Monday, July 11, 2016

At the lake again

I took the dogs to the lake again. This time I had my son drop me off and then he went to the book store in Lexington. We no longer have book stores in Irmo, sad but true.

This time I only saw deer running through the woods. At least no dead deer parts this time.

I love the wood tones on the dead trees here. I had to tie her long line around the wood, to get her to stay. She doesnt have a stay yet.

No one wantedto run and play. Well except Zoey but no one would play with her.

Zoey likes to blow bubbles in the water.

 This is a really nice beach. To bad I dont have anyone to hang out with. It would be nice to swim here too.
It was windy so lots of waves.

My other dogs dont like to get wet but Zoey deosnt care.

I cant believe Java stayed here with the water splashing up. Usually she would be gone.

I then walked around to the other cove. It doesnt take the wind, so there are no waves over there. I wanted Zoey to practice swimming. Even if you dont like swimming, you need to know how to swim.  So she is still splashing in the beginning but then starts to swim after about 20 seconds or so.

Its nice here to because you can see to the bottom of the water.
This picture cracks me up.

Lots of fish in the water, so I fed them a little kibble. LOL

We left after Zoey's swimming. A boat was coming into the cove. But before that, we had the whole place to ourselves.

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Dawn said...

Your dogs are soooooo cute! Love the new little brave! Love Miley and Java too. They're just beautiful!