Friday, July 11, 2014

AKC trial

I went to Perry Ga for an AKC trial.  I just went last weekend to an USDAA trial.  I ran 5 runs by noon time in USDAA.  AKC 2 runs and they were FAST by 12noon.  Ugh! ( This post will probably be negative so you may want to skip it.)   I usually don't do trials so close together but it just worked out that way.
Wednesday was for Ex/Master dogs.  So that day wasn't bad.  We didn't run to well.  Miley's theme for the day was going wide.  She did Q in T2B.   Java was off course.  I had her checked by the a vet at the site after her first two runs. They couldn't find any sore spots.  She ran nice.

Miley was slow coming out of the tunnel on Thursday's jumpers run. I thought it was weird.  When we were done, I noticed she had a dirt mark on the middle of her face, between her eyes.  It wouldn't brush off.  When I watched the video, her jumping looked off so I didn't run her in standard.  Someone told me the next day there was urine in the tunnel. Ugh!!  I had to wash her face that night to get the stain off her face. (But lets worry about the jump bars, see below).

Java was fine on Wednesday. She acted normal.  Besides going off course she seemed fine. (she had weave pole problems every run. None last weekend) I had her checked after her standard run on Wednesday.  You can see she goes down a little on the left side turning after the jump after the dogwalk.   But they couldn't fine anything wrong or sore.  The next morning she ran Open Fast nicely. She Qed and came out of the ring and jumped onto the table that held course maps. I had put her treats on top of the table. No problems with any of this.

But as the day progressed she started acting weird.  She didn't want to walk down the few steps to the ring.  No limping. No dropping bars. She looked like she was running nicely. But a thunder storm was coming.  She is still freaking over that. We play lots of games when she has been acting nervous over thunder storms.  I thought maybe it was the thunder storm bothering her.  I took her to the trial the next day.  Again she didn't want to walk down the steps. She didn't want to go for a walk. No thunderstorm now. No rain.  When we walked down over the road, they have these metal pieces in the road. They must over electrical lines. They make a weird noise when you step on them. She didn't like them at all. She would stop short or go around. Even Miley didn't have a problem with these things.  So I decided to go home. Something is wrong with her and I don't know what. I called an left a message with another rehab vet to check her and see if they can find something wrong. Ive pulled her from all trials.

Ok, so this is my big complaint.  On Thursday , there was an AKC rep at the trial.  Then I noticed them holding the jump poles and opening the ends of the jump poles. They are the Lunch the Dog jumps with poles. The pvc pole is inside a plastic outside sleeve. That way you don't have to paint or tape the poles. Then I notice them changing out all the poles with the old  pvc kind. They didn't have enough poles  to do all the jumps but most of the jumps. I asked a club member what was going on. She said the judge is complaining to the rep that the poles are to heavy and not dropping. She can hear the dogs ticking the bars but the bars don't fall. WTH???   The Q rate in 16 inch jumpers the day before was less than 25%. What was that not low enough for her?  Bar were falling. Miley dropped bars. I know several of my friends dogs dropped bars.
Then this really bothered me. This lady's dog , when he was done running, would run straight at the judge and barking. Mean barking. Then turn off and start running at her again. The dog did this in both rings. The judge is in the middle of the ring and the dog leaves its owner and runs across  the ring. Neither judge  whistled this dog out of the ring. Can you believe it??  The one judge stopped walking several times when the dog did this. She was walking over to the tunnel to fix it. So this was more than half way across the ring.  OMG??  really. The owner calls it his "victory lap", I call it aggression.  Yea but lets worry about the bars not dropping.


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

we loved just having fun at agility but it is the very reason we stopped going - to many others with misbehaivng dogs that seemed to get away with stuff they should of been penalized for.

Sara said...

seems like the judge chose the wrong battle to fight. how annoying.

Lauren Miller said...

Miley and Java are gorgeous! I'm sure they will do better next time. :)

Dawn said...

Love the photo of the two of them. I ended up not going into agility with Katie because of lots of issues, mostly other people and all the waiting. It just seems too competitive. Obedience did too sometimes, and frankly I'm glad we're retired now. Too much stress, not enough fun. We're all about fun now!