Friday, February 14, 2014

Another Snow

Its started snowing on Tuesday morning.  Half way through the school day it really was coming down. Parents were coming to school to get their kids. So they decided to let the kids go at 1pm.  By 3pm it had stopped. But more was coming. For us it was suppose to be an ice storm. Lucky most of it was snow or sleet.  A lot of sleet.

  The wind would blow and all the sleet would slide off the roof like water falls. It made big piles around the house.

Java thought the big piles were there just for her.

 The dogs always have a good time.

Roxy hasn't gone outside in days.  Mickey did go out. The shelties tried to get him to play. He wasn't amused.

Guiness did a lot of this.

And this.

Then over night the ice came.

I haven't been able to do any of my DP class assignment. Not sure it will get done either. Snow still on the ground and now rain coming tomorrow. Ack.
Im teaching two classes for the club. A beginner obedience class. Its really just a basic class with sits, downs, hand touches and loose leash walking. There is wide range of dogs in the class which makes it hard. One beagle that is over the top, always straining at the end of his leash. Its a smart dog but I think the owner is frustrated. He wants to force the dog into a down but pushing it down. Well you know how that works. Then there is a very nice husky that never wants to leave its mat. It has no enthusiasm for anything. Not food or toys.  So I told them to watch there dog this week and see what he is happy about. There has to be something that gets him excited.  So will see if they do it and what their list shows.
Then next class is a contacts and sequencing class for people who have finished the foundation agility class.  Sorry to say I haven't been enjoying this class. Two of the dogs , when ever they are let off leash, run around and they run as fast as they can at other dogs in the class. The dogs don't have good recalls. Ive talked to them about how to work on this. We'll see if it works.  The other person has a very nice border collie that is nice but doesn't like being charged by these other two dogs and gets upset.  Im scared there will be a fight. I don't think the other two people were ready to come to this class.  A requirement should be a good recall on your dog.  I don't have a problem with peoples dogs running around but they cant charge other dogs.  So the class has been stressful for me.   I think this is the last class I teach.  And Ive had to cancel almost all the classes due to weather. So this class is going on forever!!  Ive talked to the club about have consistency but its just not happening.   People teaching the classes don't have the skills they need to teach.  The one person , Ive never seen run agility for all the years Ive been with the club.  The other person has been to two agility class and started running her dog at trials.  One class she taught, she told them that your arms are what turn the dog on course. Ack!!  And that rear crosses are hard on your dog because he cant see you. What??   So I don't think she understands about handling. I know that Im not great but  I so understand what turns my dog even if I cant execute it very well.   So anyway its been very frustrating.

Guiness says its time for this crap to go away.  It will be in the 70's next week. Yay!!


Sara said...

70's! Sounds fantastic!

Ice is the worst. Glad you only had it at the tail end of the storm. This has been one crazy winter for everybody!

Helen said...

You guys got quite the mess. I hate sleet, it's heavy,hard to shovel and the snow blower won't throw it very far. We're getting snow today. Was only supposed to be a couple inches but we got more than that.

Collie222 said...

Love your pictures! We got a lot of snow dumped on us too, and more is coming tomorrow! I cannot wait for Spring!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

snow and then ice is the worse....but the doggies sure look like they were enjoying it :)

Dawn said...

Ice is bad, but the snow was pretty! And the shelties loved it, hope it's gone soon though! I'm in AL and it's only 40 degrees and overcast but I don't's not snowing!

Dawn said...

I'm so far behind in reading blogs. I hope all this ice and snow is gone!!!