Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wow, long time since I posted

I keep meaning to post but then I get busy and forget.  Zoey is now 9 months old.  At 8 months she was 16 inches.  I hope she doesnt keep growing but she hasnt gone into heat yet, so who knows.  My other female shelties were mostly done growing at 6 months. From 6- 9 months, they grew about 1/2 inch. Zoey has grown 2 inches in that same time frame. Yikes.

I took the dogs to the beach on the lake. We spent several hours there.  Then when I got home, 1/2 the pictures on my camera had an error message on them. So upsetting.  I googled how to fix it and tried several things that were posted on line but it didnt work.  So then I down loaded a program that recovers pictures from cards.  You get to see if it worked and what the pictures are before you have to buy.  It cost 40.00 to have the program for 2 years.  I was just happy to be able to see the pictures.

Zoey has fun no matter what she is doing.

The water must be down at the lake because Ive never seen this part of the beach before.

 I didnt know Lake Murray had muscles?  Just like New Hampshire's lake.

The leaves are just starting to turn here.

 I havent seen these rocks sticking out of the water before either.  The ones on the point, behind the dogs -yes, but not these.

Anyway, thats enough of the beach pictures.  If I dont post them here, I wont be able to find them again. LOL

Ive been trialing.  One weekend Java and I get 3 out of 4 Qs. Then the next weekend,  1 out of 4. Ugh. So frustrating. !!  Broken start lines and teeter fly offs are killing us.  I took a class on retraining the teeter. Which I think helped but she just gets excited and its go, go , go.   I was trying to get to nationals but its just not going to happened. Unless we are freaking awesome at the next two trials.

Zoey's training is moving along.  I know she likes to run and run fast. Ive seen her run across the yard, to recall into the house. Or chase Java.  But its not transferring to agility.

She looks pretty good here. But yesterday, I did a speed circle, tunnel, jump,jump, tunnel. She looked really slow, to me.    But Ive also been working stays and tight turns to a jump.  Because I want this dog to actually have  a good stay.  I think with Java I spent so much time trying to build drive,  and  I thought I could put the stop on later. NOT!!   Plus, I know its in Zoey, to run fast. Ive seen dogs in her line.  So I just need to be able to get it out of her. .

Miley's career is coming to an end.  She just acts to crazy in the ring.  There are times everything is great and the next day , she just falls apart.  So I will continue to run her but not as much as in the past. I did drop her to 8 inches , which has really helped with her crashing jumps.  It didnt fix her taking off to early but she has a better chance of clearing the jump, when she does.

Im in charge of the agility classes for our club.  So since August Ive been teaching all the foundation classes, beginning agility class and the competition class.  Im hoping to get help soon, so I dont have to have all of this on my shoulders.  I really hope we can get agility going in the club again. Its kind of fallen apart in the past few years.  We need club members to help with the agility trials.  Its to much work for a few people to do. My one friend and I stay at the trial site for 13 hours , every day of the trial. Its just to much. I think that is why I got so sick last time.  I was sick before the trial but was getting better. But after 2 - 13 hour days, I got home and was running a fever.  It took almost 2 weeks for me to get back on my feet completely.  So my goal, is to have 2 people for each position on the committee. Some people come in early and can leave early, and some people can come in later and have to stay to the end.   Well see if it works.


Sara said...

Having a puppy is so much fun! Zoey is adorable.

Henry said...

Welcome back!! Happy to hear that everyone is doing great.
Looks like the pups had an awesome day at the lake :) and these pictures are amazing!
Thank you for sharing, deff keep posting!
Have a wonderful day!