Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last weekend in Gainsville

I went to a trial in Gainesville Ga. last weekend.   It rained all weekend. In fact it rained all week too.  Im so over all this rain. In good news, its sunny today.  Today Im going to Perry Ga for the UKI nationals.  We arent really good enough for these tough courses, Im more going to help. Im signed up to run but I probably wont make it to anything on the weekend. But thats ok. My friends are in charge of this trail and they always come to our trial and work really hard, so I feel its only right that I come help them. Besides, they are both just the nicest people.

Anyway I bought some pictures!

We didnt get many Qs.  But there were many weekends, that I never Qed. So that fact that I get Qs, is just amazing to me. 

Java only got one Q in JWW. But with a nice run and 1st place. 

Miley finally got a Q this weekend too!.  Its been a while for poor Miley.

My hotel room also was not nice.  I didnt take my RV because I had to travel at night on Friday night, and its hard to drive at night, IMO.

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