Saturday, October 27, 2018

CDTC trial

This picture isnt from the Charlotte trial but I just wanted to have a picture.  It is a recent picture of my dogs at the river here in Columbia.  And I just like it.

So I took the dogs to a trial up in Charlotte. Its the only trial close enough to drive back and forth to. The only down side is , its outside on grass. So if it rains or snows , you are out of luck. But its also cheap to enter.  I took Miley but she isnt entered.  She is having more vision problems and many times cant even get weave pole entries  at home.  Friday, I took Zoey, just to get her use to being there , but she wasnt entered on Friday.  We hadnt trialed in 2 months and Zoey was over the top excited. So we worked on calming behaviors outside the ring.

Java had 2 nice runs but no Qs. She missed the DW contact in standard and dropped one bar in JWW.  But she stayed at the startline. (Ive tried everything to make this vidoe's post clear. I have not idea why they are blurry. They arent blurry on my ipad. I uploaded them again, thinking that I forgot to change it to HD. But it didnt make a difference.  Maybe it just takes a while to process??)


Then Saturday Zoey was only entered in T2B.  She was very excited but I thought she might be ok.  You can see she wasnt.  She broke her startline, then jumped the A-frame contact and couldnt weave.  Then jumped off teeter. So the AKC has a new rule that if your dog jumps off the teeter half way up, or on the up contact of DW or A-frame, you can put them back on.  So, since she jumped off, I went to put her back on the teeter but the judge said I couldnt.  I went to go on but it was late and Zoey had already circled back around and then got on anyway.  So we were whistled off.

Java 's JWW run, she couldnt finish the weaves. I tried 3 times and she kept popping out.  The weaves where into the corner and there was a tunnel off to the left, that was next.  I guess she just wanted to go on.  Then in standard, she was having a very nice run, then missed the DW contact.  It was DW into a curved tunnel. Then they come out and have to turn about 45 degrees to the right.  She went right back up the dogwalk.

Sunday, Zoey seemed calmer to me so I thought maybe we would do better but we didnt.  Well, she did a little better. She stayed at the startline , enough for me to release her.  But she couldnt weave.


I couldnt decided if I should run Zoey in standard or not. I dont want her just jumping off contacts.   In the end I  set her up at the startline, she broke. So I put her into the weaves (that wasnt the course) and she did them. We ran out and celebrated.

Java had a nice day. She Qed in Standard.

In JWW she dropped one bar. Ugh, so tough. We are trying to get a MACH and I feel like its never going to happen.  We have over 3000 points , you need 750. But we have only 11 double Qs.  In good news she holding her startlines now.

You can see it was much cooler but luckily the rain held off until after we ran. 

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