Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Trial

Our club took pictures of anyone who is an instructor, to hang on the  club's wall. This was ours.
Next Miley. So after two rounds of antibiotics, she still has blood in her urine and she is still getting me up at night.  On Monday they did a bladder tap to get a sterile urine sample. As of yesterday the sample hadn't grown anything. They will continue to see if anything grows for 72 hours. But they said we need to start investigation other reasons for the blood and frequency of having to go to the bathroom. So Friday she will have a ultrasound of her bladder to rule out cancer and stones (that may not have been picked up on xray). Keep your fingers crossed of stones and not cancer. Update:  no  growth after 3 days of the urine culture.  They did the ultrasound. No growths in the bladder  but there is "sludge". Could be blood clots or crystals. The tried to ultrasound her kidneys. The problem was, they could only find one kidney and it was really small. Not sure how confident I am in their ability to US.  Its a pretty hard thing to learn, IMO.   Im thinking of going to a specialist to get some answers.  So they put Miley on another round of antibiotics to see if that will help calm everything down and get her to sleep through the night.

Our club had their agility this past weekend.  I keep debating if Im going to stay on the committee.  Its just a lot of work and just becomes over whelming.  To be there working from 7am to 7pm is just exhausting. By the last  day, Im just over the whole thing.  In good news I went to the "Pain Clinic" to see if they could help control my pain better.  So he switched me to the patch  of pain medication. (not like the heavy duty ones people with cancer pain need).  Anyway, its made a huge difference. No more ups and downs  of pain/no pain when taking pills.  No more achiness all over. The only negative right now is Im pretty tired.  Hopefully that will get better.

The trial went ok.  We did manage to get some Q's. We got our last Novice FAST Q for that title. We got another Ex standard Q on a pretty tough course. Two T2B Qs and I think that's it.  On Friday we were having a beautiful Standard run and she flew off the teeter. Ugh.  So we left the ring. (I stopped writing this and meant to get back to it sooner and now can remember my train of thought. LOL)

Sunday we had a beautiful T2B run.  I got both the front crosses in that I wanted.  I have to be able to get there sooner to show motion in the direction that I want to go. Im usually late so when she sees me, I haven't finished  my cross to get me moving in the correct direction.

So after a really nice T2B run, I messed up the next two.  In standard, there was a tunnel right after the dogwalk, I knew that was going to be a problem. She flew across the dogwalk, and I just wasn't quick enough. Im watching my dog run, thinking, darn she looks awesome.  LOL, and  I watch her go right into the tunnel.  Oops.  Then she had several wrong tunnel entrances for standard and jumpers.  Not sure what that is about.

Here was the jumpers course.
So many dogs when #6, 7 and then 13.  Everyone keeps telling me to run faster. Guess what, that isn't the problem. You can see in the video, that Im in front of my dog running fast.  Its takes more than that. She takes #6, the off course jump and straight into the wrong end of the tunnel. Ack.  Then at the end, after the weaves, she slips and falls. I hear her land behind me and could tell she fell. Darn it.  I worked so hard with the stupid freaking watering of the rings and it just wasn't good enough. I was just so beaten down by the whole footing of the rings. So frustrating. To work so hard to make it right and it just never was.

Tomorrow off to Oregon!!!!!


Bailey said...

Beautiful picture. So sorry to hear there has been no resolution.

Kim said...

I love the picture of the three of you!!
I hope you get Miley's bladder/kidney issues solved soon. It's so hard when you don't know what exactly is going on.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

we sure hope you get some answer for Miley. We can only recommend getting in touch with a university veterinary clinic...when Reilly was sick - and we were back and forth the vets and specialist for nearly a year - it was the University of Texas vet center that figured out what was wrong.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Sorry to hear about miley's health problems. Hope they manage to figure it out soon.

Lovely picture!

I'm on my club's committee and it can be a pain but it's nice being able to affect changes.