Monday, July 28, 2014

Im still here!!!

Its been a rough few weeks here.  It all started with 2 weeks ago I got a colonoscopy.  All I could think about was getting something to eat when I was all done. But when I woke up, I had the worse sore throat Ive ever had in my life.   I told them my throat was killing me. And they just kept saying , "we didn't do anything that should cause your throat to hurt".  Nothing helped. I drank 3 cups of water before I left. Sucked on candy on the way home. I had my son stop for a soda on the way home, no help at all. We went straight home instead of getting a pizza like I had planned. By the time I got home I was crying. Ive had mono and strep throat a couple of times and none of it hurt like this. WTH????   We had some left over pain medication at home and I took it. By the evening, I finally felt better. The next morning the sore throat was gone but now I was hoarse.  That lasted a week. Weird huh?   Before the end of the week we went to the Annual Faerie sheltie picnic.  Java's breeder has a picnic every year at her house and everyone who had a puppy from her is invited to come hang out.  My husband went with me and I dropped him in Cincinniti, OH to visit with his family.  It was a terrible drive. Pouring down rain and terrible traffic. 13 hours in the car and I finally made it to the hotel.
 We all just hung out and talked. I don't think my dogs really like going to this. They don't see the point. They wont run around and play with all the dogs, like everyone's  elses dogs do.

This isn't a very good picture but here are Java's siblings. One is missing.

Miley's spent most of her time looking a the sheep.

This was a Shetland ram that was a "show" ram. So he wasn't scared of dogs. 

This was the only lamb. Very cute!!

We had a good time. Then on Sunday, I woke up with a bad headache.  I tried all day to get it to go away and finally broke down and took Imitrex.   I thought I didn't drink enough water, so I drank lots of water Sunday and wore sun glasses all day too.  Monday, woke up  with the same headache. Weird.  I drove home Monday. Tuesday I woke up again, with the same headache.  I took the dogs for a walk. Came home and I was freezing and had the shakes.   I took my temperature but didn't have one. I laid down and went to sleep. When I woke up, I felt horrible. My whole body ached so bad. I took my temperature  and had 102 fever. (I had take 800mg of motrin for a headache at 11am and then went to sleep).  I went to the kitchen and tried to take some Tylenol but thought I was going to vomit. Then I felt like I might pass out, so I laid on the floor.  Ive never felt this bad before.  I told my son he needed to take me to urgent care. He drove me and dropped me off at the door. I walked it and you have to sign it. I wrote , "fever, falling down and nausea".  I could barely write. I went and laid down on the chairs. They call me back and ask me about falling down. I told them I didn't fall down. Then I told her I meant to write "feeling bad" not "falling down'. Of course the "falling down " thing followed me. Then next person asked  me about it. I told them I didn't mean to write that and I meant I was feeling bad. The my son says, "why didn't you tell me you fell down?". Ack!!!   Finally that got straightened out.  So my fever was 103, my WBC was elevated with highs Segs, which showed some type of bacterial infection. Urine was negative, strep was negative and no Flu.   So they gave me antibiotics and pain killers and told me to come back if I get worse. The next day things got worse. Diarrhea added to the misery.  So lets just says things were pretty bad for the next 6 days.   Today was the first day I actually could leave the house and not feel like death.  Still cant be to far from a bathroom but otherwise Im much better.  I truly think I had salmonella poisoning.  I called my doctor Friday trying to get an appt, but they were short staffed and didn't think they needed to see me. I told them I thought I had salmonella poisoning but they didn't seem to care.  So I don't know if that was it or not but it sure seems to fit the bill.   Anyway, Im finally feeling better. Im sure if I was 80 years old and had that, Id be dead.  Im not kidding, it was that bad.  When you are taking narcotics every 4 hours for pain and its dooesnt slow your intestines down at all, things are bad.  My poor dogs just sat in the house for 6 days.

In other news. I took Java a couple of weeks ago to have her left shoulder ultra sounded. She has a small tear in the muscle and in the tendon.  So 4 weeks of rest and then she will get another ultrasound. Hopefully it will be healed.   
Took Miley back today for her eye recheck.  No new divots on her cornea but some pigmentation. So we will try to add another medication and see if it controls the pigmentations.  She said they are around the edges of her cornea , not right across it. So it shouldn't be effecting her vision. She will see her again in 2 months.  Miley also saw the Kidney doctor right before we left for our trip.  She is taking amitriptyline for cyctisis.  It has helped. She isn't waking up anymore at night.  On the discharge paper is said, "Unexpected results from Amitriptline"  I guess it usually only works in women and cats for cyctitis.  But who cares , its working for Miley. Its kind of making her not as playful. Her and Java haven't played together in a while. I tried backing off the medication, which increased her energy but then she started waking up at night to go the bathroom again. ugh.

Last week was my last full week off of school. And I was sick!!  This week  and next week I have to go in and help with registrations and vision and hearing screenings.  So much for vacation.  Life goes on.


Sara said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. How scary.

Love the photos of Miley looking at the sheep!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

My goodness - that sounds like a terrible week - sure hope you are starting feel better. Loved all the photos' and we remember Cowboy - Reilly's look alike.

Bailey said...

That sounds nasty. Glad you are feeling better.

Lauren Miller said...

Your dogs are so pretty! I love the pictures! I'm sorry you had a crappy week! I hope you feel better soon!

Dawn said...

Awwww Diana, that sounds really horrible. I bet you're not 100% yet. And now work starts. That's just no way to end the summer break. I hope this new school will be a lot better and that you feel all better soon, and that all the kids are 100% cute and the parents are all intelligent. And organized. Well. I can hope, right?

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Wow, sounds like a rough week! Love the pictures!

Johann The Dog said...

Dang....hope you get over this crap stuff! And I swear you had listeria....Glad you had fun at the picnic. I miss seeing everyone up there and Jan and Mike.