and stopped at a McDonalds.  I checked FB, they hadn't posted anything.  Ugh, I was worried. It was just misty outside. I drove to the site. The field was full of water and they decided to move to trial site. Yay!! We had to load up  jumps, tunnels, sandbags, contact equipment and other things in the vans. Took it to the trial site and unloaded and set up. It went quickly. I think we had it set up by around 9am. 
It was a nice small trial.  I think under 20 people ran.  It was  nice. Set up a course, run. Set up the next course, run again.  It was nice practice , with lots of different courses.  I could have never set up that many courses in a day , by myself, to practice.   Miley did well. No broken start lines. Yay!! But no Q's either. But that's ok.   She had some nice runs with just little mistakes by me. Again, I don't see things going wrong until its to late. Well , except for the last run. I was able to save a few things there but she dropped the last bar.
The footing felt ok. It was some kind of dirt/ saw dust type surface. It was fluffy but easy to walk in.  It seemed the bars were dropping easily.  Miley dropped the last bar several times. Weird. She doesn't usually do that.  I think it was the surface. After watching the video, I think she just didn't get the lift she thought she was going to get. The last run, I knew she was going to drop the bar, because when she took off to jump, her back end didn't lift off the ground. It was weird.   Still , we had a good time. Everyone so friendly and nice. Everyone worked together to keep things going.

So you can see she is jumping a little different than how she did on Wednesday. It had to be the footing.  I wonder if its something your dog just has to get use to?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Im still here!!!

Its been a rough few weeks here.  It all started with 2 weeks ago I got a colonoscopy.  All I could think about was getting something to eat when I was all done. But when I woke up, I had the worse sore throat Ive ever had in my life.   I told them my throat was killing me. And they just kept saying , "we didn't do anything that should cause your throat to hurt".  Nothing helped. I drank 3 cups of water before I left. Sucked on candy on the way home. I had my son stop for a soda on the way home, no help at all. We went straight home instead of getting a pizza like I had planned. By the time I got home I was crying. Ive had mono and strep throat a couple of times and none of it hurt like this. WTH????   We had some left over pain medication at home and I took it. By the evening, I finally felt better. The next morning the sore throat was gone but now I was hoarse.  That lasted a week. Weird huh?   Before the end of the week we went to the Annual Faerie sheltie picnic.  Java's breeder has a picnic every year at her house and everyone who had a puppy from her is invited to come hang out.  My husband went with me and I dropped him in Cincinniti, OH to visit with his family.  It was a terrible drive. Pouring down rain and terrible traffic. 13 hours in the car and I finally made it to the hotel.
 We all just hung out and talked. I don't think my dogs really like going to this. They don't see the point. They wont run around and play with all the dogs, like everyone's  elses dogs do.

This isn't a very good picture but here are Java's siblings. One is missing.

Miley's spent most of her time looking a the sheep.

This was a Shetland ram that was a "show" ram. So he wasn't scared of dogs. 

This was the only lamb. Very cute!!

We had a good time. Then on Sunday, I woke up with a bad headache.  I tried all day to get it to go away and finally broke down and took Imitrex.   I thought I didn't drink enough water, so I drank lots of water Sunday and wore sun glasses all day too.  Monday, woke up  with the same headache. Weird.  I drove home Monday. Tuesday I woke up again, with the same headache.  I took the dogs for a walk. Came home and I was freezing and had the shakes.   I took my temperature but didn't have one. I laid down and went to sleep. When I woke up, I felt horrible. My whole body ached so bad. I took my temperature  and had 102 fever. (I had take 800mg of motrin for a headache at 11am and then went to sleep).  I went to the kitchen and tried to take some Tylenol but thought I was going to vomit. Then I felt like I might pass out, so I laid on the floor.  Ive never felt this bad before.  I told my son he needed to take me to urgent care. He drove me and dropped me off at the door. I walked it and you have to sign it. I wrote , "fever, falling down and nausea".  I could barely write. I went and laid down on the chairs. They call me back and ask me about falling down. I told them I didn't fall down. Then I told her I meant to write "feeling bad" not "falling down'. Of course the "falling down " thing followed me. Then next person asked  me about it. I told them I didn't mean to write that and I meant I was feeling bad. The my son says, "why didn't you tell me you fell down?". Ack!!!   Finally that got straightened out.  So my fever was 103, my WBC was elevated with highs Segs, which showed some type of bacterial infection. Urine was negative, strep was negative and no Flu.   So they gave me antibiotics and pain killers and told me to come back if I get worse. The next day things got worse. Diarrhea added to the misery.  So lets just says things were pretty bad for the next 6 days.   Today was the first day I actually could leave the house and not feel like death.  Still cant be to far from a bathroom but otherwise Im much better.  I truly think I had salmonella poisoning.  I called my doctor Friday trying to get an appt, but they were short staffed and didn't think they needed to see me. I told them I thought I had salmonella poisoning but they didn't seem to care.  So I don't know if that was it or not but it sure seems to fit the bill.   Anyway, Im finally feeling better. Im sure if I was 80 years old and had that, Id be dead.  Im not kidding, it was that bad.  When you are taking narcotics every 4 hours for pain and its dooesnt slow your intestines down at all, things are bad.  My poor dogs just sat in the house for 6 days.

In other news. I took Java a couple of weeks ago to have her left shoulder ultra sounded. She has a small tear in the muscle and in the tendon.  So 4 weeks of rest and then she will get another ultrasound. Hopefully it will be healed.   
Took Miley back today for her eye recheck.  No new divots on her cornea but some pigmentation. So we will try to add another medication and see if it controls the pigmentations.  She said they are around the edges of her cornea , not right across it. So it shouldn't be effecting her vision. She will see her again in 2 months.  Miley also saw the Kidney doctor right before we left for our trip.  She is taking amitriptyline for cyctisis.  It has helped. She isn't waking up anymore at night.  On the discharge paper is said, "Unexpected results from Amitriptline"  I guess it usually only works in women and cats for cyctitis.  But who cares , its working for Miley. Its kind of making her not as playful. Her and Java haven't played together in a while. I tried backing off the medication, which increased her energy but then she started waking up at night to go the bathroom again. ugh.

Last week was my last full week off of school. And I was sick!!  This week  and next week I have to go in and help with registrations and vision and hearing screenings.  So much for vacation.  Life goes on.

Friday, July 11, 2014

AKC trial

I went to Perry Ga for an AKC trial.  I just went last weekend to an USDAA trial.  I ran 5 runs by noon time in USDAA.  AKC 2 runs and they were FAST by 12noon.  Ugh! ( This post will probably be negative so you may want to skip it.)   I usually don't do trials so close together but it just worked out that way.
Wednesday was for Ex/Master dogs.  So that day wasn't bad.  We didn't run to well.  Miley's theme for the day was going wide.  She did Q in T2B.   Java was off course.  I had her checked by the a vet at the site after her first two runs. They couldn't find any sore spots.  She ran nice.

Miley was slow coming out of the tunnel on Thursday's jumpers run. I thought it was weird.  When we were done, I noticed she had a dirt mark on the middle of her face, between her eyes.  It wouldn't brush off.  When I watched the video, her jumping looked off so I didn't run her in standard.  Someone told me the next day there was urine in the tunnel. Ugh!!  I had to wash her face that night to get the stain off her face. (But lets worry about the jump bars, see below).

Java was fine on Wednesday. She acted normal.  Besides going off course she seemed fine. (she had weave pole problems every run. None last weekend) I had her checked after her standard run on Wednesday.  You can see she goes down a little on the left side turning after the jump after the dogwalk.   But they couldn't fine anything wrong or sore.  The next morning she ran Open Fast nicely. She Qed and came out of the ring and jumped onto the table that held course maps. I had put her treats on top of the table. No problems with any of this.

But as the day progressed she started acting weird.  She didn't want to walk down the few steps to the ring.  No limping. No dropping bars. She looked like she was running nicely. But a thunder storm was coming.  She is still freaking over that. We play lots of games when she has been acting nervous over thunder storms.  I thought maybe it was the thunder storm bothering her.  I took her to the trial the next day.  Again she didn't want to walk down the steps. She didn't want to go for a walk. No thunderstorm now. No rain.  When we walked down over the road, they have these metal pieces in the road. They must over electrical lines. They make a weird noise when you step on them. She didn't like them at all. She would stop short or go around. Even Miley didn't have a problem with these things.  So I decided to go home. Something is wrong with her and I don't know what. I called an left a message with another rehab vet to check her and see if they can find something wrong. Ive pulled her from all trials.

Ok, so this is my big complaint.  On Thursday , there was an AKC rep at the trial.  Then I noticed them holding the jump poles and opening the ends of the jump poles. They are the Lunch the Dog jumps with poles. The pvc pole is inside a plastic outside sleeve. That way you don't have to paint or tape the poles. Then I notice them changing out all the poles with the old  pvc kind. They didn't have enough poles  to do all the jumps but most of the jumps. I asked a club member what was going on. She said the judge is complaining to the rep that the poles are to heavy and not dropping. She can hear the dogs ticking the bars but the bars don't fall. WTH???   The Q rate in 16 inch jumpers the day before was less than 25%. What was that not low enough for her?  Bar were falling. Miley dropped bars. I know several of my friends dogs dropped bars.
Then this really bothered me. This lady's dog , when he was done running, would run straight at the judge and barking. Mean barking. Then turn off and start running at her again. The dog did this in both rings. The judge is in the middle of the ring and the dog leaves its owner and runs across  the ring. Neither judge  whistled this dog out of the ring. Can you believe it??  The one judge stopped walking several times when the dog did this. She was walking over to the tunnel to fix it. So this was more than half way across the ring.  OMG??  really. The owner calls it his "victory lap", I call it aggression.  Yea but lets worry about the bars not dropping.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014