Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Up date on Zoey's training.

Since I havent posted much here, you dont know that Ive been struggling with Zoey;s training.  When we go to agility trails or practice with groups, she wants to chase other dogs. She cant focus on me, just the dogs running.  I dont know  how I lost all control of my dog.  Ive always let my dogs play chase with each other and its never been a problem but its a problem for Zoey.  She cant figure out when its ok to play chase and when its time to work. And I guess I didnt realize it was a problem until it was way out of control.
Here she is at a B-match in August.  You can see what a problem I have. So until I have this fixed, I cant trial her.  I cant take a chance of her running after another a dog.

 Ive been doing a lot of Susan Garrett's stuff, because she works on relationship building and getting the dog to focus on you.  Ive finally found a solution to getting her not to bark and run the fence line , with the big dogs behind my house. All the garden fencing with stakes, that Ive put in, she just climbs. Even when I put in multiple layers of it.  So I found this metal fencing that comes in sections. Slowly , Ive been putting it down the  fence line, of where I join the neighbors yard.  It keeps her about 5 feet off their fence.  And it seems to be working.  She also doesnt get to just be outside  on her own much. That way she cant self-reward herself with bad behavior.
I working on getting a running A-frame with box method.  Im ok with a 2o/2o but she is creeping so much on the a-frame, I decided to try this with her. I didnt have good success with it , with Miley. But we will see ...

We also finally have weave poles. I started to really work hard on them after we got back from my trip out West.  She is finally getting them.

Her wanting to chase dogs is a  HUGE problem and Im not sure I will be able to work through it or she will ever be able to trial.  But we will see.
In other news, the girl I job shared with quit a week before we went back to work. So now Im working full time until the next person can start and its been rough. We must have a lot more kids this year with illness than last year, because Im drowning with paperwork.  Ive work the last 2 weekends just trying to get caught up on paperwork. And Im still not there. I need a break.

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