Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zoey Update


Zoey likes to sleep outside. None of my other dogs do this. They always want to be around me. But  not Zoey. She will even sleep out there when its raining.

We had a light snow dusting earlier this January. I keep meaning to blog, but then it doesnt happen.

Then a few days later is was in the 70's , so I took the dogs to the lake.

  Lots of turtles.
Saw my first bald eagle in South Carolina.

Zoey went to the top of this dirt wall thing and then jumped off, to the ground. Ugh, scared the crap out of me.

This wasnt her jumping from the top. This was another picture.

No matter how much I tried I couldnt get the picture of her out of the shade.

Zoey is really slow when running agility. She is fast when chasing my dogs especially around the agility field and through the tunnels. But as soon as she starts agility , she is slow.
So Im keeping video, trying to time it and see if I can get her moving faster.
Dec 23rd

Jan 1st

Then I signed up for a "Cone work" class. Its suppose to help with speed and teach turns too.

Thats all for now. Im sure there is more but I cant think of anything right now.


Helen said...

She doesn't look that slow in the video at 10 months. But then your other dogs are FAST, I saw their yards per second in the top dogs listing. I think Beckett is fast but he usually was only in the high 5's in jumpers, in standards, he normally was in the high 4's or low five's.

Sara said...

She looks like a fun dog!

Dawn said...

I'm really late...but I enjoyed these photos a whole lot! Hope you're able to get Zoe to run faster in agility! :) Katie likes to sleep outside too..even when it's snowing and she gets covered in snow. Silly girls.

Dawn said...

These are BEAUTIFUL images! Looks like so much fun too, taking the dogs to the lake. Katie wouldn't think lake playing is that much fun but she'd like to wander around the shore. Your dogs are amazing.

Louise Capper said...

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your blog and the photos are stunning.Best of luck with the agility