Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oregon Post #3

This is a continuation of everything we did on Friday of our trip. This was the next falls we saw.

 I wish we had walked up this one too but there were so many to see and so much to do with just this one day! 
Sometimes the falls linked together with paths. So we walked from this one , to the next one.

We came to this fall next.  It was so crowded!!.  I think because there were bathrooms, a gift shop and a restaurant. 

You have to be really careful with Java. She will jump up onto anything. We  walked by this wall, she just jumped up. It freaked my husband out. Its a 40 foot drop on the other side.  So what else is there to do but  take a picture. LOL

You could walk up to the upper falls. I felt like I was in "Jurassic Park" and the bird cage. LOL

The bridge was closed for repairs.

Then she tried to kill herself climbing straight up this wall next to her. Ack!!

Next we started driving up to Mt. Hood.

There is a road called the "Fruit Loop".  Its where you can pass all the fruit trees they grow there.  They were just starting to bloom.  In about a week or so it would be beautiful. We didnt drive the fruit loop. 

There were trails that you could just stop and hike at. By this time it was getting pretty chilly outside. We stopped here for a restroom break. 

The logs holding this bridge were huge!!

We started to go for  a hike but then I got scared. No one knew we were here. What if some wild animal got us?  Do they have mountain lions here?  I didnt know and didnt plan to find out. We went back to the car and continued driving up the mountain. 

 See the poles on the side of the road. They mark to road for the snow plows. I guess it gets really deep based on how tall the poles are.

Doesnt this pole look huge????  Its just right next to the road but looks like its part of the woods. Cracked me up when I looked at it. 

We made it up to the ski resort on Mt. Hood. It was beautiful.  All the clouds had moved out. 

This is Timberline lodge. It was built in 1937. Its were they filmed some of "The shinning". Its very cool inside. We had lunch there. 

You dont see snow so high they have to put warning signs out in the south. 

 There was no one skiing here , so I thought is was safe to let Java off leash and run around. She liked catching snow balls.

Good thing those shots came out because that's all I was able to take. A snow boarder came flying by us and Java took off after him. Full Speed. Ack!!   Lucky she came back when I called her. Im sure she scared the crap out of the guy. Oops sorry dude. 

The end. 


Sara said...

Absolutely stunning!

Helen said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Looks like a wonderful trip.

Dawn said...

You're convincing me I need to go to Oregon right now! It's beautiful!

Nicki said...

So pretty. Oregon is one we haven't been to yet.