Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What the heck??

(This is my picture not photographer)

This weekend we had a photo shoot with a pet photographer. It was suppose to be at Hunting State Park. I love that place. The dead trees in the water is so cool. But the hurricane wreaked the place and the park is closed until next year.  So I entered a dog trial. But then I got a note that they would do the shoot at a small beach near Hilton Head.  Well thats great but the trial I was going to was in Raleigh.  The complete opposite direction.  But when I looked at the schudule, I was the only person going to the beach shoot.  So I emailed the photographer and she was going to a dog trial in Murells Inlet in SC.  I asked if we could change the location to Huntington Beach State park, its in Murells Inlet.  So we did.  Except we went to Litchfield beach. We parked in a place that for public parking and started to walk the wooded walk way to the beach. But as we were walking I could see the end of the walk way was completely destroyed. There was no way to get onto the beach because the drop off was really high.  So we went back to the car.  Then the photographer asked someone walking if there was another access to the beach. And there was. So things were back on again.  We had a nice shoot and Zoey could sit stay with me 20 feet away.  I guess she just cant stay with me taking the pictures. LOL  I only brought Zoey and Java because the hotel I was staying at only allowed 2 dogs and only Java was entered in the trial.
The only bad thing about the photo shoot was other peoples dogs. It was 7am and there were lots of people on the beach with off leash dogs.  The first dog came up and was growling. The whole time the owner is saying,"my dogs is friendly".  yea right, what is it growling at us?   Anyway, this happened at least 3 different times during the shoot, which was only 30 minutes long. Lucky Zoey never ran off  to any of these off leash dogs.  I cant wait to see the pictures.   I got to see Stephanie while I was down at the beach. She stayed with me at the hotel, it was right by her work and the school she is student teaching at.
After the photo shoot, I took my dogs to Huntington beach state park, so they could burn off steam.

 I wish I had realized this butterfly was in the picture sooner than I did. It was so cute but it took me a few seconds to get my camera up and shooting.  The butterfly is on her ear on the first picture.

 Now its on her tail.

Now its flying away.

I love the beach. Its just good for the soul.

Then Friday it was off to Raleigh.  It took 4 hours to get there. Yikes.  It felt like forever.  The trying to get to the hotel was crazy.  4 lane bumper to bumper traffic and then I was in the wrong lane and no one would let me over. So I had to pass my turn, some how turn around and then sit in the traffic again to get to the hotel.  The hotel was ok. It was clean and stuff. But the traffic every time you try to get there was horrible.  So at night, I couldnt bring myself to go out and dinner because traffic was a nightmare. There was a really nice walking path close to the hotel. The only thing was you had to try to cross a two lane , very busy road, to get to it. But at least I didnt have to sit in traffic to get to a park.

This path goes on forever. All around the city.

On to the agility trial. It was a one ring trial and very small.  I was so excited because Java held her start line.  I got a true lead out.  We actually Qed in premier standard.  But the next run her teeter killed us. Ugh!!  Am I ever going to get that thing fixed????   Any way by the time we did all 4 runs and she held a start line, I started thinking something wasnt right.  It wasnt that I wasnt happy she held her startline but really after 5 years and now all of a sudden she had a solid startline. Yes I constantly work on it but she didnt even try to break.

So between not even trying to break her startline and missing jumps, it got me thinking that something was wrong.  Did she not feel good?  Was she injured?  She didnt drop any bars or look off.   The next day her start line was back to normal, I just get pass the first jump and she pushes or breaks.  But then she couldnt get into any tunnel without spinning  before going in or  going in and coming back out.  What the heck??  One thing my dogs have, is drive to any tunnel. Then can be sent from 50 feet away.

So I have no idea if she isnt feeling well or what.  When we got home, she was very happy and playing.
Today is Wednesday and I havent let her do anything for the last 2 days.  This morning she was playing with the other dogs and running through the back yard. I hope that is a good sign.  We are off the the UKI nationals today. So I guess Ill see if she is ok, or if she is still off and I need to come back home.

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