Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fixing Coachman Mirada entry door and dog agility trial.

My entry door on my RV has been rotted. Ive known about this for a month or two. The RV place put a bunch of screws in it, to try and hold it together , but I knew I didnt have much time to get it fixed.  I called and emailed a bunch of places but couldnt find a replacement door.  My RV is a 2000, so kind of old and the length of the door is 78 inches. All the doors I could find were 72 inches. I even contacted a bunch of salvage yards, no one had a door.
I google fixing RV doors and found a couple of post about people  fixing their entry doors. The doors have a thin wood frame just inside the metal trim. The trim is held on with glue, and mine had a few screws in it. I know some of the screws have been added after it was factory made, not sure all of them were.  We removed the trim with a putty knife and ran it down the side It came off easily. Then there was the wood. It was thin, not sure the exact size.

The metal trim is on top of the door. This is the hinge side of the door.  This is the bottom edge. Its completely rotted out. Im not sure how the door was holding on.

This was the wood trim after we removed it from the door.  Scary , huh?

We cut a new piece of trim from a 2x4. we used a table saw to get the size we needed.  (sorry, I took lots of pictures and accidentally deleted them off my phone)
After you take the wood trim off, there is Styrofoam  and aluminum framing.
So after we cut the new wood, we did put a coat of light primer on the wood to hopefully help protect the wood.  Then we slid the piece back in place. We stapled the top and bottom pieces to each other. We also used contact cement to keep it in place. Then put the metal trim piece back on.  We checked all the other wood framing and it was ok, so we left it alone.  We got the door back together and hung It seems ok, so hopefully we did it correctly.

Not sure how the water is getting into the  door framing. Weird.  Im thinking of adding a EZE  RV gutter above the door to help prevent water from running down the door.

This weekend I went to a dog trial up in Charlotte NC.  I was just entered  Saturday and Sunday. It was suppose to rain on Saturday. I called my friend, the trial chair , that morning and asked if it was raining. She said no.  Right before I left the house, I asked her again. She said no.  I started driving. Its about 1 1/2 hour drive. During the drive, at times it was pouring down rain and lightening. Great. I kept debating turning around. But I figured, if I went home, I would find out that it didnt rain up there.  So I kept going. Of course it was raining when I got there.   The rings are on  a slight grade, so several times you have to run uphill. It doesnt seem like much but you can tell the difference when running  flat rings or ones with grades. LOL.  Miley Qed in standard. But I just couldnt run Java. My legs were like lead because of what we did Friday.  On Friday, my son, husband and I went to a friends house who was flooded.  They had about 1 1/2 foot of water in there home. We helped move all the carpeting, padding, dry wall, cabinets  and other wreck house hold stuff to the curb.  Everything was so heavy with water and already starting to get moldy.  It was hard work. And it killed me the next day (Saturday).  I had woken up at 3am  in pain and just couldnt sleep.  So anyway, I didnt run my dogs to well. With Java, I kept falling behind and she would read it as deceleration and turn. Ugh!!  Anyway, it was pouring down rain at times and it was good to go home. I was grumpy and probably not pleasant to be around. LOL

The next morning, I felt so much better.  So back to the trail I went.  I ran Miley and Java in T2B.  Both stayed on course and Java did the teeter correctly. Yay. But each dog dropped one bar.
Next was Master Standard.
I didnt think I would get the opening. #1-#4 are headed downhill. I have a lead out on Java but not a huge one. So I decided to push after the a-frame and then layer that off course jump to cue the correct tunnel entrance. It worked!!  Of course the dogwalk is going uphill, LOL.  So I was hoping just telling her "go on" and  "over", would be enough to get her over the #8 jump. She did curl off the dogwalk  and tried to take the tunnel but luckily she didnt.  I had planned to front cross after the teeter but didnt make it, so I didnt handle the #14 jump very nice but we made it through.  Anyway, we Qed!!

Miley didnt do to well and jump off  the table and ran around the ring.

Next up was JWW.

I was so worried about #6-#7.  I kept thinking, how am I going to keep Java out of that tunnel but make sure she takes the #7 jump. Well it turns out, that wasnt a problem at all. I turned my dog to tight after #4 and she missed the weave pole entry.

I was so disappointed. Ugh. And then , even though I knew that I turned Java to tight after #4, I did it the same way with Miley. Ack!!


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