Saturday, May 17, 2014

Eyes, Kidneys and trials

Went to a trail last weekend.  I guess I will no longer get pictures with Miley's eyes open.  this was taken in the shade. Hmmmm.
Anyway, went to an indoor trial.  This is the first time Ive been to this venue and people rode their bikes inside the building. Ugh.  I wondered, as I was working the 20 inch class, if Java would continue to stay in the ring if someone was riding their bike pass the ring. It didn't seem to bother anyone else's dogs. I guess its just mine.
First up was T2b.
She popped out of the 10th poles , so then I was behind because I was really trying to drive down the line of poles so she wouldnt pop out. ugh. Because I was to far behind after the a-frame, she missed jump 6. But she stopped on the teeter. WhooHoo!!! 

The teeter has been  a huge issue for us. She just kept flying off. I thought she was just to excited and didn't want to stop. So I had been pulling her off course, for flying off. But she would do it again the next time or get it once and then fly off the time after that. So at this point I figured she didn't understand the criteria.  If pulling your dog doesn't work after a few times, your dog doesn't understand what you want , at least in my opinion.  So someone gave me an idea on retraining the teeter. I changed the idea a little.  I worked on getting Java to scratch a target on the ground. Then I put the target at the end of the teeter and had her scratch when the teeter hit the ground. Im still working on fading the target by cutting the circle target smaller and smaller. But the idea seems to be working. She stopped on the teeter in T2B and in standard.

Next up was standard. This course was eating dogs up. I worked the 20 inch dogs and so many of them dropped bars going down the first line.

They seemed to drop the bar either 3 , 4 or 5. The next problem, coming out of the chute, they wouldn't turn and took the off course jump.  The last problem, running the line at the end. 4 jumps out, you are getting behind as your dog runs ahead. Then they spin because they are unsure where to go.

Java did great except I messed up my rear cross at 5. Ugh!!

Then last was JWW.  She popped the weaves again!! ack!! Some how we recovered and didn't have any other mistakes but it wasn't pretty.

Then we went for a walk before going back to the hotel.

I love this picture. I have no idea who this lady is but her horse sure like rolling in the fresh grass.

The Java and Miley were running around. I have no idea what happened. I don't know if Miley slipped and fell on her face or if some small gravel got kicked up and hit her in the eye but she couldn't open her eye for the next 12 hours.

I didn't know what to do. But lucky I'm facebook friends with an Veterinary ophthalmologist. She sent me a message and told me what to do.  The next morning Miley couldn't open her eye at the hotel room but when we got to the trial, she could.  Ive been treating her with antibiotic ointment and she has been ok. She goes to the eye specialist Monday for a recheck.

That morning I went to McDonalds and ordered a Egg McMuffin. The weird thing was , it didn't have any Canadian bacon on it. WTH???   Then I get to the trial, right before Im suppose to run, while warming Java up. I think I see a slight head bob.  What???  (that usually means some type of compensation for a front end injury. ) I watch her, sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't. Ack!!  Then we walk inside on the rubber mat by the door. And she limps across.  I check her feet and find nothing.  We walk some more and on gravel she is limping. I check her feet several more times and I cant find anything. I decided to scratch her runs for the day and go home.  Bummer. Then while driving home, Im tired and stop at a rest area.  I decided to get some candy, which I never do.  I go to buy some M&Ms with my last few quarters.  Its one of those machines with the spiral thing in it and it turns until the candy drops down.  Right before its suppose to drop, the spiral spring stops turning.  Crap!!  No candy for me.  Today wasn't my day.   We finally get home. I check Java's feet again and find a small piece of gravel stuck in the fur between her toes.  That was the problem.  No more limping after that. So at least it wasn't any horrible.  
Ok, Ill have to talk about Miley's kidney probably later, I have to go.


Sara said...

Poor Miley, she just can't catch a break :(

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Maybe it is just lifes telling you to slow down and just breathe :)