Monday, December 10, 2012

2nd day of trial

I wasnt sure I was going to post the video of Miley at the 2nd day of the trial. But after watching it several times there are some really good things happening with Miley and I. So I decided to post it anyway.
First up was ISC standard.  A freaking hard course and I thought to myself, "why am I running this, its over my head".  But I walked it and ran what I walked.  I slipped at 5. Then my cross was late after the dogwalk. I was planning to FC and then rear to the weaves. But I think she thought I was doing a "backee upee" ( where you step back and bring your dog around the jump). So I messed that up.  My front cross after the weaves was  late and I held her to long going to the tunnel.  I really wanted to make sure she did the teeter correctly which then put me behind. Then she didnt stop on the aframe so I marked it.  I know it was kinda a mess but I just kep going. I heard Loretta in my head, "keep going no matter what happens".

In T2B we were have a beautiful fun. She stopped on the first a-frame and it was beautiful. I praised her.  Then the second a-frame and she jumped it. Ugh!!  Then Im not sure if what happen afterwards was my fault but she stressed and ran around the ring. We left.  This part of the video makes me feel bad. Im not mad at Miley, I just want her to understand she cant act like this. But how do I convey this without seeming so disappointed.  At this point Im not surprised at jumping contacts or running around the ring. But we cant complete a course if she dose these things. Ugh. Im not sure what the right thing is.

Last up was jww. We had an awesome run going and she missed the weave pole entry and went in a the 2nd pole. I was just going to keep going but then she popped out like she knew that wasnt right so we restarted. We had a great ending. I should have RC on the flat  after 18 but I just didnt think quick enough.

Last up was Java.  She ran the day before in novice FAST. It wasnt a very good run. I stepped to the line and my heart was pounding in my chest. Ugh, I hate when that happens. So I messed up a lot. The video wont load to youtube. LOL  So this day I ran novice jww.  It was weird. I felt like I just didnt know how to run this dog. I thought , "what am I doing here". I wasnt sure  if I should  just run with her or front cross things or rear cross.  We started to run and I felt like I sent her and could make the front cross, but darn she was there before I could finish the cross. Ugh. So I cut her off a couple of times but otherwise a very nice run. My dog was happy and running.  Someone came up after me and said, "you had the best dog out there". Yay Java!!


Sara said...

Miley is so stinkin' fast. I'm in awe of her no matter what she does.

Good girl Java!

Lian said...

Miley is awesome although there were some hip cups every now and then but she enjoyed the game!

Java was cracking in her first trial. She's fawless!

corbinwooten said...

That was a really, really great trial for you and both dogs. I was so happy when I read your Facebook post about how the dogs did.

Congratulations--definitely a testament to all the work you've put in!