Monday, March 7, 2016

Yay, an update on my blog.

Sorry, I havent been blogging. Its not that I dont think about it.  I just cant seem to get around to actually doing it.  The weather here has just sucked this winter.  It rains all the time. And if it isnt raining, its freezing cold. (freezing cold for us. LOL)  Its now March and usually the trees have started blooming, but they havent.  Everything is still dead looking.  So that is adding to the doom and gloom days.  My yard is a mushy mess. It just never seems to dry out.   So I havent been practicing agility and so we cant seem to get it together at the trials.

I went to a trial a couple of weeks ago.  It was freezing cold in the morning, even in the building. My toes were so cold, they hurt. You could see the dogs breath when they were at the line. Yikes, thats cold.  It did warm up as the day moved on. But man, the mornings were cold.

Yes, she made it onto the table.  You can see she is barking at me. Because, she thought we were going a different way and I had to call her back to the table. (bad handler).

Here is another example of maybe she wasnt sure if which way we were going. Im pretty sure the bar stayed up.

The good thing that happened at the trial is we had some nice teeters. Here was FAST. Ive been using FAST to practice teeters in the ring. No chance of doing that here because the teeter was in the send. I thought, great, no chance of getting this because the teeter being at a distance.  Nope, no  problem. She nailed it. She actually stopped in a 2o/2o.   Was I taping?  Nope, I dont usually tape FAST. To bad, it would have been nice to have one nice teeter on tape. LOL.

There were some good things that happened.

I messed up this course big time. But we got that back line 3-7.  That line got a lot of people.

The line was slightly different for Master standard.

We were able to get that line too (13-16), even with me behind.  Most people, when the fell behind, their dog took #5 instead of 15.

Sorry about the green box on the video, just ignore that.

Miley struggled this weekend.  The first run, she dropped so many bars. I know it was  at least 5 but it could be more.  Then I noticed all the lights werent on in the arena.  This has happened before. If all the lights arent on, she cant see well enough inside this arena.  Her next run, all the lights were on and she was fine.

In this excellent standard run, she had such a nice turn on #14.  Most dogs went very wide or took the tunnel. Some people turned their dog to the left, trying to keep their dog from looking at the tunnel.   Miley's turn was perfect. I even heard the judge say, "now thats how its done". Or something to that effect. LOL

Miley struggled all weekend getting into the weave poles. Im not sure what is going on.  Almost every time, she would just run by and then stress and run around the ring.

But then there was this run on Sunday.  Only a dropped bar.


onecollie said...

wow those are amazing pictures! I have missed reading your blog, welcome back :)

Dawn said...

LOVE the photos! Java and Miley can really FLY!