Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Post trial write up

Last weekend I went to a trial up in the up-state of South Carolina.   It was suppose to rain all weekend but it didn't rain at all. It was freezing in the morning but then warmed up during the day.  It was indoor but pretty cold inside. I know Im wimpy, I had hand warmers in my gloves and in my shoes. LOL  I drove up Friday night because my walk thur started at 7:40am.  I left the house and kept thinking I forgot something. When I got there, I realized I forgot to pack any pants. LOL, so I only had the pants I wore up there.

First up was standard. It didn't look hard.

So many dogs couldn't do the weaves.  The weaves were angled and the fence line came in on them. Multiple dogs popped the weaves, including Miley. weird, I really didn't think it would be a problem. Also dogs curling in after the chute and not being able to do that the number 7 jump.  In the 12 inch group, only 4 dogs cued. I don't remember how many 12 inch dogs there were. I know there were a total of 224 master/excellent dogs. There were 49 , 16 inch dogs.

Java did all the weaves, but broke her startline. I did BAD training and let her run. Ugh!!  I don't know why I did that.  She flew off the teeter, so  I did pull her after that.

Next up was jumpers.

Miley had a nice run but dropped the bar at #2.   Java didn't read my rear cross at 3 to 4.  Lots of dogs  curled in after the 2nd tunnel and went off course. Including Java. I was able to redirect Miley over the #16 Jump.


Miley had a nice run. She took 2nd place.  Her slow a-frames kill us time wise.  Java, broke her start line and we left.

The next day, started with Standard.

Miley Qed but took 4th (I think).  Java didn't even let me get pass the first jump, the tire, before she broke. So we left. Ugh!!

Next up jumpers.

Miley dropped a bar. She took off way to early. Otherwise nice run.  One dropped bar from a double Q. Ugh.  Well better than an off course.
Java was running beautifully, then I flung my arm up in between 17 and 18 and she went off course. I dont know why I did that. Man, so close. LOL   Even with the extra yardage, with the extra jump, she was over 5 yards per second.


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Wow - Miley is fast - how do you keep up with her...she was almost a blur :)

Sara said...

What a little stinker Java was...breaking the startlune. She was ready to go!

Miley is so much fun to watch. Love her! You'd never know she had table issues.

Great runs!

Helen said...

I know what you mean about the arm, I throw mine up sometimes too. In my case it causes Beckett to spin, I'm told because it draws his head up. I've also been told to remember he's not a Great Dane and that I can keep my arms down, doesn't always help though. You had some really nice runs though! Dang bar!