Friday, May 6, 2011

Follow -up trial

 I never really wrote that much about the trial because I was just to tried.  It was at a new place this year. Farther away from the beach, so that was a drag but still a nice place.  It was at a park, a huge park.  When I drove up, you had to pay a fee. But I didnt bring any money. I didnt want to bring my purse so I just took my ID and credit card but forgot cash. I  looked through my change dish and found enough to pay the entrance fee.  Im  not sure what I  was planning to do for lunch. Plus I was staying for the b-match after that. 
Anyway the park was huge. The picture above was taken by this pond that also had a dock on it.It was in the "kid" area where there was a splash pad.I looked for an alligator sign but didnt see one until I went around the other side the next day. I wouldnt have put Miley next to the pond to take pictures.  Who would have thought they would have a pond with alligaters in the kids area.

Then there were the dog parks.  The one side for the big dogs was huge. It has two beaches  and the dogs looked like they were having fun swimming.
 The beaches and water is down passed those people you see in the picture. 

This was more of the water area in the dog park, the water circled the dog park.  I dont know why there were no alligators signs up in the big dog park area.
I had a long wait after running FAST first.  So I thought I would work a class.  I went over to find the worker schudule and it was posted on the ring gate boards.  I walked over there and I felt the leash go tight. I turn around and Miley is peeing right next to the AKC reps shoe. Ugh!  I told him I was so sorry.  She didnt pee on him but jeez, I dont know why she had to pee so close to the guy.  Anyway, I signed up to be leash runner for the exc standard class.  The classes werent that big so I worked it for the whole class.  It was small to tall.  The 24inch dogs were getting ready to run and the timer and scribe had to go walk the other ring. So two new people sat down. There was me, the gate steward , the timer and scribe. The score sheet runner, who worked for the club, went to bring the sheets to the table. She came back and brought water for everyone but me.  How rude is that?  I was so pissed.  Especially since I was in the sun and they were all under the shade tent.  And that there, is the story of my life.  I dont think she meant to be rude, at least I dont think so.  But if you got back and noticed you forgot someone, wouldnt you go get it, or say sorry.  I finished the class and I was grumpy. The worker coupons could go toward lunch but one wasnt enough to buy lunch.  I would need to work another class.   Great.
Now it was time for Exc JWW.

We held it together on this course unitl #17 and I became disconnected from my dog.  I remember thinking , wow we made it thur the hard part and bam, the bar came down. Not that it really mattered because she missed the weave pole entrance but it would be nice if I could keep it together thur a whole course.   The other thing, is she was really wide # 6-9.  Oh, well I was pretty discussed in myself. 

Then I worked another class. I think I was leash runner and bar setter.  I finally had enough coupons to get a sandwich.   It was now 2pm and I hadnt eaten since 6am.  So I think all my grumpiness was from needing to eat.  Needless to say, I didnt forget my money the next day. LOL

So now you are up to date since I already talked about the b-match and Sunday.


Dawn said...

"Will work for food!" Sounds like a tough way to get to eat, and yes that person SHOULD have gone back and got you a water!!

Sara said...

Boy, you really had to earn your lunch that day!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That JWW was awesome - love how you were ahead of Miley and giving her early information the whole time - good job!

I would've passed out from not eating from 6 until 2. And I am VERY grumpy when I am hungry! LOL!

Berts Blog said...

Some humans live in their own special world and don't look outside it. Sounds like that is the kind of person with the water.....

It looked like it was a beautiful day though. And when you worry about not completeing something like that to your liking, just know that we are very VERY impressed cause me and Vickie would have fallen on our faces just looking at the course.

Your the best.


Morganne said...

What a lovely run! So very smooth. I see where you disconnected - just didn't support that jump. I have to support every obstacle with Summit. Even with his long stride, I can pull him off jumps and tunnels by turning my shoulders away from him too soon.

Kathy said...

Breeze is like that too, good news is she sees everything I do and if I wanted to pull her off something I would just have to slightly pull off a tad before she takes a jump....bad news is she sees everything I do and I pull her off if I slightly pull off a jump and am heading to the next place,so I know how that is, LOL.

You guys are really looking great - I think it shows how connected you two are when you are running-you guys have just come so far in the last few months, it is all gelling....very fun to watch

What a poop head to not go and get you water too-or AT LEAST not to notice when she got back and apologize for goodness sake!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

You're absolutely right - that lady was rude and inconsiderate for not getting you a water OR apologizing for it. A leash runner does more work than a score runner so there was no reason whatsoever that she shouldn't have gotten you one.

That course looks very tricky! It looks like rear cross heaven, but everything is so tight in some places.

Cedarfield said...

Thanks for posting so many courses. It's nice to be able to set up course by judges that often come up here, too.

Are you going to Concord in August?