Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas party and stuff

This week has been crazy at work. Flu is here and all coming to my office. Kids have been getting off the bus and walking straight into my office with a fever of 102.  Im not sure why parents are sending their kids to school sick but if they keep this up we'll never get it out of the school. In the first three days of school this week Ive seen 189 kids, not including medications. That's a lot.  I  had the principal do a "phone blast" where everyone at school is called with a recorded message. It talked about flu being at school and that your child's temperature has to be under 100 degrees without medication for 24 hours to come back to school. So yesterday no one got off the bus and came to my office sick. Hopefully things are getting better.
Last night was my clubs Christmas party. It was very nice. It was in a club house for a community. The house was old and charming. Lots of people came and lots of people I didnt know.  There was a gift exchange.  You brought a gift, it could be anything, that cost 10.00.  I think some people spent more than ten dollars. It was hard to find something for ten dollars.  I brought a ball jar that was fill with the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.  Im sure you have seen them , they have all the layers in the jar and you just have to add a couple of items, to make the cookies. Its was cute. This gift exchange was where you could pick a gift or steal someone else.  They limited the steals to once since so many people where there. When people started opening gifts, I got worried I had the worse gift there.  This one lady got a slipper stocking that was stuffed with a big toy tiger, a soft ball, and several dog treats. I stole this gift. So she had to go pick another. She picked this small box with this really neat flower on top. She opened it and it was a lump of coal. Ugh! I stole this lady's gift and now she got coal. ( I later found out the coal was a piece of chocolate).  I left terrible. And this lady is new to the club, this was her first meeting. Yea, I know how to make friends , dont I??? So I gave her the dog treats( a big cookie type bone and a bully stick) that were in my gift. She didnt want to take it but I told her my dogs wont eat that stuff so she would take it.  Why would someone give a lump of coal?  Well clearly I didnt have the worse gift. LOL
This weekend Im off to a AKC trial.  Java will run for the first time. She is entered in novice FAST on Saturday and novice jumpers on Sunday.  Im nervous and excited.  I havent really proofed her startline. I may have to sling shot her at the start line. Will see.  She has really started to put things together recently. I ran her in a class on Wednesday and she did the masters course.( course is from Clean Run Source book)
My only problem was getting her to send to #13 so I could run down the line to get in a front cross between 15 and 16. But man she had no problem with the treadle at the end.  Do you know how long Ive been working on threadles with Miley and sometimes she still doesnt get it. Java nailed it several times. How exciting.


Sara said...

I don't do secret santa games anymore! I got really screwed once, and it ruined me for life :)

Java's first trial! How exciting. Can't wait to hear about it.

Helen said...

Exciting to start running a new dog!! Keltic seems to be picking things up quick but I have been very hap hazard with his training but then he can't compete until next fall.

Catalina said...

Good luck this week-end with Java! How exciting!

todd ikey said...

Geez... There doesn't seem to be much between novice and masters :) good luck Java

Dawn said...

GOOD LUCK, I know you had a great day yesterday and today isn't going as well, but isn't it exciting to be running them both!