Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Zoey's continued progress.

I havent been able to do much agility lately. Lou’s been sick. The kind of sick that you never want to hear your doctor tell you that you have. Thats all I’m going to say on that for now. So while I’m sitting here with him having a treatment, I thought I would blog.
I took Zoey to one day of an agility trial that I could drive back and forth to, about 2 weeks ago. It didnt go well. She was over the top excited. Jumped al her contacts and couldnt weave. But we hadn’t practiced at all.  So this past weekend I entered an agility trial , just standard, T2B and jumpers.  I was suppose to be there just Saturday. But then it looked like I was going to be there for 8 hours between my jumpers run until my standard run. So I changed it up and did my standard run on Saturday late afternoon  and my jumpers run on Sunday morning.  I took the RV up and spent the night because I figured I wouldnt be using the RV much this fall/winter. And RVs start having problems when you dont use them.  Lou came with me, to get out of the house. So that was nice. To bad the weather was horrible. It just poured down rain all day.
 Saturday Zoey did her T2B run first.  It wasn’t great but not horrible. I didnt realize that she had dropped the last bar. So that was disappointing when my husband told me that. But oh well.

 Next we ran Novice standard.  She did awesome. The only thing was the missed down contact of the dog walk. So more work on that. I had switched her to running contacts because the 2o/2o was causing her so much stress in the ring and she was just doing crazy stuff on the contacts.
(Sorry I didnt edit the video in the begining but I was worried that it would get messed up. When I edited the jumpers video on my ipad, you tube uploads the part I deleted and nothing else. Which is weird since I deleted it. So I was scared to do it again)

The next morning she ran open jumpers.  She did pretty well. We have been struggling with getting the weaves on the first time but she did it. She got all the hard stuff and just went around 2 jumps. I was late with my front crosses. I need to do better.
(This video I cant post because I edited it and  youtube, like I said, seem to be able to find the part I deleted and uploads only that part. Very werid).

Java is doing ok with healing from her TPLO.  She still limps at the end of the day and she has lost a lot of muscle mass in her rear.  Its so sad.  She is allowed to walk 30 minutes a day. She get rechecked on Monday.

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Dawn said...

Was just thinking about you and Lou and your dogs, so thought I'd stop by and say hi. Hope things are good for all of you.