Monday, May 27, 2013

Convergence and we dont have it.


So do you see a theme?  LOL  Yep,  it killed me all weekend. Over and over again. Ugh!!!  So I guess I have some work to do.

Went to an AKC trail this weekend.   First up was FAST.  I didnt Q with either dog.   Java was heading for the correct tunnel entrance and I said tunnel, she pulled off and took the other entrance. All I could do was laugh. So the rest of the weekend I didnt say tunnel just in case she thinks it means something other that what I thought it meant.

Miley, crashed the triple. Ugh.  Then got the first two obstacles into the send but didnt get the #5 jump.

Next up was Master standard. We havent trial in about 6 weeks or so, so I wasnt sure what was going to happen at the table. But she got right on. She had a beautiful run. We were 6 seconds behind the 1st place dog. Im not sure how I could have made her turn tighter because she looks pretty tight almost every where except the jump before the aframe.
We took 4th place! We got our first ever Master/excB Q and 23 MACH points. Ive never gotten MACH points before. How exciting.

Next was Open JWW.
I already told you what the problem was. Plus she didnt read the call to heel over the jump after the tunnel to the weaves. Im not sure why, because I do know I practice that.

Next up was Miley's Master JWW run.
Miley missed the #13 jump. I was going to layer that unnumbered jump between #12 and 13 but when I told people this everyone seemed like that was a crazy thing to do. But I know Miley and I was going to have to pull hard to get her over. Well I didnt layer it and she missed the jump. Ugh. I know my dog and should have stuck to my plan.
 Also my cross must have been late after 9 because she turned the wrong way after 10.

Last up Novice Standard.

This was a very nice run except for missing that jump.

She turned the wrong way after the jump after the weaves. I gave her a stong "go on" and think she was so extended and just went on.


First was T2B. I had both dogs entered.

Java had a nice run but kept popping the 10th pole. The ending was very nice.

I pulled Miley at the beginning because I thought she had dropped 3 bars in a row. It turned out to be two in a row. But I was worried she was  hurt.   She is ok and didnt drop anymore bars Sunday.

Next was open jww. I really thought we were going to do this. 
I felt like I was pushing on that line as hard as I could but she was locked on to the tunnel before even taking jump #5.

I had to pull Miley from Master standard.  First she came out of the weave poles. I let it slide thinking maybe she slipped or something. Then she was coming down the dogwalk, like she was going to stop and  took a flying leap off the dogwalk, over the contact and into the wrong end of the tunnel. So I picked her up and we left.  Silly dog.

Next up was Masters JWW.

I was going to blind crossed but chickened out. So my freaking front cross was late and to far over and made her miss the jump. Man I was so upset at myself.  I cant even do a front cross right.  I just wanted to go home after this but Java still have nocice standard and I wanted to try to Q. 

So I saw the weave pole entry from the a-frame and thought crap I dont think we can do that. I was scared to do another front cross, after 2, after screwing up Miley's run. So I walked it with a rear between 3 and 4. That would leave me doing a post turn into the weaves.  Probably not a good plan.  So I watched the first person run. It was a world team person with her new BC. She front crossed into the weaves and it was beautiful. I decided screw it, Im front crossing after 2 so I can be head and front cross after the a-frame. Worked great!!.  Im not sure why she stopped right before the table.  The next problem was getting that tunnel entrance. I know you think , its straight ahead. But for Java, that doesnt mean anything.  So I pushed as hard as I could to force that  tunnel entrance. She got it and the contact!!  Whoohooo!! ( funny, I felt like I was running so fast and then you watch the video and think Not. LOL)   I think Java had the fastest  time of all the dogs that ran. Whoohoo!! I really want her to be competitive  and when I watch the video, she doesnt look that fast. But that can be deciving. Sometimes you think a dog is really fast and you look at their time and they werent.
So anyway Java Qed and we are out of Novcie. So happy!!.


Sara said...

Great job Diana!

Chris and Ricky said...

Good weekend!

Priscilla Phang said...

Yay to you girls!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Java looks very fast! She's sped up quite a bit since your last trial.

Helen said...

Java was kicking up a little dust there. I'd say she was moving fast. Miley had a real nice Standard there, so glad we don't have the table at Masters.

That looks like a real nice venue.

Congrats on your weekend!

Merinda said...

Congrats on your first MACH points!
All 3 of you looked fantastic!