Friday, February 13, 2015

Greatest Agility Weekend Ever!!

 This was taken at the B-match that they had on Saturday.   (Im sorry I dont blog to much. My laptop is so slow and irritating that it takes me forever to get anything done)

Anyway, I went to the trial on Thursday.   It was pretty cold every morning. I dont know if they didnt have the heat on in the building but it was pretty cold in there. At least to me.   Friday I started with Java running Fast, so I could work on her 2o/2o tetter.  We didnt get the send, even though it was hard.  But she did really good on the teeter.  She ate least paused before leaving.  LOL.   Standard was a neat course.
Poor Miley tried to clothes line herself on  jump 13. She took off way to early.  Im still trying decided if I should drop her down to 8 inches.   After she jumped badly, I went to check her to make sure she was ok. But as soon as I did that, her ears went down, like she thought she did something wrong. Then she started stress circling. So I decided we had to get happy Miley back in the ring. So I just started clapping and using a happy cheerful voice. I got her back and we finished the  run.   Java had a nice run, except  she made the weave entry but I had no forward motion (thinking she wasnt going to make it) so she pulled out of the weaves. Ugh.  Lots of dogs had trouble turning tight enough to  get into the weaves. What work best was to front cross after jump 14. So you would front cross after 13 and after 14.  That seemed to be the only thing  that worked.
( these are several video's from the weekend. Its Friday Standard run and Jww run (she took 2nd or 3rd) ,  Saturdays Jww run .)

I stayed in my friends RV for the weekend. She lives close by and didnt come to the trial because her dog had puppies.  My husband came down and stayed with me Friday night.

For the first time, my dogs didnt bark at night when at a dog trial. I didnt wake up multiple  times because people talking in the hallways or people slamming their hotel room doors.  It was awesome!!
So Im going to buy this RV.  She has had it for sale for a while and Ive been thinking about it for a long time.  Plus, it already had crates built into it , you can see it on the left side there.   Im worried about driving it but I figure if a bunch of my friends can do it, so can I. LOL

Saturday my ipad started acting weird. First it taped a run but when you tried to get it to play, it gave you an error message.  Then the next run, it showed it was taping, with the numbers going up, but then there was nothing there at the end.  Then it just  stopped taping at all. Ugh!!.  Then it just went dead and wouldnt open at all.   I tried charging it. I used two different  cords and plugs. I used different sockets to try charging it. My friend tried charging it. Nothing.   Then I took it to  BestBuy , that's  where I bought it.  They tried to get it to work, nothing.  So they said they had to send it off and it would be at least 2 weeks. Ack!! (I just bought this ipad Dec 30th)   Then I called Apple, just to see if it would be faster for me to drive to Charlotte and take it to the Apple store.  Well after I gave him the id number on the ipad and a couple of other things, it started working. WTH???   Anyway, its still having trouble with the video portion of the ipad but it is working. As soon as I get everything transferred  Im going to re-install the ISO 8 program, to see if I can fix what is wrong.

So  Sunday morning big dogs ran first. I walked into the arena and I saw the dogs running the standard course.

A friend comes up to me and I said,  "That looks fun".  OMG, the person just looked at me an rolled their eyes.  I guess they had already run and didnt Q.  They  were mad and complained about the judge's call. They told me what happened.  So I told them to go ask the judge. She is very nice and Im sure she will explain why she made the call.  The person came back to me, they forgot to tell me their dog spun  before taking the jump.  So thats why the judge called a refusal.   SO first I ran with Java and we freaking Qed.  Whoohoo!!  (no video, that figures huh?)   I sent her to the tunnel without going pass the triple, so I could make it to the end of the dogwalk and show decelerating.  Well I didnt go a great job because she almost went to the table but I saved it.  She was also wide after taking 11. But we Qed!!

Miley ran it and Qed too!! ( a friend taped me and sent me the videos)

 So after this I sat with a group of friends. Another person complained on and on about how hard this judges courses were . OMG,   I finally got up and left. I just could take it anymore.   What is wrong with people. Im mean, I hardly ever Q and I dont sit there an complain all the time about the judges courses because I didnt Q.  I like this judge and her courses. Thats why I hired her for our trial. So if you are plainning to come to our trial, you better practice back sides and wraps, serps and pull throughs.

Then the most amazing thing a happened. Java Qed in Jumpers. Her first double Q.

I decided not to do a lead out with a front cross in case she broke her start line. And it worked out.

Then Miley Qed too!!  I cant believe she didnt drop a bar. Yesterday we missed a double Q by a dropped bar in standard.(its getting hard to run Miley. You are praying , before going in the ring, that she doesnt hurt herself).

So this weekend we got a total of 7 Qs'  . That has never ever happened to me. Whoohoo!.  My  husband asked me , "So what was different about this weekend vs all the other weekends you've done agility?"    When I thought about it, this weekend I didnt have any pain. None.  That has never happened to me either.  And I cant explain it.  All my meds have been the same for the last 9months.


onecollie said...

wow!!!! I have said it to you before but you are an amazing handler!! your dogs are amazing and I just love to watch you guys run in the trials, congratulations!!

loralei913 said...

Congrats again! I'm so happy for you. You've done a great job as a handler for your dogs.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that was an excellent weekend - well done and congrats

seasideshelties said...

Glad you had a great weekend. That RV looks very fancy!

Sara said...

Awesome! You deserve a wonderful weekend like that. You work so hard.

Congratulations on the RV. Sleeping well at night is important for both you and the dogs. Much less stressful than a hotel.

Helen said...

Wow, awesome! So glad you had a great weekend. That looks like a nice RV too. I've been thinking about a small Class C or a trailer myself. I'm going to an RV show at the end of the month.

hannahagility said...

wow, that looks like a nice RV. Congrats on the QQ's. How fun is that. Kind of sad about the complainers. I saw a couple people complaining about the judge at the trial I was at this weekend, but then I also saw notes from a bunch of folks that had perfect weekends. So I guess it just depends on how things go more or less. I don't know. Anyway, that is awesome! Love the pic of Java on the DW.

OBay Shelties said...

Beautiful runs! Don't we all want an rv? Lol