Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We went to Oregon last week. I was on Spring break and there was a Daisy Peel camp that same week. So my husband went with me and we made a vacation of it. Probably what I should have done was took private lessons and then my husband wouldn't have spent 3 days by himself. But oh well, live and learn.
We flew out  last Saturday. It took most of the day since we  flew out of Atlanta. It took about 4 hours to drive to Atlanta and then flew for 5 hours.
(Im assuming this is Mt. Hood. I don't know what mountain was in the back ground)
So we got to the hotel at 10pm.  Sunday we woke up early and drove to the Coast. I knew Sunday was going to be the warmest day (70 degrees), so a beach day it was. We went to Cannon Beach.  This is what we first saw when driving up.

We found parking and it was a cute little beach town.

This beach was beautiful!!

Lots of people were taking pictures of these birds. I don't know if they were special or not but I took pictures too. LOL

This dead tree was beautiful! It was sitting on top of all these black rocks. So cool.

This beach was very quite in the morning but was filling up quickly by afternoon.  So many dogs every where. I was glad when we left. I think we walked 10 miles that day.  On the way home we stopped at a rest area. It had a trail as part of it. So we walked some more.

Everything is soooooo green. All the trees wear coats.

Everything was just beautiful. Full of color. I just kept taking pictures but it just didn't capture how wonderful it was.

The whole week we hiked, climbed over rocks and trees, ran agility.  Where did I fall and hurt myself?  At the rest stop. LOL, Yup.  I was walking and the square sidewalk pieces weren't level. The one in front was up about 2 inches and I tripped and fell.  I skinned my hands and knees. Ouch!

The hotel we stayed at was very nice. It was a block from the river.

There was a walking path that was about 2 miles long, one way. You could see Mt. Hood from the river.

The path lead around the marina.

This duck decided that the river wasn't good enough, he would rather swim in his own pool.

After contacting a couple people who's blogs I read, I got the suggestion to go  hiking at the Eagle Creek trail.  So the next day , that's where we went. That was after we walked the 4 mile path by the river.

You start out walking close to the river and slowly the river gets father and father  down .

Some parts of the trail was wide but some were narrow.

Some narrow parts of the path had metal wire railings to hold on to.  We didn't see many people going up the trail but coming back down, lots of people and dogs started coming. Good thing we went early. Anyway, it was kind of unnerving  when you had to pass someone on the narrow paths. I seemed to be the person  who always had to be on the outside of the path, near the edge, when passing.  All I could think of was, "What if this person is a wacko, and just pushes me off the edge?". LOL

I kept trying to take pictures of the river, so you could see how far away it had dropped down but it just doesn't really show you.

The trees here are soooo tall. Ive never seen trees this tall before.

Here was one of the first waterfalls you come across.

Its was just so pretty and green on everything.
We finally get to the lower  part of the falls.

This place was magical.  Around the corner was a huge waterfall. I took my shoes off and tried to brave through the cold water to get around the corner. Nope, I couldn't do it. The water was so cold, it was painful and I had to retreat.

This lady is leaning to try to get a picture of the waterfall around the corner.  It gives you perspective of how big the place is.
This small waterfall was behind us if forward is where the lady is standing.  This waterfall flows into the really pretty green water.
Then we hike back up the side of the mountain and to see the top of the waterfall that was around the corner. It was a steep hike too.
It was a wonderful hike.
On the way home, over the bridge, I took this shot.


K-Koira said...

Oregon is beautiful. I sometimes forget how strange our forests can look to people who haven't lived here their whole lives- but whenever I go other places in the world, I notice how brown everything is, and how small the trees are.

Lian said...

WOW! Amazing place! So beautiful!

Bailey said...

Great adventure. Isn't it always the place you deem least harmful that ends up causing you pain?

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Wow - what a beautiful place. It is funny I was the travel channel last night and saw all the same places on there too...love the beach, loved it all - add it to the places to visit

Sally Burch said...

Wow! Just found your blog while searching for a few agility blogs to follow, and what a post to find! Amazing photos! :D

Sara said...

Amazing stuff! It really is a beautiful part of the country. Glad you got to get away and enjoy it.

Helen said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the Oregon coast, I hope I get to travel back there one day.

Elf said...

Wonderful collection of photos, all of them so nicely composed and exposed, and I enjoyed the travelogue. Hope your skinned body parts are healing nicely. Tall trees? Ma'am, you NEEEED to come to California to see the redwoods!

Nicki said...

Nice-still on my list of places to go!

Dawn said...

Never been to Oregon, you've convinced me we should go. Absolutely beautiful. So glad you got to go!