Saturday, December 12, 2015

Huntington State Park beach

We went RVing at Huntington State Park.  The weather was nice, but kind of cold in the morning.  We were suppose to go, back in October, but that's when we had all that flooding and the highways were closed the day we were suppose to leave. So I called them and they said they didnt give refunds but I could transfer my reservation to another date. So that is what I did. I found out later, from a friend, that she was given a refund for 3 days of her trip because she couldnt get their either. They were staying 2 weeks.  Im not sure how that happened. Weird.

We went on Friday mid-morning and then met Stephanie for lunch. She went back to work and we went on the the park.  We had a nice level spot that was right next to the path that leads to the beach.  I made sure of it this time. When we stayed at Hunting Island park, we had to walk passed all these campers in tents and open type trailers and I was worried we were waking people up.

Every morning there were clouds on the horizon so we didnt get great sun rise shots.

The dogs ran alot the first day.  I think they were exhausted after that. They didnt seem exhausted the first day but by the 3rd , they didnt run around much.

I dont know if you can see it or not, but this bird is eating a snake.

Lots of people were taking pictures of this bird. Not sure why.

That night we went to BrookGreen Gardens. They have on the weekends a thing called "A Night of a Thousand Candles".  Its was very cool. Tons of lights on all the trees. Also tons of people.
 This was the front gate. It was still light out when we got in the car line to go in.

 This is in a gardens with lots of trees all with tons of those hanging lights.

 There were statues everywhere.
This was beautiful but I just couldnt get the shot right.

We had walked 10 miles by the end of the first day. Killer.

 We keep trying to have fires. We finally broke down and bought a bundle of wood from the camp store.
We just wanted to roast marshmallows. LOL

From our campsite, out to the beach , and then 2 miles down, there was this sign.  No dogs pass the sign. We never walked down there without the dogs. Not sure what is pass the sign. It just looks like more beach.

 Stephanie helping us with the GoPro.

We came back  Monday. To bad we woke up to pouring down rain.  This place doesnt have the dump tanks at your site. So you have to pull up to them when you leave the RV area. Even though we knew it was going to rain, we couldnt dump the tanks early unless we wanted to take everything down and move the rv. Then set everything up again. So I was standing in the rain emptying the tanks on Monday morning.   We got back to Columbia and it was a beautiful, sunny day.


Sara said...

What a fun getaway! The lights are so cool.

Helen said...

Must be nice to go RVing when there are fewer people in the parks. My sister and her husband are touring the US right now with a little trailer. They will be in New Mexico for Christmas.