Thursday, May 26, 2011

Practice in the heat

Yesterday I wanted to practice with Miley. A friend said I could use his yard. He has a great yard for agility. Big and flat!  Ive had the bars at 14 inches the last couple of days because we are doing an ISC jumpers course at the trial on Saturday.  In ISC she has to jump 14.   The course will be set by Kurt Matushek, so I looked up course by him. Sometime judges like a certain thing and you will see it again and again.  I didnt really see anything consistent in Kurts courses.  Maybe some pinwheels but thats it. So I set the first course up. It was an ISC course he designed for World team tryouts in 2009.  She ran it great and we stayed on course.  We only ran it once. Then I set up a jumpers course I had a course map for.
We did ok except  for some reason I RC the weaves and when I tried to FC at the end of the weaves, I couldnt get there in time. So then I tried to RC on the flat after 11 but that pushed her out and she didnt take 13.  ( there also was a dogwalk sitting out that was  running along the back of the course. So a couple of times she took the dogwalk after 12.) I needed to be ahead of her coming out of the weaves. It finally hit me, to FC after #9 into the weaves. That way I was already ahead and I FC after the weaves. It worked like a charm. To bad it took so long for me to figure it out.

It was hot as heck. It was 98 degrees and the humidity was very high. It made it miserable.  I kept dunking Miley in the pool trying to keep her cool.
Then I set up another course.

 First I didnt do enough of a lead out to beat her out of the tunnel. So we started over. Then she did what she did at the trial this pass weekend. She popped out of the weaves at the 10th pole. It was the same setup with the jump  90 degrees to the right of the poles.  Hmmm.  So we ran it again and she did the same thing.  So I brought her back and made her redo the weaves. She got them that time, so I jack potted her.  I knew she had had enough running and jumping. It was just so hot.  But I really wanted to run the course one more time to try and get the weaves in the sequence correct. We ran it, and she got it. WhooHoo!  She dropped several bars but I think she just didnt have enough left in her to really run well because it was just to hot.  I just didnt worry about the dropped bars.  I figured that may happen. It wasnt the point of the run, it was to stay and finish the weaves.


Berts Blog said...

Boy that is pretty to watch
Thanks for sharing

Sara said...

Nice yard!!!! Great run. Cant believe you were out there in 98 degree weather. I was complaining yesterday, because it was 84.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome yard for agility!! But I don't know how you did anything in that heat and humidity! You guys looked great in the video!

Kathy said...

yikes, that sounds hot You guys look great, you will do terrific!

Morganne said...

Nice run! I can't believe how fast and motivated Miley is in that kind of heat and humidity. You too! I would have been melting!

Dawn said...

come on up here! We have a nice flat yard (but not much agility stuff) and it's in the 50's! LOL!