Friday, December 21, 2018

CPA trail, December

We went to a trial in Raleigh NC.  It was raining again. Its been raining a lot this fall/winter.  I think every trial Ive been to but one, its rained. So I decided not to take the RV. I didnt want to drive in the rain or set up in the rain. plus deal with all the mud.
This trial was nice because it was one ring. So I figured it would be good for Zoey and all her stress.  She did pretty well.  She came to me at the end of every run except one. I always tell the person behind me not to come into the ring, until I have Zoey. Otherwise, she might want to go visit them. This person said they thought I had her, but I didnt.  But she wasnt as bad as she has been at some other trials. Still more work to be done on coming right to me at the end of a run.  She was also able to weave in jumpers. Thats a first.  And I actually put her in a standard run. I havent done but just a few standard runs, here and there. Because she stresses so high, she just jumps all the contacts and on and off the table , repeatedly. I dont want her practicing that bad behavior in the ring.  But she did really well.  For some reason, she hit the up side of the a-frame really hard. And then stopped on the way down. She jumped off the table, once but got right back on and stayed. And stopped on the other contacts.

Jumpers run.

Java and I struggled on Saturday. Jumping off the teeter. But she had a nice jumpers run and took 1st place. (Either  no border collies Qed or there werent any entered).

Sunday I only had Zoey in Jumpers in T2B. I was worried about to many standard runs.  Her jumpers run, she finally got her weaves but we didnt Q because she had an off course at the beginning.

T2B run.

 It probably would have helped if I hadnt been late with my cross coming out of the tunnel or after that other jump out of the tunnel. Both of those cause her not to know where to go.

Java Triple Qed on Sunday!!
 I think this is double Q #13 on our Quest for a MACH.   My goal is to get at least one double Q a weekend.  But at  the last trial I was at, we didnt get a double Q.

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